The Cloud

by Veronica

The Cloud ; Is it a sky phenomenon ? a storage facility for computers? No it's a rocky hill on the South Cheshire/ Staffordshire border. I climbed up it yesterday.

The Cloud or Bosley Cloud is a rocky hill on the border of South Cheshire and Staffordshire. It is 1,125 ft high and is the highest locally.

The name Cloud comes from the Old English word clud, meaning a rocky hill and is specific to this area of England. It is not high but it is a steep climb up. The views from the top make it worthwhile though and my 3 year old grandson managed it with no problem.

National Trust ( NT )

Bosley Cloud

The Cloud or Bosley Cloud as it is known is owned and maintained by the National Trust, a society dedicated to preserving Britain's beauty, heritage and environment. As we approached the standard National Trust Post welcomed us. The oak leaf symbol is on all the NT advertising.

National Trust

The start of the wallk up Bosley Cloud
The start of the wallk up Bosley Cloud

Through the woods

Starting at the car park, the walk took us through a picnic area and up some steps to a road where we turned left along the road. There were two options ; we could have walked along and turned up a road on the right or nip up the steps along the side of the hill.  We opted for the steps up the hillside to the woods.  (below) They were steep and high. My daughter in law was carrying a 5 month old baby in the front carrier but she's sturdy and managed it .

The walk up Bosley Cloud
The walk up Bosley Cloud
The view of the Cheshire Plain
The view of the Cheshire Plain
Jodrell Bank is white dot on the left
Jodrell Bank is white dot on the left

The Cheshire Plain

The views on the way up and from the top were stunning, especially on a beautiful Autumnal day. We could see for miles and the world famous radio telescope at Jodrell Bank was very clear in the distance.

Near the top
Near the top


On the way up, I spotted some wonderful fungus. Some were poisonous, and some like this blue one below I couldn't find a name for. How lovely they are!

Any ideas anyone ?

Blue mushroom and more
Blue mushroom and more
growing out of the tree
growing out of the tree
soil fungus
soil fungus

The woods and paths as above are beautifully maintained, wide, clear and safe. Once the steep part is climbed it is a fairly moderate walk in difficulty apart from the last few feet up.

The walk took us nearly two hours up and down with a 3 year old and a young mum carrying a baby so it would be about 1 hour up and down for most people I would think.

Enjoy it.

through the woods
through the woods
Updated: 10/28/2016, Veronica
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Veronica on 08/05/2017

TY Dusty
Not just Cheshire but there are several other places of beauty.

dustytoes on 08/05/2017

Wonderful photos. The English countryside is so pretty.

Veronica on 04/21/2017

Great question . IN GB, dogs are seen to be a huge disturbance as, by nature, they harrass the sheep. Sheep are a major source of business in UK so "sheep worrying" is considered to be very serious. If you were here visiting you would see several signs about "sheep worrying".

Therefore, cats would be allowed because they pose no threat to sheep. Any farmer in the UK is legally entitled to shoot dogs dead if they have strayed even by accident onto sheep pasture.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/21/2017

Veronica, Thank you for getting us up the Cloud and back! The sign mentions keeping dogs "under close control": Does the National Trust not allow cats?

Veronica on 11/07/2016

It is a lovely blue and I was certainly surprised to see them .

frankbeswick on 11/06/2016

There are wood and field bluets, and they belong to the genus Clitocybe. They are found in Europe and North America.

Veronica on 11/06/2016

Indeed that is why I wanted to photo them. I am getting very interested in Fungi photography as there are so many types... but blue ones ? I had never heard of them or seen them before. Fascinating.

blackspanielgallery on 11/06/2016

I have never before even seen an image of blue mushrooms.

Veronica on 10/30/2016

I didn't know that at all. That is fascinating. Have you done a post on Fungi ?

frankbeswick on 10/29/2016

Do you know that fungi are neither animal nor plant, but one of the higher kingdoms of life, the Hyphae. They are nearer to animals than they are to plants.

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