Soapstone Ice Cubes

by eslevy17

Instead of dealing with annoying ice trays, pick up a set of refreezable, reusable soapstone ice cubes and enjoy undiluted classy drinks.

Ever get tired of trying to crack ice cubes out of gigantic trays far too big for the average drinking glass? Ever send ice cubes flying haphazardly all over the room, nowhere near the bowl they're supposed to go into? Ever spill them all over the floor and "find" them later by stepping or slipping on them while carrying something expensive and fragile?

Try a set of reusable soapstone ice cubes instead! They last forever, can be used again and again, never dilute drinks, and will save you the hassle of ice tray malfunctions. Treat yourself, or pick them up as a gift!

What's so special about soapstone ice cubes?

And why have I never used whiskey stones before?

Soapstone ice cubes, also known as whiskey stones, are a classy drink accessory that go perfectly with a glass of whisky, providing the perfect chill for a nice drink. Since they can't melt, they'll never dilute the drink, leaving it perfectly mixed and ready to go. Plus, when the drink is finished, they can be reused again and again. No more ice buckets or soaking wet ice cubes ever again!

Reusable ice cubes make a great gift for any aspiring whisky enthusiast, though they also make a great gift for anyone living in warmer climates who enjoys a cool drink every now and again. Since you only ever need a few, they take up far less space in the freezer than those oversized ice cube trays, and they're ready to go without having to be popped out of a flimsy plastic tray.

Soapstone whiskey rocks are made of talc, which is the same material as talcum powder, but in solid form. They're food safe, and can be rinsed for use over and over again.

Soapstone Ice Cubes for Sale

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Are soapstone whiskey stones good for cold drinks?

And tell me where to buy whiskey stones!

Soapstone or other reusable ice cubes are better for cooling drinks rather than chilling them. Since regular ice cubes melt into billions of tiny molecules, the chill travels all over. Solid, non-melting ice cubes stay all in one piece, with only the surface in direct contact with the drink. This means they cool the drink down gradually, so it won't get as cold as it would with real ice.

This can actually be a good thing, especially with some drinks that need just a bit of a chill, whose flavor you don't want to mask by going too cold. You can go colder by adding more, but just remember they won't get things as cold as real ice would.

If you're still looking for where to buy whiskey stones, check out the options above and below:

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Overly suggestive whisky stone demo video

Check out Teroforma Whisky Stones in action!

Other Reusable Ice Cubes

Collect them all!

Reusable ice cubes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with soapstone being perhaps the classiest of options available, particularly if you want to enjoy the ingeniously clever pun of "on the rocks." But you can also find colorful refreezable ice cubes for kids, or shimmering stainless steel ice cubes, so you can go for that industrial look. So check out all sorts of Reusable Ice Cubes if soapstone isn't for you.

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katiem2 on 04/09/2012

So very cool and these frosty lil cubes are experimentally friendly as well.

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