NuFace Trinity Review

by Natural_Skin_Care

The NuFACE Trinity offers a complete home spa facial without the high spa prices.

This handheld device is exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to saving money, and looking beautiful. Your skin is the first thing that people notice when they meet you. Having beautiful, smooth skin is a dream for many women and men, because not everyone is born with that perfect complexion.

The NuFace Trinity has salon quality skin smoothing at your fingertips. Not only does this little device battle those deep wrinkles, it also fights common signs of aging that include dark spots and other color variations in the skin. The Trinity comes in plenty of fun colors to choose from, and it includes everything you require to complete an amazing salon facial at home in the privacy of your own bathroom.

NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer Set + Eye and Lip Enhancer Attachment

NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Set + Eye and Lip Enhancer Attachment...

Start Your Day With a 5-Minute Facial-Lift With NuFACE Mini

What's Great About the NuFace Trinity?

Smart Skin Sensor

The Smart Skin Sensor on the NuFACE Trinity gives your skin the treatment that is perfectly tailored, every single time you use the Trinity. This means that you are not getting a harsh chemical treatment designed by a spa employee who knows nothing about your particular skin requirements.

Your handheld NuFACE Trinity senses the delicate areas of your face, and it helps to create MicroCurrents to stimulate your skin. This stimulation creates a visible lift to the skin of the face, a toning of the muscles under the skin, and a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles. Some skin toning devices require weeks of use to create visible changes in your facial tone, but the Trinity does this in just a few treatments. 

Interchangeable Facial Trainer Attachments

The interchangeable heads on the NuFACE Trinity give you the flexibility to create your very own spa skin treatments for a fraction of the price that you would pay in any salon.

Although the interchangeable heads are not included in the purchase of the Trinity, there are plenty of options available for your skin therapy. The interchangeable design makes this handheld facial toning device one of the most flexible on the market. From decreasing those fine lines to eliminating that aged look, the NuFACE Trinity has everything that you need from a handheld facial toning appliance.

MicroCurrent Stimulation

The MicroCurrent technology available through the NuFACE Trinity offers state-of-the-art and FDA approved pulses of current to stimulate your facial muscles, and even those damaged skin cells. This MicroCurrent technology is available in many of the top salons across the country, and it is avaiiable to you at home with the NuFACE Trinity. 

Optional Colors

Although the color of the NuFACE Trinity might not be high on your priority list, it is fun to have the option to choose from several colors when purchasing the item. The standard white appliance is also available in a very pretty teal color and a smart gray color.

The NuFACE Trinity also comes in pink with a portion of those proceeds donated to breast cancer research. The Rogue version is designed specifically for men and makes an excellent gift. Fun colors make the purchase a little more enjoyable, especially when you are shopping on the Internet.


NuFace Trinity: Microcurrent facial toning device, gels and demo

Woman Receiving Microcurrent Stimulation
Woman Receiving Microcurrent Stimulation

What's not so great about the NuFace Trinity?


At over $240, this handheld facial toning device is not cheap. The up side to the price is that you will definitely save money by using the Trinity at home rather than getting your facials in salons. You could save several hundred dollars each year depending on how often you head to the spa for a facial and facial toning. With the rechargeable batteries and included cradle, you definitely do not spend money on batteries for the Trinity, so there is also some savings there.

Interchangeable Toning Heads

Although the interchangeable toning and facial heads are available through NuFACE for the Trinity, they are not included with the handheld device when you purchase it. It would be nice to have at least one or two of those heads included with your initial purchase. The lack of interchangeable heads with the initial purchase does not affect the use of the device at home for facial toning. 

Is the NuFace NuFace Trinity a great purchase?

Yes, the NuFACE Trinity is an excellent purchase. This handheld facial toning device offers plenty of punch for the price. Reviewers are pleased with the speed of the visible changes to their skin, and the price allows you to save money by avoiding those expensive salon facials.

The NuFACE Trinity is the perfect handheld toning device for anyone with aging skin, and it makes a wonderful preventative maintenance device for even those with young faces. The Smart Skin Sensor ensures that you will not damage your skin by over-using the Trinity, and the item is FDA approved.

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Natural_Skin_Care on 03/02/2014

@Larraine Yeah, more people need to know about it. It really gives you pretty younger looking skin.

Larraine on 03/02/2014

Love the MicroCurrent technology!

katiem2 on 04/07/2013

I love your blog and just signed up for your newsletter, very nice indeed. I have some reading and beauty info to absorb.

Thank you I know what to tell my kids I want for mothers day now. :)K

Natural_Skin_Care on 10/26/2012

@katiem2 Yes, it really does what it promises. Thanks for commenting!

katiem2 on 10/26/2012

Sounds amazing, I had not heard of this skin care product before reading this. Thanks for the heads up on a beauty breakthrough technology for beautiful skin, yes indeed it is something we all want and the first thing people notice about you. :)K

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