Things I Love About Wizzley: Fan Pages Feed

by humagaia

Wizzley has great modules to create great articles. And there are useful, if little known, facilities like the misnamed 'Fan Pages Feed' s/b 'Favorite Authors Feed': I love it!

Have you found the Wizzley 'Fan pages feed' yet?

I hear a resounding silence. I am not surprised. You are probably not as inquisitive as myself: I go looking for buttons to press, just to see what happens. That's one of the reasons for my frizzy hair, and the steam coming out of my ears!

Wizzley has many great modules for creating great articles, as you have probably found, and realized by now.

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Fan Pages Feed

What you may not be so aware of are the great keep-you-up-to-date facilities that tell us about our interactions.

There is the drop-down menu giving us access to pages, topics, authors and the latest comments made on the site. There are the icons that flash to tell us when we have received a new message, another comment, a new notification, or attracted a new fan.

But 'Fan pages feed'?

Where is it? What is it? Is it useful? How can I use it?

All very good questions. 

The first question, at the top of this module, is one only you can answer. The answers to the other four are about to be revealed

My Fan Clubs Page

How to get to the fan pages feed
My Fan Clubs
My Fan Clubs
Humagaia "Paint" screenshot

Where Is The Fan Pages Feed?

'Where Is The Fan Pages Feed?', is simple to answer.

On the screenshot above you will see an arrow pointing to 'My Fan Clubs' in the drop-down menu associated with my username. 

Click that. [On your username that is].

In the screenshot below, you will see an arrow pointing to 'Fan Pages Feed'.

Click that.

Fan pages feed code, with URL
Fan pages feed code, with URL

What do you get? You get this. ===>

Don't worry. It is only the results of the RSS feed having been parsed. The only thing of interest is the URL where the arrow is pointing.

Copy it to your clipboard for later.

Fan pages feed
Fan pages feed

What Is The Fan Pages Feed?

First of all, what is a feed?

A feed is an RSS feed.

[For those that don't know what that is, I have included a Wiki about RSS below, which describes what a 'feed', 'RSS' or 'RSS feed' is.]

The 'Fan Pages Feed' is an RSS feed that, one might think (I did to begin with), shows us all the new articles that our fans have published.

But why would I want those?

What I want is all of the articles newly published by the authors of whom I am a fan.

That would be much more useful to me. 

Just a minute.

That is exactly what the 'Fan pages feed' does!

See the feed of those here ===>

RSS Feed Wiki

Only for those that don't know what RSS is
RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. or "channel") includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as ...

Is The Fan Pages Feed Useful?

You bet it is!

It's usefulness to me is:

  • It saves me having to wait for the e-mail stating 'New articles of your favorite authors' to drop into my e-mail in box. That's strange it just popped into my in box - spooky or what?
  • I don't have to scan the 'New Pages' to see if any are from any of my favorite authors. If I just want 'New Pages' I can use the feed available just for that.
  • I can place the feed on my iGoogle page and see when anything of interest is published by those that I fan.
  • I can use the feed in Twitterfeed to promote the articles that are being published by my favorite authors.
  • I don't have to keep a list of those I fan, or update it every time I find someone new that I would like to follow. I could go to the 'My Fan Clubs' and check stuff out from there, but I much prefer having stuff 'pushed' to me, that I have requested to be 'pushed', than taking time out on a regular basis, to go find it for myself.
  • From the last point: it allows me to be lazy. Or is that 'more productive' elsewhere?

I think the above points also give you an idea as to how the 'Fan Pages Feed' can be used.

Has the 'Fan Pages Feed' Got The Right Name?

In my view, no it has not.

I think it should be called:

  • Fanned Pages Feed
  • Favorite Authors Feed
  • New Favorite Authors Articles
  • Favorite Authors Articles
  • Favorite Authors Pages

But not 'Fan Pages Feed'.

What do you think?

What do you think it should be called?

Join Wizzley

Come find other useful facilities here


Things I Love About Wizzley Series

Things I love about Wizzley #5. Making money online from home just got much easier thanks to Wizzley's latest money earning opportunity: if you can write, that is.
Wizzley has a great atmosphere about it. There are no undertones of animosity. Everybody feels as though they belong. The staff are polite and helpful. What a change from Hubpages!
Tweet statistics - what are they? The thing I love about Wizzley is that they give you the things that you never knew you wanted, until you get them!
What I love about Wizzley is how simple things are not made difficult. 'Export as Text' is a great facility for writers. The 'Print Facility' is great for all. Reasons to use them.
Updated: 02/05/2021, humagaia
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humagaia on 02/21/2012

@G_S thanks for voting in the poll. Looking, pressing, reading are all functions of an inquisitive mind. An inquisitive mind makes for good subjects about which to write. If I am interested, then so too should others. Glad you are one of the others. I shall no doubt be one of your 'others' soon.
Tell me what you find.
And tell me what it's for.

humagaia on 02/21/2012

@Kazoom welcome. I shall now pop over and 'fan' you so I can see when you start to write some articles. You may want to keep an eye open for an article that I am just finishing and that will be published later today. It may well give you food for thought about what you can write about.

kaazoom on 02/21/2012

Thank you for the tip. I haven't written any pages I'm spending time getting to know this platform. It might have taken me some time to find that button.

humagaia on 02/16/2012

@kinworm - do I call you kin or worm? Knowing is one thing. Utilizing it to your best advantage is another. Welcome to the world of the interdumdisphiliac - it is a strange but wonderful world contained in the millisecond of a synapse firing.

humagaia on 02/16/2012

@Jean I think that is called interdumdisphobia. My interdumdisphilia is chronic. The science of interdumdisology has backing from the IDE and USG.
You could also be suffering from the little known Grave Damnum Syndrome - check it out on the internet. If it is as bad as I intimate from your comment I am here to help. If you can't find anything on the internet get back to me, I have all the information you need to sort this out.
Disclaimer: advice you receive over the internet is not always correct and should not be taken as gospel!

Marie on 02/16/2012

I didn't know about that until I read your Wizzley, thanks :)

Jean Bakula on 02/15/2012

Thanks for pointing this out! I'm the opposite, afraid I'll push a button and do serious damage to something.....

humagaia on 02/15/2012

My button pushing antics have unearthed a treasure. I'll have to dust down my metal detector, at this rate I'll find that pot of gold.
As for the mention, you are welcome.

katiem2 on 02/15/2012

Well, Well, Well, I've missed yet another of the many treasures here at Wizzley. Thanks for the heads up on this little jewel, I like to think of it as Favorite Authors Feed, or the like. I'll def be using this. WOW as always a pleasure being helped along the way by your informative tutorials. Thanks for the mention!

humagaia on 02/15/2012

My pleasure

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