The Orgone Revolution

by Ralpapajan

Discussing Orgone and how Orgonite has changed the skies in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Gifting for the future.

What is Orgone?

A few basic facts

Are you old enough to remember the crystal clear blue skies of yesteryear?

Those skies that held no pollution, where aircraft pushed out condensation instead of chemicals.  Where the clouds were formed by the weather and not by man who, as a result of misguided beliefs that weather and the environment should be controlled by scientists and not by nature, developed all sorts of things that would improve our lives.

I am.  I was brought up in Central Africa. It was just after World War II and life was simple.  The war to end all wars had been fought.  We lived simply and ran around the bush and cycled on the streets without fear.  We swam in clear waters in rivers and dams.  We breathed in the pure air that blew all over the world.  

That air was soon to be polluted.  The land was soon to be polluted.  The water was soon to be polluted.

All in the name of progress.  

The Scientist with his belief in his own ideas sought to change the world.  And in the process polluted it. 

A chemtrail being formed

When we look to the heavens now we see the results of that pollution.  We see the chemical trails -Chemtrails - that criss cross the sky.  The Government in their collective wisdom or ignorance tell us that this pollution is necessary to cool the earth.  As though nature and the Universe, which has managed to survive and prosper for billions of years, 17 of them if the scientists are to be believed, cannot cope any more.

Chemtrails Over Basingstoke

For every apparently unsolvable problem that occurs the Universe, Nature or God, whatever your own particular belief may be, will provide a solution.  And often that solution dwarfs the ideas of so-called great minds who pontificate and direct the thoughts of man, mainly funded, of course, by government grants or grants from the drug producing companies.

And when someone comes up with a solution that is natural, that is a part of the Universe's solution then the one who releases it is pilloried and scorned.

And the reason for that is quite often because such a solution is either free or cheap to produce.  It usually cannot be patented and if that is the case then that will be against all that the world system stands for.

Dr Wilhelm Reich
Such is the case with Orgone.  

I can see those who have never heard of Orgone, exclaiming "What is Orgone?"

A certain Dr. Wilhelm Reich spent the latter part of his life researching the all pervading omnipresent Life Energy and came up with the name Orgone.  He started in Austria and Germany as a medical doctor and psychiatrist.   He was associated with Sigmund Freud.  

He contributed greatly to the understanding of the link between human sexuality and psychology and he never ceased to open up new frontiers of knowledge and understanding during his lifetime.

There is so much more to learn and here I would recommend further study at Orgonise Africa

and at The American College of Orgonomy  

Continuing Studies...

...the reason why it could be of benefit for everyone to understand Orgone.

OK ~ so we have established that Orgone is the name given to Dr Wilhelm Reich for the life force that is inherent in everything.   This is also called Chi or Prana but the descriptions of those names do not really encompass the full extent of Orgone.  I believe that Easterners see and feel a lot more in their ideas than do westerners in the ideas of Easterners.  Westerners tend to think more strongly with the Analytical side of their brains than with their Visualisation side.

Bear in mind that, as in everything, there are all sorts of Papers that have been written by all sorts of Eminent Scientists regarding the brain and the Mind.  The ideas expressed here are from my own observation and experience and may, in fact probably will, differ from what has been accepted in the Common World View true picture.  I believe that Science like everything else is linked to a subjective understanding; that as Scientists discover more, see more and believe more, what happens is that the majority who believe in a certain 'fact' actually impose that 'fact' onto the population in general and then that 'fact' becomes established as the only version of anything.  Whereas, in actual fact, nothing is set in concrete, so to speak, and when another theory arises the minority are ridiculed until they give up and 'go away'. This happened to many people over the centuries, for example Leonardo da Vinci, and it happened to Dr Reich.

The only way that one may learn all about Orgone and its path through the 20th and 21st Centuries is to study and to read.  For this purpose I have included a Module linking all sorts of experiences and usages by ordinary people. 

After that will come the Module dealing with Orgonise Africa and the work they are doing in Southern Africa. It is here that you will see the greatest reason for what I have called 'The Orgone Revolution'.

Study Links

Please study these. They could help you not only change your Mind and Life but also change the Planet we ALL live on.

Glossary of Terms
A Glossary of terms that one should become familiar with to gain a full understanding of Orgone and then be able to see what it can do. There are no short-cuts. None!

What is Orgonite?
This site deals with the meaning of and reason for Orgonite ~ the means by which Orgone Energy may be generated. To make an Orgonite Tower please refer to the Video Module where a step-by-step photo sequence is posted.

To be or Not to be?
Study this. It is heavy but shows how difficult it is to show new ideas in the face of 'Vested Interests'. "At the heart of science lies discovery which involves a change in worldview. Discovery in science is possible only in societies which accord their citizens the freedom to pursue the truth where it may lead and which therefore have respect for different paths to that truth,"

The Wilhelm Reich Story plus Instructions for making an Orgonite Tower Buster for very little outlay.

I own the Copyright for the latter Video. I give permission for anyone to download it and distrubute it freely.

Orgone energy in Southern Africa

One organisation's efforts to help save the continent


 Orgonise AfricaEnter Orgonise Africa.  NB All information shown below is taken from Orgonise Africa's Web Site and due acknowledgement is given to the Web Master.

 There are many and varied implications when reaching an understanding of Orgone Energy and how it affects the environment.  Some of  the observable effects of orgonite are very deep and greater than can be explained on a simple website. Orgonite and its effects have to be experienced at first hand for it to be understood.

Orgonite: The 8th Wonder of the World!

Since 2002 Orgonise Africa has distributed orgonite healing tools.  They have reached many countries in Africa.  Orgonise Africa's aim is to improve the orgone energy field in Africa's environment. This will essentially reduce the incidence of, if not totally eliminate, droughts.   It will restore natural rainfall patterns. It will restore Natural Abundance. It will restore Natural Vitality to large parts of beautiful Africa.

As mentioned before Orgone energy is not a new invention but is name given to the omnipresent life-force by  Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Why don't YOU join in this endeavour and help Africa in particular and the world in general?

A few images to whet the appetite...

...taken in Mozambique just across the Zambezi River from Zimbabwe.
That Mountain Near Tete, Mozambique.
That Mountain Near Tete, Mozambique.
And look at this Blue Hole in the Clouds
And look at this Blue Hole in the Clouds
The Rain is Gathering - out of season in July!
The Rain is Gathering - out of season in July!
Updated: 01/12/2012, Ralpapajan
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Ralpapajan on 02/11/2013

Thanks you Paul - I agree. He was fascinating and the work done today by Orgonise Africa is worth studying!

PaulGoodman67 on 02/11/2013

Fascinating read. Reich was an interesting character. His book: The Murder of Christ was particularly engaging. Whenever I read Reich's work on orgone, I think of the Kate Bush song, Cloudbusting.

katiem2 on 03/25/2012

Admittedly I'm one of those wondering who is Orgone? I'm so pleased to be advised. I care about the planet, I remember as a kid, with the image of the Indian crying because of litter, thinking pollution pollution pollution. I embrace the great American Road trip preferring to look at the world around us. I appreciate this article and will share it as this message is very important. I'll never look at those air craft trails the same again, I had no idea.

VIRACOCHA on 01/12/2012


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