The law of life

by ArabellaMortimerHendry

The law of life - My view about life and what we can do to help others around us.

The fast lane and the slow lane of life

Do you think life tests you for a reason? Or do you think its testing you because you have put yourself in a bad situation, due to making the wrong choices. In some situations it tests us because we have put ourselves in that situation due to making the wrong choice. However I believe that life tests us for a reason.

follow your dreams

make them a reality
be wise like the owl
be wise like the owl

Never give in and never give up

no matter how hard the road is on your feet

follow your dreams

turn your dreams into your reality
nature clock
nature clock
follow your dreams
follow your dreams

law of life

Fast lane or the slow lane ?

The fast lane and the slow lane of life

In order to spiritually progress we must be tested in this life. It is during the difficult times in our lives that we discover what sort of person we are. I believe you can either take the " slow lane" or the " Fast lane" in life. If you take the Fast lane then you zoom through your life, without looking at the situations around you, working day and night to make money and get a better job. However when you reach the end of your life you realize you have not lived.

You have not cared for others or helped them. You have been selfish and work obsessed. Yes you have determination and ambition, but you are using it in the wrong way. Life is not all about you. I believe life is about helping others and doing all you can for the people around you. As well as looking after yourself, but if people really need your help, but them first.

If you take the " Slow lane" You plan out your future, and you think about how you are going to achieve getting the future you want. You spend time with family and friends and also help them. You are always there for everyone around you. You realize that you can not achieve your dreams straight away. You have to work your way up, " through the ranks" not rushing, because if you rush like people in the Fast lane, then you will make mistakes. When in the slow lane You face problems head on and even though it might distract you from your path for a while. You learn from the bad situations and you move on.

So which one are you? Each morning think about what you want to get out of the day. Will it bring you closer to where you want to be? Will it serve you in the long run? Be sure to always be aware of the people around you, everyone is fighting their own battles so make sure your there for them if they need it. Inspire people to pursue dreams and make them into a reality. Life is to short to be selfish.

Updated: 11/27/2015, ArabellaMortimerHendry
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DerdriuMarriner on 01/06/2023

Your first two sentences ask us, "Do you think life tests you for a reason? Or do you think its testing you because you have put yourself in a bad situation, due to making the wrong choices."

The subsequent text describes both bad choice-driven experiences and spiritual progress.

Would there be any other reason -- which I'm not drawing up -- for character-breaking, character-forming experiences?

DerdriuMarriner on 09/08/2022

Thank you, Frank, for orienting me to the honor and thanks to God and the understanding of people that makes pride legitimate!

I believe that in the Nun's Story Audrey Hepburn's character feels the pride of doing her best, which also is the best that can be done and that solves the problem. But her character lags in honoring and thanking God for bestowing the mental and physical gifts that allow her to succeed in her assigned tasks.

Her character manifests a willful personality that decides what she wants to do, where she wants to go and whom she wants to be with. In a way, it may be said that she looks down on others by dismissing their fitting together services at hospitals other than the kind at which she insists upon serving.

frankbeswick on 09/07/2022

We can have legitimate pride in our achievements, say for example I am proud of having won gold medals at flower shows, but my pride would become sinful if I did not give honour and thanks to God for my gifts, and I would sin if my pride led me too look down on others.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/07/2022

Your wizzley begins by pondering reasons for life testing us.

Recently, I came across the film The Nun's Story starring Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn's character does self-analysis and is critical of feeling what she deems sinful pride for deeds well done.

Would life test us not only for what we do but also for how we react to what we do even when what we accomplish is appropriate and good?

What word would we use instead of pride in such contexts as the one outlined above?

DerdriuMarriner on 05/17/2022

The computer went down as I was writing what I meant to include in the comment box Monday and then again today.

Would Scottish mythology present those who take the high road over the land surface as knowing that those who take the low road through the dead realms are there spiritually at any destination along the way?

DerdriuMarriner on 05/17/2022

Also, I meant to ask something else about Scottish mythology yesterday.

It seems that those who travel through the dead realms know what is happening there and on land surfaces. Oops! The computer is going down!

DerdriuMarriner on 05/16/2022

Frank, Thank you for the fascinating, relevant Scottish mythology input. Were the Jacobites prisoners for alleged misdemeanors or felonies or for their Jacobite assocations?

frankbeswick on 05/11/2022

I believe that in Scottish mythology the high road is the road on the surface of the land,but the low road is the path through the realms of the dead.This relates to the story that there were two Jacobite prisoners,one of whom was pardoned and took the high road home,but the other was to be executed,hence he would take the path through the underworld,the low road.This was faster than the high road,hence he would be the quicker of the two to reach Scotland,but in spirit only.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/11/2022

Revisiting your wizzley called to mind something that occurred to me with the first reading.

Is there a difference between how life tests us because of a bad or wrong choice and how it tests us just to test us so that we spiritually advance?

DerdriuMarriner on 04/03/2017

Arabella Mortimer Hendry, Do you know if anyone ever has equated the fast lane with the high road and the slow lane with the low road? I was looking at an interpretation of Loch Lomond just before reading your article. The explanation suggests appreciating the low road as the safe communal road of commoners and running through the high road as a treacherous place of death for Jacobite rebels.

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