The Ripstik Caster Board

by MuminBusiness

What is the Ripstik Caster Board anyway? Is it a wonderful way to have fun and get exercise?

The RipStik - Amazing Fun!

Well, I can start by saying they are a lot of fun!  Take a look at the video below and get an idea of the exciting things that can be done with a casterboard.

The Ripstik is not quite a skateboard. However, it is versatile enough to use for the same purpose of speeding along on wheels.  On the Caster board however, you do not need to push off with your feet as the positioning of your body on a Ripstik propels it forward.

The RipStik Caster Board gives you the combined thrill of surfing and snowboarding while doing the same tricks as a skateboarder. A great gift for active people of any age. 

What is a Ripstik?

The RipStik is created with two plates that hold the feet linked with a pivot pole.  This allows each of the feet can twist independently of the other.  IT has two caster wheels hence the name caster board.  The wheels are very similar to those you get on a supermarket trolley or the front wheels of a baby's pushchair.  The Caster wheels allow for fluid rotation in any direction.  

As a result of the way it is made, the Ripstik can mimic the actions of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding all in one.  This obviously makes it a great item for play and sport.

The RipStik is propelled along by the side to side movement of the legs so there is no need for the rider to push it along as it can be propelled even up a hill by the simple movement of ones feet.  Learning to balance on the board then becomes of the utmost importance.

Needless to say, it is best to wear protective gear while using this.

Availability of the RipStik.

The RipStik comes in a variety of colours such as blue, red, silver, one with  a skull depicted on it and the amazing pink too.  The deck plates where you place your feet are also very easy to replace so you could change color at any time you wanted.  Even the caster wheels come in various colors so you are able to redesign your whole Ripstik if you so choose.

There are also different models of the Ripstik such as the Razor, G-Grind and Air - All of which are designed to enhance further the caster board experience.

The Cons

The biggest problem most people tend to have with the RipStik is the short life of the caster wheels.  If you are using the RipStik regularly which you will undoubtedly be doing once you get into it,  You may find that the wheels wear out pretty quickly which is to be expected.  

Replacing the wheels are easy enough so do not let that put you off.

Though this is not really a con, I must mention that this does not come with any brakes.  This is not a problem for the experienced user whereas a beginner just needs to practice balancing on the board and they should, as mentioned earlier, make sure they are wearing appropriate safety gear.

Updated: 01/17/2012, MuminBusiness
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