The Majestic Oak Tree Types and Facts

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The majestic Oak tree turns out to be among one of the many nationwide popular trees for many countries like the United States, Ireland and many European nations.

If you have ever flown in an aero-plane you will understand how our woodlands are getting scarce and sparser. You would see that these green patches are now limited to the rivers, streams and steep areas that are unapproachable for farming.

You might love to watch a similar green carpet in the urban area we inhabit. We need to make changes and plant more trees. Trees are the fundamental and crucial reasons for the protection of safe drinking water sources, crucial for shrinking wildlife habitat, and critical for attracting rains.

The oak tree is epitome of strength, it symbolizes endurance, power, and royal attributes by its sheer size. There are around 600 types of oak trees according to Wikipedia and many countries consider oak trees to be a treasure because it provides green cover, shade and shelter to many species of birds.

Native trees are very tolerant and make excellent features in landscaping. They are an asset to the environment and wild life support system. Once fully grown and established it does not tolerate changes in the root zone and can collapse if its roots are disturbed. A beautiful oak tree’s root protection zone area should not be weakened. Architects, builders, gardeners and home owners should respect and carefully plan the region while growing the trees.

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The Giant Oak Tree Characteristics


The oak tree is epitome of strength, it symbolizes endurance, power, and royal attributes by its sheer size. There are around 600 types of oak trees according to Wikipedia and many countries consider oak trees to be a treasure because it provides green cover, shade and shelter to many species of birds.

The giant oak is a fast growing tree and is capable of tolerating a wide variation in soil quality. The lush green foliage of this shady and massive tree are silky dark green at the crown, lighter green at the bottom and glossy scarlet colour in fall season.

The top of the oak tree is open and rounded, providing enormous shade. Like all other tree diseases, oak trees diseases rummage a lively green cover striking them at an alarming rate. Facts on oak trees diseases convey that it can be prevented if well planned.

Very rightly the oak tree is considered sacred and has an important place in history. They proud to use it when some ancient myths and tales picture British victory also picture their history!

Not only does it qualify as a robust material for oak furnishings, its textures and grains wear an elegant and classy look symbolizing its majestic appearance. British craftsmen like to use oak tree in abundance and adore the consistency and quality that emerges from the stylish oak after it is polished.

Oak trees have made the British proud and one can find several places where it is mentioned, be it the historical myths, legends or tales. The oaks are depicted many a times in British victory where their images are used in background. Oak trees live a healthy span of life between 200 to 400 years. 

Which tree will you plant in your garden?

Facts on oak trees


Not long ago, the entire country of England was covered with the greenery of the majestic oak. Interestingly, English Oak, as its title implies, is very much an Oak tree that is native to England or even more precisely put the green heritage of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia.

In fact, the English Oak, an imported species of Oak, adapts adequately towards the strenuous soil conditions and weather circumstances in the eastern and mid-western United States. Even if it prefers moist, well-drained, reasonably rich soils of variable pH values, it however adapts extremely well to reasonably dry soils of bad quality. It can also thrive in hot sunny environments to partial sun and is quite shade tolerant. Oak trees are essential elements of hardwood forests, and many oak species are especially recognized for development and research. 

Types of Oak trees

Oaks can be classified into three types, white red and black oaks. Many common known oaks like Australian oak, African oak and poison oak are not actually oak trees. White oak trees have smooth and non bristle leaves. Their acorns mature in one season and have sweet tasting seeds whereas red and black oaks have bristle tipped leaves and bitter fruits which mature at the end of the second growing season.

Oak trees are a matter of nation’s pride and many countries have designated the oak as their nation tree , prominent among them are  England, Estonia, France, Germany, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, US, Wales, Galicia, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Oaks are tough and fit species comparable and capable of adapting and withstanding a wide selection of habitats from Mediterranean semi-desert areas to subtropical rainforest.

Threats to Oak Trees

Numerous species of oaks are under the risk of extinction mostly because of the usurping of land, livestock grazing and unsustainable harvesting. For instance, just 200 years ago, bigcovers of oak forest were visible within the highlands of Mexico, Central, United States. Sadly many territories of these countriesand also the northern Andes have been cleared for coffee plantations and cattle ranching, jeopardizing the existence of Oak trees. Not to speak of the ever continuing riskto those forests from plunderers. The exploitation of oak for timber, fuel wood and charcoal is a grave reason for the continuous depletion of oak eco-systems.


 There are many factors that contribute to the extinction of this precious green Oak cover, first and foremost believed to be from the forest fire, elevated usage of acorns catering to the expanding mammal populations, harsh weather and pests. Unfortunately, a current survey shows wild oak trees becoming extinct due to its natural habitats being destroyed.

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frankbeswick on 05/20/2014

In Britain we have several species of oak: the English oak, the sessile oak and the holm oak. The latter is an import; the sessile oak is a survivor from the ice age.

But the British still have a folk memory of the Druids, for whom the oak was sacred, and the word oak still resonates in our hearts.

It is worth knowing that in mediaeval Britain people used to feed their pigs in Autumn upon acorns. Teenagers sued to drive the pigs into the woods to feed on them.

cmoneyspinner on 05/20/2014

Shared. Here's the Google+ link.

cmoneyspinner on 05/20/2014

I have always been in awe of oak trees, but I was watching a movie once and one of the characters, a Native American, was trying to convince his fellow tribesman that it was it time to fold and not allow any more bloodshed of the people. The man insisted he was a great chief ad would not give up or give in. The character said something to the effect: “Even the mighty oak must bend to the wind.” Great Wizzle. Sharing this for #treeTuesday. It's something they do on Google+.

VioletteRose on 04/09/2014

Oak trees are beautiful, and the pictures here look awesome :)

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@DerdriuMarriner - How nicely you have put it - I couldn't have done better. Agree that oaks look impressive in photos.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@ologsinquito - Thanks, I find all trees lovely and beautiful. What would be our planet be without them?

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@younghopes - Absolutely, oak trees are one of the beautiful trees that I fell in love with.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/04/2014

WriterArtist, Oaks look lovely in all environments, and they are delightfully photogenic. I especially love oak alleys, which used to be prevalent. Me, too, I agree that oaks are majestic.

ologsinquito on 04/04/2014

This is beautifully done. I'm pinning this.

younghopes on 04/04/2014

Some of these trees look very pretty

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