Tankless Water Heaters: Where to Purchase

by emilienathanson

More and more people are switching over to tankless water heaters. They help save money and save energy for the environment

Overall, homeowners have many different channels to purchase tankless water heaters.  Retail stores, online shopping, and contractor hiring are all viable ways to purchase and enjoy this newer heating technology.

As energy prices continue to climb, many consumers are looking toward more innovative ways to power the everyday household.  One basic home need is hot water; almost every water outlet in the house uses heated water at some point during the day, from washing laundry to taking a shower.  Homeowners will spend a significant part of their energy bill on heating water, but is there a more economical way to warm this household necessity?  Enter tankless water heaters.

Rather than heating a stored amount of water in a large cylinder with conventional water heaters, tankless devices rapidly warm the water that flows through their heat exchanger designs.  The result is a more energy efficient design for the common homeowner.  In fact, bosch tankless water heater use less energy and takes up less space in the home that is normally dedicated to a large storage heater.  Consumers will be happy to note that a number of different purchasing options are available to have a tankless device installed within the home.

Home improvement retail stores are a good place to start shopping for tankless water heaters.  Most stores will have a generous selection of different devices; each model will offer a different value for gallons per minute (GPM).  The homeowner must evaluate the home's water needs, such as the number of different showers taken over the course of a day.  A high frequency of hot water use will require a higher value of GPM or warm showers can turn freezing cold.  Many tankless heater manufacturers will provide a GPM value on the model's retail packaging to make consumer selection easier on the showroom floor.

Another outlet for purchasing tankless water heaters is through the Internet.  This form of shopping is similar to visiting a physical store, but the selection is almost endless; the consumer can browse different tankless models from the comfort of home and view model reviews from previous purchasers.  Online shopping also allows the consumer to visit sellers that do not have physical stores: water heater contractors.  These heater professionals commonly sell, install, and service the tankless models they offer; this purchasing outlet can be extremely helpful if the homeowner is not comfortable choosing and installing the new water heating device.

Purchasing a heater from a local water heater contractor is another avenue to obtain this energy efficient device.  Most often, these contractors will visit the home and assess the household's water needs personally; this form of purchasing ensures that a professional chooses the heater's size and GPM rating that is most suited for the homeowner's needs.  Typically, the heater's purchase price from a contractor will include the physical device, as well as installation costs.  As a result, the homeowner can rest easily since the device will be positioned safely and correctly within the home; homeowners will not need to evaluate their gas or electrical supply to the device or run water piping.  The contractor will perform all the necessary attachment procedures.


Will You go Tankless?

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