The Family Cure For The Common Cold or Congestion

by katiem2

Every year we anticipate the cure for the common cold and yet has it arrived yet? Do you know the cure for the common cold? Follow along as we explore this age old question.

Your Grandmother may have known it, even put it to work on you a time or two as a kid. Do you remember the cure she used? It never seems to fail just when you need it you dig deep into the past memory bank of knowledge only to draw a blank. While there are many time tested remedies and cures for ailments sweeping the gamut of common illness why is it we simply forget? It's all gonna be alright, together as I enlist the help of all those who gather to read this we shall uncover the cures, tips and remedies to cure or more to the point, treat and prevent the common cold.

Family Cures for The Common Cold

Share you cures or remedies for the common cold with the world as they share back.
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Yes, I know a few remedies for the common cold they are as follows;
dustytoes on 11/17/2012

I take echinacea as soon as I feel it coming on and sometimes the symptoms disappear. If that doesn't work I drink a few hot toddies and at least I feel better!

How to Get The Common Cold

The ways by which we come down with a cold is by contracting the germs spread by others.

The best defense is prevention. It's to late when you feel the first signs of a seasonal cold. We all know the preventative measures and yet we get in a hurry, are busy and fall short of taking the proper care of ourselves and surroundings to prevent the dreaded sniffles in the first place.

Nasal Saline, Steam and Humidifiers

The uncomfortable symptoms of the common cold makes anyone feel lousy and willing to try anything.

The best tip I can offer for the common cold is avoiding or treating the nasty congestion that plagues those falling victim to the common cold. I've found that if I keep congestion at bay I don't suffer with sinus headaches, infections, runny or clogged nose and coughing.

In short my theory is preventing congestion from occurring. If you pay attention this is the first sign you are getting sick. Deal with the first signs of congestion at the onset and odds of your beating the common cold, flu or sinus infection are really good. 

How to Treat Congestion

The first sign of cold or flu is congestion.

Many people shrug off the onset of congestion and this is a big problem leading to worse congestion complicating your air ways causing the other cold related symptoms.

How to Treat Congestion - Take steamy showers, and use saline solution sending it through your nasal passages to clear the way of any lurking trouble. 

Some people use those tiny pots, add a saline packet, mix with water and run the solution through the sinus canal of each side. This is a dreadful process I can't stomach so I opt for the convenient squirt bottles.  See a great deal on a case of six above. Stock up and be prepared.

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The Family Cure For The Common Cold or Congestion Chat

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katiem2 on 06/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner Ah yes salt water, I use warm salt water for a variety of things. Thanks for the input as always yours is always welcome.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/02/2017

katiem2, Absolutely great poster and product line since steamy humidifers and showers always help even though I'd not thought of the mist before. What do you think of gargling with salt water?

katiem2 on 11/16/2012

Mira, An ounce of prevention is as they say... :)

Mira on 11/16/2012

Yes, nasal congestion is no fun. Saline nasal mist sounds like a good idea.

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