The Walking Dead Lighters

by wordsareharmless

For the most hard-core fans of AMC's the Walking Dead series, here is a collection of gritty enamel lighters

I bet you had no idea that they existed, but they do - The Walking Dead lighters. As Rick and his crew's desperate attempts to survive in a world full of dead creatures become more and more hopeless, companies are making big $ on the Walking Dead merchandise. What do you need? The Walking Dead t-shirts, glasses, mugs, action figures - you name it. It's on the market. The zombie virus is spreading!

  Just three years ago, the Walking Dead was a creator-owned series whose monthly circulation was barely 20,000 copies. Unless you were a comic-book geek or one of those weird zombie lovers, you had absolutely no idea what The Walking Dead was.

  And now, look at it - AMC has announced that the show will go on for at least two more seasons (3 and 4), a video game based on the Walking Dead has been made, the comics are selling better than ever... and everybody, no matter whether they love zombies or not, know what the Walking Dead is. 

  As unbelievable as it may sound, a show about bunch of zombies has managed to win the ratings battle against some well-established sitcoms like Two and a Half Men

Please don't say you haven't seen the Walking Dead TV show...

Ok, it's easily fixed...
The Walking Dead: Season One
$7.64  $4.15
The Walking Dead: The Complete First ...
$25.5  $3.0
The Walking Dead: The Complete Second...
$7.43  $2.3

  The most loyal Walking Dead fans have something new to be excited about - The Walking Dead lighters. If you are at least half as crazy about this TV show/comics series as I am, then you are going to love this beautiful set of enamel lighters. I am not a smoker, but I nevertheless had to get one for myself... I guess I can you use it to light a fire when a zombie apocalypse occurs and I am stuck alone in the woods in the middle of the night. 

Check The Walking Dead comics on eBay

So what are the Walking Dead lighters like?

  Silver in color, the Walking Dead lighters have engraved images of zombies as portrayed in the Walking Dead comic book series. The engravings are based on the drawing by Charlie Adlard, the artists for the series. Charlie Adlard is known for his dark underground style, usually in black and white. If you don't know, the Walking Dead comic book series is not in color. Neither are the zombies on these Walking Dead lighters. 

  The Walking Dead lighters are made by Taverncraft. Taverncraft is known for making collector things like mugs and glasses based on video games and comics. There are four different types of Walking Dead lighters available, although some of them is a bit harder to find. No worries, of course, there's always eBay.

  Ok, I know, I know. You want me to stop talking (...writing) and just show you the lighters. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here they are:

The Walking Dead Lighters

Dead Rules - that's the official manufacturer's slogan... not my opinion
Walking Dead Fresh Meat Premium Ename...Walking Dead Rise & Feed Premium Enam...Premium Enamel Lighter - Dead Rules
Have you read the Walking Dead comics?

Unrelated to lighters, but related to the Walking Dead

Have you read the Walking Dead comics?

  Don't be disappointed by the first few issues - true, they are not anything special, but once the story starts unfolding (this somehow happens at the same time when Charlie Adlards takes over pencil duties), the Walking Dead series becomes so addictive that you are going to curse Robert Kirkman (the writer) for publishing only one issue per month. 

The Walking Dead Action Figures
More of the Walking Dead merchandise

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