The Topeak Road Morph

by lostcyclingdude

The Road Morph is uniquely designed to handle those high-pressure situations unique to road tires. Plus, its built with Topeak quality.

I hate flats. But they happen. This is where small tire pump is so critical. It can make all of the difference between being stranded for hours while some one drives out to your location -- and a easy pedal back home.

In my experience, Topeak makes some of the best bike pumps on the market. Here's a look at their Road Morph G.

i have already written some about Topeak's "Mini Morph".  Whereas the Mini Morph is a very general pump geared towards handling about any situation, the Road Morph G is geared towards handling those situations that road cyclists and triathletes typically face. 

Sure, it can inflate a mountain bike tire just as well.  But it takes a little more effort.  For Mountain bike, I would encourage you to look at the Topeak Mountain Morph.

There's a few reasons to choose the Road Morph over the Mini Morph.  To begin with, the cylinder is a little longer to allow you to take better advantage of the longer frame tubes that is typical of road bikes.  Road bikes have more frame length, so you can store a longer pump, and air up the tire faster with each stroke. 

It's good reasoning. 

One of the biggest benefits with the Road Morph G is that it has a gauge built into its hose near the nozzle that keeps you posted on how much more you have to pump before you can start pedaling again.  

Plus, since the gauge is already built in, you don;t have to keep taking the pump off to check it with a separate gauge. 

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Topeak Road Morph G Bike Pump with Gauge

And, like the Mini Morph, you can use it for both Schrader or Presta valves with just minimal switching around of the parts in the nozzle. 

Some people feel like this is one of the more challenging aspects of the pump, so if you are going to be needing to switch the pump between Schrader and Presta valves often, you might want to spend a little time practicing. 

It can pump bikes all the way up to 160 PSI.  Pretty impressive, if you ask me.  It's probably a good thing it has a gauge.  Otherwise you might accidentally over fill the tube. 

And, since it has its own little flip-out foot pedal, you can hold it down with your foot while you put your body weight into pumping, making airing up a tire easier than would be expected.  Too many bike pumps expect you to hold them in your hands, and that just doesn't let you get enough leverage on it. 

The Road Morph doesn't do that. 

So, mount this one to your bike frame.  And be ready for your next flat!

Updated: 04/28/2012, lostcyclingdude
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