Things To Remember Before Changing Paint On Your Car

by RobertKeith

Things To Remember Before Changing Paint On Your Car Good Tips For You

There is no doubt that repainting your car is an exciting idea. Not only will your car look more attractive, but its outer durability will also be significantly improved. Yet, the process of changing paint is not as simple as you may think. Before taking your car to an auto body shop, consider all the parameters. Below we highlight five important things to remember before taking the plunge.

Changing Car Color is Expensive

Repainting a car may sound the same as changing car color. But in reality, there is a huge difference between the two. Changing color depends on your preference. You can transform your vehicle into black, green, or any other color. When repainting, however, you retain the original shade of your car.


Changing a car's color requires more labor, time, and painting materials. As a car owner, you'll need to decide between repainting and changing your car's color. Keep in mind it costs more to paint the entire vehicle a different color.

Resale Value

Any repaint job can affect the value of a car or a truck. Unfortunately, a complete color change will reduce a car's resale value. No matter how ugly, changing the color won't increase the value of your car. For high-end and antique cars, their value can reduce by up to 20 percent.


The decision to change a car's color should be weighed against its resale value. Consider how long you plan to keep the vehicle. If you plan on selling it in the near future, keep the original color. In summary, go for a color change if you do not mind its value depreciating.

Prep Work

Repainting your car is not a one day's job. A full painting job requires a lot of prep work. From cutting to sanding to priming and picking the right paint, prep work entails a lot. First, the technicians will have to remove the top layer of clear coat and paint. Using an automatic sanding machine, they'll strip the remaining paint.


Sanding also allows for better adhesion of paint. Then comes the sealing and smoothing out of any dents or other flaws. Using a high-quality primer when priming is key. In some cases, car painters will use two to three coats of primer. This is done to ensure the old color doesn't bleed through the new paint.


All vehicles must go through this process to achieve smooth and shiny surfaces. So, do not fall victim to average work. Instead, make a follow up of these steps to ensure a quality finish.

Requires Removing Almost Everything

Why do experts remove car interiors when repainting the exterior? For them to do the job right, the engine and everything in-between must be removed. The seats, dashboard, console, and most trim parts must be removed. Removing these items creates a clear distinction between painted and unpainted areas.


Failure to do so may result in uneven painting and also damage to car parts. This is why a good paint shop may charge you more. Cheaper stores ignore this important step. They cover parts of the vehicle with paper and tape then proceed to paint the car. They only paint what they see on the exterior. A good store will remove obstacles for a professional finish.

Leave it to the Professionals

You may be wondering if you can repaint your car by yourself. The answer is a resounding, "No." You may be a pro driver, but not an expert car painter. Painting requires actual skill and experience. An automotive professional has the proper tools and high-quality paint to ensure the job is well done. Trust the experts.


Note: Do your research to further your auto painting knowledge. It will come in handy when dealing with the experts.


Repainting more so changing car colors can drastically transform your car’s appearance. If you are planning to repaint your car soon, consider the above tips before you commit. Hire a professional service for this job, especially for a high-end car such as a BMW. If you live in Brisbane and own a BMW, be sure to check out BMW Repairs in Brisbane. Having a specific dealer will ensure the job is done right and to your satisfaction.



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Updated: 09/22/2020, RobertKeith
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