Why do I love The Magnificent Magnolia Trees?

by WriterArtist

The gigantic magnolia trees can be very soothing and their flowers the perfect gifts for any occasion.

I love the magnificent trees, the greenery and the forests. Since this subject interests me a lot and the fact that I find solace under the shade of tree, I decided to write about the glorious, gracious and outstanding trees especially the magnolia trees.

Trees are like angels, they give tirelessly and continuously, without any expectation whereas contrary to it; a human does not even think twice before chopping a tree off.
Coming back to the subject, I thought I should also write about the giant oak trees, the stunning maple trees and the ornamental magnolia trees. Watch out for my next series…

What is common between these trees? I am not a Bio student but I understand that they belong to a complicated species and they are so many with different classification. And yet they are so similar in nature, they are known to give and “give only”. With tribute to the trees, this article is dedicated to the beauty of the magnolia tree and the beautiful magnolia flower.

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My Adoration Towards Magnolia


I love Bonsai and Ikebana, the Japanese floral arrangements that are aesthetic and artistic and have also written articles dedicated to the ancient art of flowers. But trees are different and unique, in their original form without pruning and cutting they can assume enchanting forms with crowns. They are simply enchanting to look at – triangular shaped, crown shaped, pyramidical and asymmetric.

The majestic magnolia grandiflora is a tree comprising of many legends. Under its protective and cool shade, many lovers have made promises, many artists have put it on the canvas and many writers, poets have got inspired. There is nothing that can beat the stifling summer heat than the lemony fragrance of Southern magnolia. No wonder that the magnolia flower finds it in many exhilarating perfume notes.

Magnolia in Your Backyard Garden

Buying Magnolia trees for your garden and backyard is a good choice, but before making a selection, it is important to devote some time in studying the native varieties and soil properties. Buying the trees from Magnolia nurseries then becomes a relatively easier job. They are beautiful ornamental plants serving more than beautification that are easy to plant during season.



Facts About Magnolia Tree


A Magnolia treecan be your beautiful companion in the garden enhancing the beautiful landscape. In most gardens, magnolia trees are planted as ornamental tree to enhance the beauty of the garden with its stunning flowers and graceful shape. They are a major component of parks and home gardens alike and many gardeners prefer them for their contribution in garden beautification. A large Magnolia tree at the heart of garden provides a stunning display of what the tree looks like with blooms when fully grown. The aesthetics can charm many gardeners and delight onlookers besides providing a cool shade of flower adorned in umbrella at the crown of the tree.

The annual floral display with magnolia trees reaching 50 to 80 feet is at its peak from mid-January through March and has a crown that spreads from 30 to 50 feet. The tree can grow very big and requires a lot of room to grow to a spectacular sight.

Fall is the best time to grow the magnolia tree in southern zone whereas for northern hemisphere, spring is more suited. Magnolia tree is a deciduous tree that prefers acid soil to thrive on. The Magnolia Grandiflora blossoms into beautiful large white flowers. If you happen to get closer to the tree, you can feel a very strong citrus smell emanating from its artistic flowers.

Magnolia Trees Types


Magnolia is a deciduous tree and one can see many magnolia trees types in southern part of US and Florida. Popular magnolia tree types are -

  • Magnolia Grandiflora,
  • Dwarf Magnolia,
  • Cucumber tree,
  • Star magnolia,
  • Sweetbay, Umbrella magnolia,
  • Fraser magnolia and
  • Bigleaf magnolia.

Southern magnolias are all evergreen magnolia trees. Planting and watching a Magnolia tree growing is fascinating. As long as you know the fundamentals of cultivating and tending a tree, go for it whether or not you have green thumb. You can even venture and cultivate your own magnolia tree garden.

The dwarf magnolia tree is a prominent and very popular Southern magnolia tree. As the name implies it is a dwarf and smaller version that can easily accommodate in home gardens where space is constrained. Due to its smaller size, you will find it a favourite of many gardeners and its presence in smaller backyards, patios and gardens confirm that. There are many different varieties of magnolia that can grow in different locations. The magnolia tree is adaptable to the soil and harsh climates; a magnolia tree can be grown in most of the climates. However keep in mind to select the right local species which is more favourable to grow.

Another popular magnolia tree type is the Star magnolia tree that famously provides white star-shaped blooms in spring. Star magnolia is a deciduous tree that is predominantly used for landscaping in the United States throughout for its pretty blooms. Needless to stay magnolia flowers are source of beauty and pride, perfect in spring making the garden vibrate with star magnolia blossoms in pink and white.

Which is your favourite magnolia bloom?

Magnolia Types on YouTube

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RuthCox on 10/21/2014

Oh, I love the star Magnolia blossoms! I dated a fellow who had this tree in his front yard and when that beauty was full bloom, it covered the front of the house and the scent was awesome.

WriterArtist on 08/13/2014

@ologsinquito - It will definitely be a beautiful sight with magnolias blooming all around.

ologsinquito on 04/11/2014

Very soon it will be magnolia season in the US. I'm pinning this one.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@Mira - Pink and white are the common blooms, purple magnolias look awesome too. You have a great and beautiful neighbourhood.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@paperfacets - Magnolias certainly look regal, I agree with you.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@ologsinquito - I can visualize the beautiful magnolias in US where the avenues are lined by trees. They are awesome to look at.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@Dustytoes - I can't resist myself when I find a pretty flower or a tree to snap in the camera. How nice to have such a tree in your backyard, you must be having a big garden.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@VioletteRose - The pink blooms can really look awesome and so are the white magnolia flowers.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@KathleenDuffy - I can imagine how big it would be when it grows. I agree with you to plan its growth while planting.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

@Mira - I love the blooms, great to see them in your country Bucharest. It must be a beautiful sight.

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