Things You Must Have to Set Up a Home Bar

by crocodiletears

Here is a list of the essential articles that you require (besides a collection of your favorite liquors) to set up a fully functional bar at your own home.

If you enjoy sharing (or even showing off) your spirit collection to your appreciative friends and family members then at some point of time or other you must have wished you had your very own watering hole at your home--a place for you to mix and dispense exotic drinks to wow your friends while hosting parties and get-togethers.

It is easy enough to construct your home bar provided you have sufficient space and can afford to procure the services  of a skilled mason and carpenter. However, you must give attention to the finer details to successfully manage your home bar and this article tells you how  to make your home bar as professional and smooth-functioning as you possibly can.

Aluminium Ice Scoops

No drink is potable without a generous addition of ice cubes. And to handle these cubes your bare hands or a kitchen spoon are hardly adequate. What you really need is an aluminium ice scoop.

Shot Clips

If you like to be creative with your spirits then I am sure you absolutely love mixing them together to experiment and invent all sorts of new cocktails. However, to do this with any degree of professionalism you must be sure whether you have added 15ml of a particular ingredient or 18ml. And this is where you need shot clips. Simply attach it to the top of a spirit bottle with a pourer and  pouring out the different measures of your ingredients accurately becomes a breeze.


If you are planning on preparing exotic cocktails for your guests then you must have a muddler to bring out the flavors from the solid ingredients of your cocktail like mint and ginger. Experts swear that muddlers are much better at coercing the delicate flavors out of your solid ingredients than traditional grinders.

Wooden Cocktail Bar Muddler

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Cocktail Shaker

A reliable cocktail shaker is an absolute necessity in any bar. There are a lot of different kinds of cocktail mixers available so choose one you are comfortable with. And if you are not quite sure then you can always go with the flow and choose the popular 3 parts stainless steel Manhattan shaker with a built in strainer. 

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Twisted Mixing Spoons & Ice Crusher

The stainless steel cocktail mixing spoon with an ice crusher on the end has been a bartender's most faithful companion for as long as they have been in existence.

You can also buy a manual ice crusher to generate ice chips of just the right texture for your margaritas. But, whatever you do don't even think about wrapping ice cubes in muslin and using a hammer to get your ice chips. It just isn't done. 

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Wine Chiller

A wine chiller is another essential bar accessory for the connoisseurs of fine wine. Storing your wine bottles in the refrigerator is a strict no-no as the temperature inside a refrigerator is far lower than is ideal for wine storage. The humidity and vibrations are also bad for your wine. To savour your wine at the correct temperature you must store them in a wine chiller. Wine chillers are quite expensive so make sure you buy from a reputed company like DonCelfrost and Eurocave.

Other Home Bar Accessories

Here are a few other accessories that you might consider using in your home bar:

  1. Non-Slip Dispensing Tray: A tray with a rubberized coating on the surface which keeps your expensive glasses from sliding about and decreases the possibility of a mishap.
  2. Condiment Dispenser: It is a contraption designed for conveniently storing your cocktail garnishes in separate trays, sealed under a acrylic hinged lid.
  3. Speed Rail: It is a simple device which can hold several bottles and lets you have all the drinks within easy reach
Updated: 02/25/2012, crocodiletears
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