The Fascinating World of Birds and Secrets of Bird Watching

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There is so much to explore from the fascinating world of birds which are unique to our planet. Their living habitats and life cycle is as amazing as the evolution of life.

Amid stark volcanic landscapes, sub-tropical rain forest and the unforgettable experience of hiking, you will find birds all around and nature at its best. The landscape - deeply sculpted, richly colored, and intensely evocative will be unlike any landscape you have known. And here is where you can spot rare birds amid the tranquility.

Bird watchers from all parts of the world flock around the spots where they hope to find migratory birds. They come fully equipped with all the paraphernalia including cameras and telescopes. In order to those who are interested in unique bird species, an ability to recognize birds and bird songs is indispensable.

Birds like many other species are endangered; their habitats need to be left untouched and restored. A big reason of their disappearance is the disappearance of forests and green cover.

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Birds of Central Park
Harry N. Abrams
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Must See Bird Watching Parks


Here is a brief about some of the nature’s best bird watching parks that you should plan to visit in your life time. Central Park, designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted, is home to millions of rare bird species spread throughout its 843 acres of miraculous landscape. The landmarks nestled in the park are wide and diverse; nature lovers can find everything from birds, sprawling waters and green meadows to stunning bridges and performance centers. In addition, it houses educational facilities, gardens and even classical architecture piece from ancient times.

Another beautiful bird watching park is the Banff National Park of Canada. Over 260 species of birds have been recorded in this park. The best seasons for birders are spring and early summer as they are the most productive seasons. The best time for bird watching in this bird watching park is between an hour before sunrise to 9 or 10 in the morning. Birds prefer the silence zones and are generally found more abundant in the Montana and wetland habitats of the lower BowValley than in other areas of the park.

The BanffTown site area, the Cave and Basin marsh, and VermilionLakes are all productive birding areas. You can put your bird watching skills to test by searching for the Varied Thrush and the Townsend's Warbler.

Haleakala Bird Watching Park in Hawaii


Haleakala National Park is another bird watching park which is worth mentioning in the islands of Hawaii, the most wonderful place and a haven to rare and extinct species. This special place vibrates with stories of ancient and modern Hawaiian culture and protects the flora and fauna which is most extra-ordinary.

The park also cares for endangered species some of which exist nowhere else. No place you have ever been can marvel you for the nature’s experiences and feelings you will have on the summit of Haleakala volcano. The expansive summit area is the natural habitat of native Hawaiian plants and animals; you can spend hours looking at the native birds in the shrubs. The mountain summit continually eludes the panorama of beauty you have ever envisaged where rare and endemic bird species survive and thrive.

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Visited any National Parks for Bird watching?

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VioletteRose on 05/24/2014

Yes, I visited the Central Park once but I could cover only a small part in more than half a day. That is really a nice place to watch for birds.

Bird Watching Ethics

More than three million bird watchers go bird watching every year. It is good to follow the bird-watching code and ethics for the birds and also for you. The first and foremost is the respect of birds, their habitats and behaviors. There should be no interference in the bird’s life and disturbance in their habitats.

 Follow the rules of the national parks and country side while watching the birds. Do not trespass in private property. Take permission to carry the equipments and do not make noise while taking pictures.


Get a good guide and books which are available at the national park that gives excellent information on birds. You have to remember that the people there have already done the research so once you get a copy, all you have to do is mark with a pen or pencil what birds you were able to spot during your field trip.

To be a good birdwatcher, you can also join membership of a local bird watching club, draw or paint birds from memory or from snapshots, make other bird-related artwork, educate others about the importance of birds, and help protect wild areas and endangered species of birds. All these activities spread awareness for wild life conservation, nature loving and green living.

The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher: Bir...
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Birds of Yellowstone: A Practical Hab...
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A Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern ...
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LANDINGS: birds in the park
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Secrets of Bird Watching

The ground rule of bird watching is not to go to close to the birds. You are in their periphery now and like clockwork, these creatures come back to the same place every year. If you cause harm to them or tamper their environment, they will no longer come back to the same location and you will never see them again.

Just imagine if you were being followed by paparazzi, no-one likes to be followed and watched. So is with the birds, do the bird watching silently and diligently without the knowledge of the birds. Remember, if the bird dislikes it, it will not come back again and the habitat will lose it forever.

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pkmcr on 10/11/2014

We get so many birds in the many trees around us that I recently decided to learn more about them and bought a Birdwatching for Beginners book - once I know which of them are rare birds I will be able to tell you!

paperfacets on 06/01/2014

I am going to Baja next month and have already sent for a Mexico bird book. I hope to see many shore birds.

Mira on 05/24/2014

Your books on birds are not even that expensive. I have only one book on birds but I may buy more. They're beautiful creatures and I love to hear them sing. Unfortunately, I don't see many rare birds here in Bucharest.

VioletteRose on 05/24/2014

I agree with ologsinquito, beautiful images! Bird watching is a wonderful and relaxing hobby which helps us to learn a lot about the nature.

ologsinquito on 05/24/2014

I love the images you used. Pinned to one of my boards.

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