The Walking Dead Episode Review: "Crossed"

by StevenHelmer

A review of the season 5 episode that first aired on November 23, 2014.

Synopsis: Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew prepare to rescue Beth (Emily Kinney) and Carol (Melissa McBride) from the hospital. Meanwhile, the survivors that followed Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) must deal with the aftermath of Eugene's (Josh McDermitt) revelation he isn't really a scientist and there is nothing waiting for them in Washington D.C.

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Getting Ready for the Fall Finale

As I was prepared for, this particular episode left a lot of things hanging in preparation of the fall finale next week. However, even though there were plenty more questions than answers, this turned out to be an episode that took full advantage of its hour run time.

One thing I found to be very interesting when it came to Rick and his rescue team was the way Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) were quick to judge his leadership. Rick wanted a full-on assault of the hospital but was essentially out voted and, instead, the team decided to try to gain leverage by capturing some of the hospital's officers and using them in a trade. Since that plan already seems to have at least one hiccup, thanks in no small part to a very gullible Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), it'll be interesting to see if they should have followed Rick's plan in the first place.

I'm also a little curious what exactly Dawn's (Christine Woods) plan is. I find it very hard to believe she suddenly respects Beth to the point she trusts her with the key to the drug locker and is willing to let her secretly try to save an unconscious Carol. I have a feeling she's just setting Beth up for something.

The part about Abraham's group dealing with the aftermath of Eugene's confession was also somewhat interesting, mostly because they no longer had a purpose and, both because of the fire truck they borrowed being broken down and an unconscious Eugene, weren't going anywhere anytime soon. And, it didn't help matters that Abraham was staging his own quiet protest/temper tantrum.

The part I thought was the most interesting when it came to this particular part of the episode, however, was Glenn's (Steven Yeun) reaction to finding fish. Did they suddenly become rare? I just figured nobody had actually fished out of fear of being eaten by walkers. But, this episode made it sound as though they weren't easy to find and catch anymore. It was just one of those weird reactions that occasionally get me scratching my head a bit.

As for those who stayed behind at the church, Father Gabriel's (Seth Gilliam) decision to sneak out was an interesting one, mostly because it'll be interesting to see what exactly happens to him once he truly tries to survive on his own. Either he's going to be forced to turn to violence, will die a violent death or will find some sort of surprising middle ground. At this point, I'm thinking it'll be the first one. But, you never know.

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Final Opinion

This episode had a lot of stories to update us on in a limited amount of time. However, it managed to do that successfully and did a great job setting up the fall finale next week.

My Grade: A

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