The Ultimate Outdoor Style Checklist

by RobertKeith

No matter how small or large, if you have some outdoor space, it is great to make it into another room.

No matter how small or large, if you have some outdoor space, it is great to make it into another room. An outdoor room adds a lot more than just space to your home. It also adds a different experience. An outdoor room has some things alike with an indoor room and some distinct differences. So without further ado - Lets get straight into the checklist!

1. Seating and tables

Much like an indoor room, you and your guests need a place to take a seat and a place to set stuff down. So, whether you want an informal gathering space, similar to a second living room, or a place to eat, just like a dining room, you will need both seating and tables. The exact style and configuration can vary tremendously, baseding on exactly how you wish to entertain, but weather resistant seating and tables are a must.

Outdoor tables
Outdoor tables

2. An Outdoor Umbrella

Unlike an indoor room, an outdoor room needs a means to adjust the natural lighting or maybe protect the table top from a sudden shower. An umbrella is affordable, movable and can add style. For many people, this will be the perfect solution. In a rental situation, it will be the only real option for addressing these issues.

3. A Centerpiece

An indoor room, like a living room, may have a TV or fireplace as the center of attention. An outdoor room also needs a center of attention, but it is typically going to be a garden, fire pit or water feature. Even in a small outdoor space, like a balcony, a small water feature can be added. Water features, plants or fire pits can mediate the local climate and can help damp sound. Both are important details for making the space comfortable.


4. Flooring

Whether you put in concrete slab, a wooden deck or pavers and grass, your outdoor room needs something underfoot so you aren't just walking through mud. How much or how little it feels like indoor flooring is largely up to you. Grass plus a few pavers for walkways can be a great thing to perambulate on whenever the weather is decent enough to be outdoors.

5. Extras

In addition to the basics, it can be great to have something extra to give some life to the space. An outdoor dining room can be paired with the makings of an outdoor kitchen. If you have children, you may want to devote part of the area to play space. Or you might want to have space devoted to a hobby, like a repotting table if you have a lot of plants. Giving the space something extra can make it go from ho hum to the hot spot of your home.


If you want you can even go all out and give your area a theme such as a cabin, beach, or mexican fiesta!

You do need to adjust for the fact that an outdoor room has weather, but many of the same concepts apply to an outdoor space as to an indoor space. Decide how you want to use it, then expand a plan based on intended use. Last, make certain you enjoy the space you have created.

Updated: 04/28/2016, RobertKeith
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