Top Iron Rich Foods for Runners

by wizpro

If you need a boost in iron to keep energy levels up, here are some great choices.

Healthy eating is about making the right choices.

Whether you're someone who's new to the game or a person who has been running for a long time, there are many benefits to getting regular exercise. There might never be a simpler way to get your heart rate running than lacing up your running shoes and going around the neighborhood. It's easily accessible and gets the job done quite nicely. Just make sure that you keep your body well-nourished since you'll be consuming more elements as you get more active. It doesn't matter if you're trying to lose weight or you just want to get healthy, it's important to keep your body in working order whenever you increase your levels of exercise. A lot of runners accidentally neglect getting enough iron in their diets, and this can impact their routine in dramatic ways. Not enough iron can lead to anemia that makes it harder for oxygen to get circulated throughout your entire body. This leads to a tremendous amount of fatigue that doesn't just get in the way of running, it can affect everyday functions as well. Here are some of the best iron rich foods to help keep your body on track while you run for better health.

Artichokes - one of the biggest problems with this food is not knowing how to prepare properly. But all it takes is an oven or even a barbecue grill to be able to cook artichokes to perfection. They work well wonderfully with flavor and you'll love their meaty texture that blends with other flavors as well.

Sun Dried Tomatoes - tomatoes in general provide anti-oxidant effects and plenty of vitamin C. And in terms of iron, sun-dried tomatoes are a great compact weight and Hugh recipes while offering abundant flavor at the same time. And here's a pro tip - eating more vitamin C with iron actually help to increase with overall absorption, so make sure to incorporate plenty of fruits as well.

Mollusks - these are elements more popularly known as oysters, clams, and muscles fresh from the sea. While they aren't always the cheapest option, they can provide a nice treat from time to time whether their home-baked or cooked on your barbecue. You can also use them for delicious sauces and things like gumbo or soup.

Enriched Cereal - if you're running on a daily basis then you can't afford to skip breakfast since it's the best way to start off your day. You can make sure you're getting all the nutrition you need from the start with great cereals that have your health in mind. You can find iron enriched cereals that also contain plenty of other elements like fiber and calcium to keep your body on track.

Herbs - this is another way to add flavor without having to use too much salt in your food. Deliciously dried herbs like oregano, parsley, thyme, and rosemary can be added to any type of dish while giving you a touch of iron at the same time.

Legumes - beans and legumes can be used for all types of recipes whether we're talking about chili or even a simple rice and beans dish. Don't forget about other members of this family including lentils and soybeans as well. If you want to add a multicultural flair to your menu plan then take a look at tofu for some interesting options.

Pumpkin seeds and Sunflower seeds - these are treats everyone can enjoy from time to time, and you can either make them more purchased them quite easily. They also make a great snack option while helping you to pass the time between meals.

Dried Fruit - if you really want to bolster your stack choices, then combine the previous suggestion with dried fruit like apricots or prunes. You can come up with your own chewy and crunchy trail mix that will curb your hunger whenever you need something to munch on.

Egg Yolks - the last three suggestions are going to be iron rich foods where you need to have moderation in mind. When it comes to eggs, they can actually be healthy depending on how you cook them and how often you prepare them. Obviously you don't want to overdo it with egg yolks, but having one every once in a while can help you with your workout routine.

Organ meats - most people don't consider organ meats a real treat anyways so it's unlikely that you're going to pick out on this option. But if you want a quick and powerful boost of iron then organ meats make a great option. There are also some tasty recipe ideas that will make them a lot more palatable.

Red Meat - this is perhaps the best source of iron around due to a combination of taste, convenience, and overall practicality. Chances are you are already familiar with red meat so it's not like you have to change a lot to get more of it. What you should do however, is take a look at how you prepare it to make sure that it's as healthy as possible.

Updated: 01/07/2012, wizpro
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