The Challenges I Face in Living with PKD, Diabetes and Gout

by KDB

The challenges of juggling MANY complicated health issues and trying to stay POSITIVE and continue moving forward!

Seriously! It IS challenging juggling all of these health issues not to mention hypertension and the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other complications of each disease, never mind the combined problems because one medication doesn't work with another one I take for something else, or one diet restriction from one disease would actually be somewhat helpful for the other ones!! I KEEP trying anyway!


(combining kidney, diabetes and gout diets)

Snack (8am): 1 fruit, tea (herbal)

Breakfast (10am): 1 starch, 1 milk (cheese), 2 protein (2 oz.), 1 fat (cheese), tea (herbal)

Lunch (12pm): 2 starch, 2 protein (2 oz.), 1 fat, extras, water

Snack (2pm): 1 fruit/veggies, water

Supper (5pm): 2 starch, 2 fruit/veggies, 3 protein (3 oz.), 1 fat, extras, drink (juice, water, tea)

Snack (8pm): 1 starch, water

My Food YES List


english muffins

white bread

hard rolls


unsalted crackers and breadsticks


dry cereals

cream of wheat



potatoes (soaked 6 hrs)








cream cheese











fruit juice (apple, cranberry, grape, pineapple)

green beans

yellow (wax) beans

mixed veggies

raw mushrooms




bell peppers








low sodium

homemade (with foods allowed)




salad dressings

reg dressing (1tbsp)





lemon or lime juice

dry powdered mustard

unsalted popcorn or pretzels


I have a REALLY hard time with this.

Lately I have found that if I DO get too dehydrated I also get gout pain and it become a miserable affair. SO I DO try to drink MORE water and tea every day.

Because I've read that caffeine bothers gout I try NOT to drink it anymore and I drink herbal teas more now. SOMETIMES I miss my coffee so I have one but I DO try to choose tea instead.

I have also heard that green tea is very good for kidneys so half of the time it's a green tea that I'm drinking and in addition I will put in a wedge of lemon as well because lemon is supposed to help alkalize the body and lower uric acid from gout.

I'm not sure if it helps but it's worth trying!

Keeping Up With My Diet

I get FRUSTRATED and when I do I revert back to VERY bad habits like eating chips or some other junk food that is crunchy and satisfying but FULL of salt and NOT good!

I WORK hard at getting healthier meals into our routine and my family is finding the way to go along with this but it's hard to change favourites and create new ones.

I TRY many recipes and I don't LIKE many of them so I have to keep trying.

Usually I just end up eating the things I am supposed to eat more often plain (like berries and fruit) and I don't do anything really special to them.

I WILL keep searching for new recipes to try and new ways to incorporate all the good foods into my diet until eventually I will ONLY eat good things and it WILL pay off!!

Taking Care of My FEET

NEVER go BAREFOOT when you have diabetes. It's a big deal.

I KNOW this and I understand why but I STILL love going barefoot and this is a hard habit to break. It's been a part of me ALWAYS.

I can't wait for summer and flip flops because I HATE socks and shoes.

M diabetic nurses have said if I like flip flops to buy a good pair and comfortable for wearing in the house and ALWAYS wear them!

I have tried this but eventually I will again find myself walking around in my bare feet.

In winter it is cold so sometimes I need socks and slippers on my feet and they help keep me warm but if I AM warm they are more than likely on the floor!!

Keeping my feet warm, clean, unblemished and healthy is hard work!!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!


It's HARD to get motivated.

I don't want to do it WITH anyone but I don't want to do it alone either!

I can't afford classes or lessons or memberships or anything like that so what is left is walking.

FREE and easy enough to would think!

I get so tired!! I admit I am terribly out of shape. That IS part of it.

However, fatigue is also part of kidney disease so I have to be careful not to do TOO much and hurt myself. I don't always have energy for everything. Sometimes I have to choose between things. No matter what I do I always have to take breaks in between jobs.

I understand that I NEED more exercise but I also need to listen to my body and understand what it is saying to me because there are better days than others and EVERY day is a different one. Sometimes I only have energy to sit in one spot and make jewelry.

Other days I can clean house, cook meals, go shopping and maybe even more than that without getting tired at all! (Most of the time those few things make me REALLY tired.)

My son and I started walking to the garden on the corner of the next block and back every day. It takes us about 15 minutes. Not a lot I know but we intend to work up to 30 when it gets easier. Starting slow is better than NOT doing it in my book!

If we don't walk, for whatever reason (not feeling well, rain, too hot out) then I do 5 minutes on the stationary bike. Again NOT very much but I WILL build up to 30 minutes on it eventually too.

Hurting myself is not an option...the goal is to improve myself NOT harm myself!!

Wish me luck! I will continue and TRY hard to get in better shape!

My Pages

The Fight of My LIFE
Trying to blog positive affirmations and encouragements as I follow this journey wherever it leads.

Sucks to Be ME
Venting, ranting blog where I take out my frustrations and bemoan my situation. Also I post ideas to use in my funeral plans...morbid I Know...or realistic!

Crunchings and Munchings
Website where I've posted my diet, recipes and meal plans as I try to find the BEST collection of workable, healthy recipes and tips.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease is a cystic genetic disorder of the kidneys. There are two types of PKD: autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and the less-common autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease. It occurs in humans and so...

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus type 2formerly non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or adult-onset diabetesis a metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency. The ...


Gout is a medical condition usually characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis—a red, tender, hot, swollen joint. The metatarsal-phalangeal joint at the base of the big toe is the most commonly affected. However, i...

My Commentary

I am NOT a doctor or other health professional.

ALWAYS check with yours FIRST before following anything I have posted.

I am just sharing my struggles and lessons as I travel this journey that is my life.

FEEL FREE to give me helpful tips and information if you have it!

I also appreciate healthy recipes!!

Updated: 06/13/2012, KDB
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KDB on 10/11/2012

Yes I have an account at SparkPeople as well. Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck to you as it is not fun to deal with but I do try to stay positive.

dustytoes on 09/20/2012

Hi! I also have PKD. I have a page here about it, but it's in the works at the moment. I only found out about a year ago. Fortunately to the best of my knowledge I don't have the other issues you have, but the PKD is no fun. It has made me be more aware of eating healthy since I have slightly elevated blood pressure and am now on low dose medicine. I also try to stay active as that can only be a good thing. Have you ever heard of Spark It's an interesting health site that may keep you motivated. Stay strong! You are not alone you know ;)

KDB on 09/20/2012

Thanks! :) Keep on keepin' on! ;)

Jinx Jenkins on 08/12/2012

God Bless you Dawn xx

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