The Many Simple Ways to Show You Care

by katiem2

Time and time again loved ones feel they are not loved as much as they once were with this leading to doubt, the root of all relationship troubles. Learn how to show you care.

We all feel the need to be appreciated and also notice when those we love are feeling left out and need our loving care in return but time seems to get in the way of showing those we love we care. The practice of showing the man, woman or anyone for that matter you love and care about them must happen and can be done easily with little effort. The simple ways to show them you love them just as much as ever, if not more, is something we can all do on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be difficult and in fact it’s the little things we do out of the blue that makes those we love feel special and adored.

Why Others Think You Don't Care

The number one thing you can do to show someone you care is to admit your faults and mistakes.

The most common reason anyone begins to feel another doesn’t care for them as much as they thought is the lack of taking blame.

It seems both parties tend to fall into the habit of casting the blame onto the other all the while creating a friction between them that slowly and systematically destroys relationships.

The best way to show someone you truly care is to be the first to take the blame, admit you’re wrong and highlight your faults and short comings.

How to Express Your Feelings

Anytime someone cares for another it shows.

Let’s face it we all hurt the ones we love the most. It’s near impossible not to do so, living in close quarters makes for a powder keg bound to blow from time to time.

It’s true everyone fights and yet not everyone stays together over coming conflict.

Why? We don’t take the time to admit when we've done something to hurt the other.

This creates a struggle for neither to be in the wrong therefore both parties begin to refuse to take responsibility for the problems, fights or misunderstandings.

This never works and although secretly resentment and distrust build turning a once great relationship into a mess with neither person being happy.

How to Show You Care

The best way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship is to be the ice breaker and the first to admit their wrong.

Once again we all make mistakes, step on others toes, hurt feelings and flat out make others mad. The best way to avoid things getting out of control is to openly and honestly admit you’re human, make mistakes and are remorseful of doing so.

How to Show Others You Care – When you do something to offend a loved one or friend, and you know when you do it, don’t simply move past it acting as if it didn’t happen.

Knock Their Socks Off – Take a moment turn to the person you’ve mistreated, lost your temper with or were flat out rude with and say the following;

“I’m sorry for anything I’ve said or done to hurt you or make you feel bad, I’m having a bad moment and brought you into it, that was wrong and I would never intentionally do anything to offend you, please forgive me”

This clears the air putting you at super star status for your vulnerable honesty, not only will the conflict be over the other person involved will be impressed with you on a whole new level.

Modify this statement to fit the situation and the persons involved. This is a simple fool proof way to make right any wrongs you’ve made and let that special someone know you care. 

Simple Ways to Show You Care

It is the little things that really matter and are the most meaningful.

It's the little things you do on a spur of the moment out of the blue on a normal average day catching someone off guard that really lets them know you care.

Anytime someone you care about receive a small token or gesture of your admiration they feel special knowing you’re thinking of them when they least expect it. 

That really shows you care for someone.

It's so easy to develop the habit of showing the important people in your life you care once you learn some good and successful ways of doing so. 

Soon it will be second nature improving the relationships in your life tremendously. Enjoy!

The Actions of Caring People

What to do to Show Someone You Care

  • Write a note just to say hi and hope all is well. Actually write it by hand adding it to their brief case, car seat, lunch box, stuck to their mirror or any out of the way place you know they will be and notice it throughout their daily routine.
  • Text them out of the blue with the simple message, “Thinking of You”, nothing more.
  • Ask them about things that matter to them and listen when they tell you about it.
  • Anytime you run errands tell them where you are going and ask if there’s anything you can pick up for them while you’re out.

You get the idea, simply thinking of someone and letting them know in the simplest of ways makes them understand without a doubt you care for them.

Updated: 04/21/2013, katiem2
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How do you show others you care?

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katiem2 on 03/20/2017

frankbeswick, good on you, you would drive if need be.

frankbeswick on 03/19/2017

Your long drive to see your aunt does you credit. My mother-in-law is within walking distance.

katiem2 on 03/19/2017

frankbeswick, I understand, my cousin just passed away, she was diagnosed with cancer 10 months ago and lost her short fight. I spent as much time as I could just making her smile. My Mom became ill suddenly and passed away two years after, I spent as much time as possible with her, a 6 hour drive. My aunt is now ill and lives in Illinois, I drive to Indiana, pick up my aunt who just lost her daughter, my cousin and we drive together to see my aunt, her sister. Having lost loved ones I have come to understand the value in spending time with those we want to know we care. TIME, it is the thing, you get it, I get it we should all spend it.

frankbeswick on 03/18/2017

Either my wife or I visit my ninety six year old mother-in-law daily to check on her. This is commitment, which is what you need when dealing with an elder. We sometimes take her to medicals We take her to church on Sundays. We will stay for however long it lasts, for it is our Christian duty,which we willingly accept.Our commitment will stop only when she passes on.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/18/2017

katiem2, Very nice, straightforward product line! This is a treasure trove of how to keep the people one cares about close and in one's life. In particular, I like remembering what's important and saving them an errand-running trip (since errands can be fun on a good day and tedious on a bad).

katiem2 on 04/17/2013

MeadowLark, I agree that is a beautiful way to show you care. My pleasure and thank you for the feedback.

MeadowLark on 04/17/2013

That is such a nice idea, to ask folks if they need anything while you're going on your errands. Also, I think that just reminding a friend that you're thinking of them is important. thank you for this sweet article.

katiem2 on 03/30/2013

Brian, Thanks glad you like :)

Brian on 03/29/2013

Nice ideas

katiem2 on 03/24/2013

It's good for everyone involved to spread the joy of kindness showing you care.

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