The First Christmas – The Unversed Story

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An enchanting story of the Christmas origin, the fascinating insights, captivating combinations from the excerpts of history answering many queries about the First Christmas.

For decades and centuries, Christmas is the most celebrated in the world and the popularity is still growing. The birth of Jesus Christ and the relief from suffering of humanity are simple events that are stated in the Bible and yet they are confused with plenty of distortion of history by events, unrecorded parts of history, myths and illusions.

The Yuletide folklore, the resources of writings and records from early Jewish, Greek, Roman and Pagan create more discord about the true happenings of the early Christianity. But it is easy to co-relate the facts and chain of events and come out with the reality.

Though the entire truth of the beginning of Christmas is not known, it is easy now to fit the scattered pieces and predict how the world started celebrating the Saviour Jesus and the early celebrations of Xmas.

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Precious Moments

The Roman Census

Emperor Caesar Augustus


In the ancient Roman days, there went a decree from the then Emperor Caesar Augustus to register all the people of the empire. The enrolments of course were needed in order to use the taxation system uniformly and throughout the kingdom for revenues.


Under the normal course of events, Jesus would have taken birth in Nazareth, the residential homes of Mary and Joseph but due to the official registration in ancestral homes, the unprecedented trip had to take place even when Mary was at later stages of pregnancy.


Since Joseph and Mary were distantly related to the King David, they had to travel back to their original hometown Bethlehem which was located in the serene surroundings of Judea hills and province of Jerusalem.

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Roman Festivals

Saturnalia and Yule

The Roman festivals existing prior to Christmas were certainly Saturnalia and Yule (or Jule). Saturnalia gave a freedom often to the degree of extravagance and excess, it was often unrestrained and more often like an orgy where civilians and the elite took delight indulging in the celebrations.


Lighting. Candles and bonfires along with feasting and social gatherings were the norm. Yule festivities consisted of winter activities, in religious connotations they were the season of animal sacrifices, slaughtering of livestock and brewing of ale. Winter banquets were common during celebrations.


Later Yule became analogous to Christmas, the birth of Christ. Many of these festive celebrations featured pagan customs, Holly, Mistletoe and exchange of gifts. The way Romans used to greet was “Lo Saturnalia”, now Christians greet others with a “Merry Christmas”.

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Who ordered census during the birth of Jesus Christ?

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Caesar Augustus
DerdriuMarriner on 01/04/2023

The United States has its censuses from the first in 1790 through the 17th census in 1950 even as subsequent censuses will be released 72 years after their taking (1960 in 2032, 1970 in 2042, 1980 in 2052, 1990 in 2062, 2000 in 2072, 2010 in 2082 and 2020 in 2092).

But the 1790 census lacks Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia to the British burning the Washington D.C. Capitol during the War of 1812. The 1890 census may be 75 percent incomplete because of the Commerce Building basement fire that damaged and destroyed its pre-National Archives storage space.

Alternative information sources try to fill in those two gaps in Unitedstatesian census history.

Would it not be interesting if archaeology managed to find the authentic, genuine -- but missing, to us -- census that noted Mary, Joseph and Jesus? Would it not survive somewhere possibly if written on papyrus or parchment and even more possible if chiseled onto stone?

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Marriage Customs


At that time the Romans neglected the doctrine of marriage as well as the dogma of religion and God. Augustus felt the need of moralizing the society. There were too many bachelors who did not want to honour fathering their kids and therefore there was a need to make strict amendments to the institute of marriage.


The absence of morality and the tedium of marriages had resulted in a shocking reduction of population. The Emperor devised punishment for promiscuity and heavy penalties to individuals who shirked the duties of family. He also rewarded those individuals fathering 3 children by promising them political gains and seats in arena where Roman games took place.

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Where was Jesus born?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/04/2023

Jesus was born in Bethlehem even as he became known as Jesus of Nazareth for living there, but not as Jesus of Egypt for living there too!

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Present Palestine


Palestinian is a land that ripples with religions, its history is soaked in blood. Neither is the present any different to the ancient days. It is the Holy Land of Jews, Muslims and Christians. The ancient Hebrews claimed the land as their own as shown by the Lord to Abraham but not without a blood spattered combat. The Promised Land shows no traces of truce. From the disputed of early Babylonians and Romans to the Persians, Arabs and British, it is presently mauled by Arab-Israeli hostilities.


 For Jews it is the sacred land of Torah, for Christians it is the Holy land of the New Testaments and for Muslims it is Mohammed’s homeland. The real cause of the bloodshed is both political and geographical.

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Did you know about the First Christmas celebrations?

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frankbeswick on 01/04/2023

The missing years of Jesus are the subject of the Himis manuscript which deals with the young Jesus'time in India. Scholars are sceptical, but I do not think that the evidence is firm enough to draw a conclusion. In the text Jesus is known as Issa, the Muslim version of his name, but whoever wrote the manuscript does not seem to have been a Christian, so the scholarly attribution of the manuscript to Nestorian Christian sources is to my mind erroneous. Keep an open mind on this one.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/04/2023

Christianity traditionally associates Jesus Christ with Bethlehem, Egypt, Jerusalem and Nazareth.

Have you heard of the "lost years" when Jesus Christ perhaps traveled to and from ancient India?

frankbeswick on 12/14/2015

The problem with the Holy Land is that it is where the routes from Europe,Asian and Africa meet. The Mediterranean touches on it, as does the Red Sea route to India. It seems to be at the cockpit of history.

frankbeswick on 12/12/2015

Joseph was from the family of David, whose ancestral lands were round Bethlehem, which is where I think that he lived. He would have been in Nazareth as there was much work in Herod's building projects in the region, but he was most likely to want to return with his wife to his home town of Bethlehem, which is why he went there for the census. Note that in Matthew 2 the Bible says that Joseph only settled in Nazareth when he discovered that Archelaus had succeeded Herod, as Archelaus was a savage. Archelaus was only the ruler of Judea and Samaria, while Nazareth was in Galilee and subject to the less violent Antipas, Archelaus' brother.

Mary's lineage is unclear, but Luke's gospel says that she had a cousin, Elizabeth, from the family of Aaron, the priestly family, who came from the tribe of Levi, rather than from the tribe of Judah, from whom David's family came. Of course, she might have had Davidic connections, but descent was only reckoned through the male, so Jesus could have had no Davidic claims to to the throne through Mary.

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