The Ins and Outs of House Cleaning Services

by emilienathanson

Learn about how to keep your house clean with these helpful tips!

 Time is not only precious, but valuable, which is why more people are taking advantage of maid services to save themselves time for more important activities.  The scope of what is involved in cleaning a house is quite broad, and it is vital to make sure the cleaning service understands what is expected of them.

First of all, cleaning can be arranged for a single appointment, occasional jobs, spring cleaning assignments, and on various timetables, such as weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.  The client can choose whether or not to be present during the cleaning.  Maid services may be accomplished by either a single person or a two-person team.

The two-person team approach usually means that a normal four-hour job will only take two-hours.  Most services have a minimum charge or number of hours, which tends to be three or four hours.

It is advisable to divide a home up into sections and then detail what cleaning jobs are to be done; keeping in mind that certain tasks are normal and others might have additional costs to them. One example of this is in the kitchen.  Regular maid services tend to include wiping down the refrigerator's exterior and maybe a quick wipe of the interior, but a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator usually has an extra fee.  Laundry and washing dishes are two other jobs that usually involve extra charges, though some companies do include them as part of their regular service.

Windows may or may not be included in a service's normal cleaning, and it is the same for blinds.  Clients should never assume a specific task will be done.  Many maid services provide a detailed list, room by room, of what they will do.  Some have checklists that are completed on site by the housekeepers as they finish a specific chore.

Cleaning knickknacks and collectibles is often something discussed between the company and the client. It is possible that some customers may not want precious items touched by housekeepers.  This should be discussed and documented with the service, as well as any rooms or parts of the residence that are not to be entered.

By the same token, review any requirements for specific types of cleaners used.  If the cleaning equipment and chemicals are being supplied by the customer, any restrictions should be noted.  If the business is supplying these items, it is vital to ensure they are aware of any special needs or limitations.  For example, does the household prefer the use of "green" products, or do they need hypoallergenic products due to allergies?  Are there special needs because of pets?  Also, are there areas in the home that warrant special types of cleaners like for marble sinks?

Ultimately, the client of any company offering maid services will definitely have more time to themselves thanks to having housekeepers available to handle cleaning tasks.  It is simply crucial to make sure that both the service and the customer understand what is to be included for the cost of a cleaning.

What is the room you dread cleaning the most?

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