The Dogs of Zazzle

by Ragtimelil

Zazzle abounds with pet products. Here are a few of my favorite dog items you might also enjoy.

If you've read anything I've ever written online, you might have discovered that I'm a dog person. I've had dogs just about my entire life, once as many as 12 at one time. I'm down to two dogs now, but that doesn't stop me from training, playing with and enjoying my dogs.

I also have spent years drawing and painting dogs. I actually ran out of room to store my dog portraits. Now that Zazzle is on the scene, I have a way to create dog art, and have them printed on a useful or decorative item
You can find all sorts of dog-themed products on Zazzle from funny cartoons to gorgeous original art. There are also dog necessities such as dog bowls, sweaters and dog tags available. I wanted to share my love of dogs with everyone. I know there are many out there who love their dogs as much as I love mine.


 I started a line of dog breed silhouettes on Zazzle products. I have a goal of having every breed represented, but discovered that it's going to take me months to complete this project. I've just put the top 30 or so breeds, according to the AKC registration statistics on tote bags. 

I love tote bags. When I take my dogs with me I always need a bag to carry water dishes, tie outs and leashes among other things. Tote bags are just the perfect way for me to keep organized. 
I like the jumbo tote. It has a high rating and positive reviews, but there is an assortment of sizes and shapes for anyone to pick from.
The silhouettes just look great on a black and white mug too.


I like the clean look of black and white. Photos can sometimes be too specific, showing a dog or a coat coloring that doesn't match your particular dog. A silhouette shows the outline of representation of the breed. The images were hand drawn with a computer drawing program.

Fine Art Too

 Greeting cards and postcards are a great way to show off really fine art. I love some of the work of other artists. There are prints and cards with beautiful drawings and paintings on them. The last one, the greyhound puppy, was one of my dogs that posed for me. I painted his portrait in pastels.

Cartoons and Humor

I'm not a cartoon person, but there are some great cartoons and humorous dog products on Zazzle. I love looking at them and hope someday a great idea will pop into my head.

The closest I have come to humor is this Border Collie Whimsey I did of my dogs entertaining themselves when left home alone.

The middle one is a darling drawing of a poodle by Brenda Reeves followed by a tee shirt with a clever "Pugs, Not Drugs" slogan on it.

And For the Dog

Don't forget that there are items for the dog too. There are dog t-shirts, dishes and tags.

Tags can do more than just carry a phone number. This one is more on the order of a medical alert and warns that the dog is deaf.

I had never thought of making pins for dogs, but therapy dogs often wear jackets to let people know that they are working dogs.

My idea for a deaf dog was a sweater with "Please use hand signals. I am hard of hearing" on the back. It was derived from my "Please Face Me" buttons that have become rather popular.

This outfit comes in a wide range of sizes for most dogs.

There are so many dog themed products that I can't begin to mention them all. This is just a sample. You are bound to find the perfect gift, dog gear or accessory somewhere on Zazzle.

Updated: 04/22/2013, Ragtimelil
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Canine Comments

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Ragtimelil on 07/05/2013

Thank you so much. Deafness runs in my family and many of my old dogs seem to lose their hearing too.

chevril on 07/05/2013

Such lovely dog items. The deaf dog shirt is really touching.

Ragtimelil on 04/23/2013

Thanks so much. Can't help it. I do love dogs.

dustytoes on 04/23/2013

You are showing some great products here with dog pictures. The silhouettes are a great idea. I absolutely love your greyhound puppy image. Brenda's poodle card is fun too!

Ragtimelil on 04/22/2013

I love that kind of loose style.

BrendaReeves on 04/22/2013

It was the last thing I did. I used my dog as a model.

Ragtimelil on 04/22/2013

Thank you Brenda. I absolutely love that poodle. It must be new? I don't remember seeing it before.

BrendaReeves on 04/22/2013

I love the silhouettes, Lana. Thank you for including my poodle. Like you, I trained in the old masters style of fine art. I thought I'd try something different there.

Ragtimelil on 04/22/2013

Thanks so much. Yes, I have started using QC. I tried making my own templates but they don't always work.

Mira on 04/22/2013

I love your idea of dog silhouettes! It's absolutely great, because it looks great on Zazzle products, and the ones you're showing here look fabulous! I wish you the best of luck! With images like that you can quick create, too.

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