The Five Best Supernatural Episodes (So Far)

by StevenHelmer

The television series "Supernatural" just celebrated 200 episodes. These are the best and most memorable of those.

My wife and I became fans of the show “Supernatural” relatively recently and, thanks to Netflix, were able to get through the first 9 seasons of the show in a few months, just in time for the newest season.
As a result of watching the shows in such a short time span, most are still fresh in our minds and, with the series recently airing its 200th episode (a major milestone), I thought it would be only fitting to list the five best and most memorable of those episodes (in no particular order)

Croatoan (Season 2)

When it comes to horror movies and thrillers, I personally think the ones that involve some sort of contagious disease are the best. That’s probably why this particular episode, which introduces a demonic virus that comes into play in later episodes, is really good.

In particular, I like how the virus simply turns people violent rather than making them zombie-like. This gives the episode a bit of a zombie apocalypse feel to it. But, at the same time, they are up against people who are able to reason, plot and team up against them. As a result, I was on the edge of my seat when we were watching this one.

Bad Day at Black Rock (Season 3)

My wife and I have not seen this particular episode, which introduces the concept of cursed objects, for some time now. Yet, we still repeat lines from it, especially Sam’s famous “I lost my shoe.”

The thing I liked about this episode is it goes to great lengths to show how dangerous cursed objects can be. But, at the same time, the combination of good luck/bad luck they get from the cursed rabbit’s foot makes it very funny and entertaining. It’s one of the many episodes from this series that had us laughing out loud from start to finish.

Roadkill (Season 2)

I don’t get surprised by television shows very often because most, with very few exceptions, tend to follow very predictable stories. That’s a big reason why I like this episode, which features Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) trying to help a woman that was in a car accident and can’t find her husband or their car.

By the time the episode was over, my wife and I suspected there was more going on than first revealed but, even though we had our suspicions about what really happened, we were still pleasantly surprised at the end. And, that is a big reason why this episode made the list.

Supernatural: Season 2

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Time is on My Side (Season 3)

This episode makes this list simply because it is one of the creepiest episodes I’ve seen from this series. That doctor that kept himself alive by harvesting body parts from others is something you would expect to see in some horror movie, not on television and, even though I have grown a bit desensitized over the years, it admittedly thought it was creepy.

I also love the added suspense created by the fact they couldn’t kill the doctor. This kept the ending from becoming predictable.

Supernatural: Season 3

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After School Special (Season 4)

The thing that really struck a chord with me when it came to this particular episode, which had Sam and Dean investigating a vengeful spirit at one of their old schools, was it was really easy to relate to now that I’m a parent. The subtle message it was giving about bullying was actually pretty interesting, especially since it is becoming a problem in schools.

The one thing I really liked about this one was the twist at the end about the vengeful spirit’s identity and why he was seeking revenge. It was a pretty clever twist that did make us think a bit.

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