The Worst Things About Going to the Movies

by wizpro

Do you still like going to the movie theater? If not, chances are you've experienced some of these things.

Most people have great memories of going to movies when they were kids or teenagers. But something seems to happen as people get older, the entire experience becomes less enjoyable. Maybe it's because you're more mature or it could be because the face of movie-going has changed in recent years. There's just something about the system that seems to be broken, and there isn't one simple element that can fix it. And when you add everything together, it creates an atmosphere that can be thoroughly un-enjoyable. When was the last time you had a good time at the movies? If you're anything like most of the public, you might not even be able to remember. A bit of the magic has definitely disappeared in recent years and here are some of the reasons why.


This is why people hate going to the movies

The Cost - there's no reason in the world and movies should cost as much as they do. There are lots of competing forms of entertainment these days and ticket prices are simply too high. A lot of families choose to go for matinees but even these reduce prices can be costly. And it's not just the tickets you have to worry about, there are costs associated with finding parking, snacks and drinks, and dinner before or after the movie. If you're going to make it an entire night out, it will likely cost a regular family of four quite a bit.

3-D, really? - As if ticket prices weren't high enough, now fears are charging extra for things like 3-D and IMAX. But one thing is clear, these features are not going to be able to fix average movies. They go great with movies designed with this type of experience in mind, but paying extra to see a regular film in these formats is a waste of time for everyone involved. In the past few years, there were probably only a handful of films worth paying the extra to see in either of these formats.

Other People - it seems a lot of people have forgotten their manners when it comes to the movie-going experience. It's not common for people to talk or text on their cell phones, or scream at the screen in the middle of the film. Some parents don't know when to keep the kids at home while other people need explanations for everything that's going on right now. One of the biggest problems that keeps people away from the fear is how others behave.

An example of annoying people...

The Convenience - or rather lack of convenience. What is easier these days - dragging yourself to a crowded mall to line up for a good seat at the theatre, or being able to download a fairly recent movie and stream it onto your television set? New technology has effectively served as strong competition for the movie experience, and it's clear these days people are willing to put up with the associated hassles. It's a lot easier to set up your own home theater and strap on some of the best wireless headphones for a better overall experience.

Nothing to See - none of these problems really matter if there are stellar movies in theatres. People will put up with almost anything if they know they are witnessing and “event” movie. But think about the last time there was a movie like this, and how much of the rest is just average fare? Hollywood complains about illegal downloading or bootlegging, but they have contributed to their own demise with horrible films. And when good movies do come out, audiences proved time and time again that they don't want anything too smart or intellectual. It's clear that there might have to be a few cultural changes before we can get back to the days when movie-going was a fun again.

Do you still go to the movies?

Updated: 08/07/2012, wizpro
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