The Oil Cleansing Method

by Natural_Skin_Care

The oil cleansing method has become popular because it works so well. If you find cleansers to be harsh, this method of cleaning your skin could work wonders for you.

The oil cleansing method is based on a principle called 'dissolution theory' which means oil will dissolve oil. I think oil cleansing has been successful because many people don't realize how dehydrated their skin is.

Dry skin will over produce oil making you think you have an oily skin problem. This is exacerbated by the use of products that dry the skin even more and cause rebound oil production. It's easy to mistakenly think you have an oily skin problem.

Often your skin will stop producing excess oil once you give it adequate moisture.

Oil Cleansing Method

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Cleansing Oils

Ancient Skin Cleansing Alternative

Oil Cleansing MethodSo what were our ancestors using as a skin cleanser before there were drugstores or day spas?

The answer may be surprising, but some ancient people were known to use plant-based oils to cleanse their skin. Many people have a natural aversion to using oil to clean their face because they associate oily skin with dirty skin.

However, the right combination of pure oils is a very effective and safe way to clean even the delicate facial skin. Multiple oils may be used in combination to produce the ideal skin cleanser for the face.

These oils should be food grade and as pure as possible. Sesame and olive oil combined with a castor oil base is an excellent start to all natural skin cleansing. The right combination of these oils depends upon the current skin condition and type. A good cleansing oil combination for the normal skin type is 2 parts olive oil to 1 part castor oil.

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Using Oil As a Cleanser

Oil cleansing MethodHere are some instructions on how to use this all natural, super luxurious skin cleanser:

1. Combine the 2 parts olive and 1 part castor oil mix.

2. Gently massage the oil into the facial skin.

3. Bring some water to boil in a sauce pan.

4. Grab a towel or wash cloth and place the face near the steaming boiled water for a couple of

5. After cooling the water a little bit, soak the wash cloth in the hot water.

6. Wring out the wash cloth and place the hot cloth onto the face.

7. Gently wipe the oil and impurities from the face.

This formulation is a deep clean skin cleanser and may not need to be used every day. However, one may experiment with different combinations of oils to attain a unique oil formulation ideal for personal daily use. Skin cleanser ingredients should be examined no matter what type of skin cleansing method one chooses.

One way to do this is to check ingredients of products against the information found at the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic database. If harmful ingredients are found in one's current skin cleansing products, the organic oil cleanser described in this article may be a safer and less expensive alternative.

Updated: 11/09/2022, Natural_Skin_Care
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AngelaJohnson on 08/25/2013

No, I haven't tried it but plan to. Good information.

Natural_Skin_Care on 08/22/2013

Works amazingly well - thanks for commenting!

younghopes on 08/22/2013

A very informative post, though i have never tried it out but i think it will work

Natural_Skin_Care on 08/11/2013

@Kim - True, both are good oils for natural skin care!

Natural_Skin_Care on 08/11/2013

Maritravel - Yes, you can't go wrong with either ingredient. Stapes for lots of natural skin care products. Thanks for commenting!

Natural_Skin_Care on 08/11/2013

@Jen Becht - Yes, olive oil is good choice!

Jen Becht on 08/11/2013

Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil does remove dirt and blackheads. DHC is also a product I recommend.

Maritravel on 08/11/2013

Useful information in a good article. I use a combination of olive oil and natural honey, a recipe given to me years ago on the island of Phuket, long before that island became a tourist hot-spot. It was the native cleanser for body and face. I don't use it every day (takes too long to clean off) but for a once-weekly deep cleanse it is perfect.

Kim on 08/11/2013

Yes, I like olive oil and coconut oil.

cmoneyspinner on 08/09/2013

Shared via Pinterest.

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