The Traditions and Evolution of Halloween Costumes

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The traditions and evolution of Halloween costumes can be traced to the pagan beliefs. The druids dressed up to perform religious rituals during the Hallow’s eve.

The customs of pagans got extended to the common people and one can witness many things that are used in today’s interpretation of Halloween and enjoyed around the world.

Halloween is around the corner and one of the most festive times of the year.
With the Halloween season approaching, many people throw parties during the festive moment complete with Halloween themes, dressing up in a range of eerie Halloween Costumes that are unique.

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Celebration with Halloween Costumes

The craze for weird and funny costumes ranges from apparel that is worn by television stars, music entertainers, celebrities, ghosts, witches and even the devil himself. The craze is for original Halloween costumes that are distinct, weird and unheard of. Moms are busy searching for original and creative ideas that are practical, feasible and can be made at home. They all want their wards to win the Halloween Costumes completion of the year, which I am afraid is an ardent and strenuous task and can get on the nerves.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes
Halloween Costumes
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How did Halloween Costumes Evolve?

The origin of Halloween costumes is derived from diverse sources including national costumes, Gothic and horror costumes from ancient literary works, classic horror movies, subjects of trauma and terror. The movies and the fiction characters from Frankenstein and Dracula were the objects of original Halloween costumes.

Towards the end of 19th century, disguising in costumes and going out dressed in silly attire was widespread in Scotland at Halloween. You can find the Scottish poet John Mayne making pranks at Halloween in his poetry "What fearful' pranks ensue!", and Robert Burn’s Halloween mentioning bogies ‘ghosts’ the supernatural related to the night.

In US, people made Halloween Costumes prominent in early Halloween parties in the advent of 20th century, when trick-or-treating was also becoming prevalent. It is interesting to note that the markets were quick to cash these trends by making mass Halloween costumes which appeared in stores in the 1930s in America.

Traditional Halloween Costumes


Traditional Halloween costumes are designed after popular heroes, Disney characters, movie roles, supernatural beings and aliens like ghouls, vampires, monsters, spirits, poltergeists banshees, skeletons, witches, goblins, devils and sprites. To extend novelty and uniqueness to the costumes, people have role modeled custom designs after the fiction characters.

Over time, the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction and real life archetypes like ninjas and commandos. Fairies and princess costumes also found their way to Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costumes from Disney World


Now the question is how to devise unique Halloween costumes?

If you brainstorm, you will find that there are many ideas that are lurking behind your own brain ready to manifest given the opportunity. For example if you thing of fairy costumes, think of a distinct fairy theme, Tinker bell, a gothic fairy, garden fairy or a rainbow fairy costume. If you want an angel Halloween costume, think of fallen angel costume, renaissance angel costume or a midnight angel costume.

Disney characters are evergreen ideas for Halloween. Snow-white, dwarfs, Mickey mouse, Minnie, the witch and demons are always a favourite. Give a turn, a twist to the generic idea and costume; and you will find that a rare idea and costume is desperate to erupt from the mind.

Halloween Colors for Celebrations


Halloween has abundance of natural resources, the elements of the autumn season, such as pumpkins and scarecrows; these prevail in the festive season. People use pumpkins, Jack’O lantern for the Halloween decor.

 Certain symbols of Death, Occult magic, Dark Art found their way to Halloween, while black, blood red and orange are the holiday's original traditional colors. You can wear costumes of black and orange, eerie white or grey and crimson red. They look awesome on Halloween.

Whatever colours you choose, make sure that you select bright colours that fit you nicely.

Which costume is your favourite for Halloween?

Halloween Poem from Shakespeare

An original, authentic poem from Shakespeare. Enjoy!!!

"Now the hungry lion roars,
And the wolf behowls the moon;
Whilst the heavy ploughman snores,
All with weary task fordone.
Now the wasted brands do glow,
Whilst the screech-owl, screeching loud,
Puts the wretch that lies in woe
In remembrance of a shroud.
Now it is the time of night,
That the graves, all gaping wide,
Every one lets forth his sprite,
In the church-way paths to glide:"


Even the likes of Shakespeare could not stop from writing and painting the gruesome horrors of Halloween.

The Origin of Halloween Traditions

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blackspanielgallery on 10/17/2015

Interesting. I guess I would have come to the conclusion that this started somewhere, but I would not have thought so long ago.

WriterArtist on 10/16/2015

Dear Guest - I am glad that you liked the blue monster costume, one fact that is enjoyed most in Halloween that you can wear any fancy costume on Halloween. And people come with such strange, weird costume ideas, fun part of which is - it all looks great on Hallow's eve.

WriterArtist on 10/16/2015

Hi Mira - Thanks for pinning. I love monstrous costumes, they are perfect for Halloween.

Mira on 10/24/2014

I really like the monster costume. They managed to make it cute. Pinning some of these

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