Siberian Tiger Facts for Kids

by eslevy17

Want to learn all sorts of fun facts about Siberian tigers, for kids to enjoy, and maybe adults too? Read on!

Siberian tigers live far up in some of the coldest regions of the Russian far east, far away from the sweltering jungles where most tigers are typically found, and have grown to be the biggest tigers in the world.

These incredibly rare and unique creatures pose a special conservation challenge, and have become a popular and beloved feline all over the world. So find out all sorts of fun and interesting facts about Siberian tigers right here.

Fun Siberian Tiger Facts for Kids

Interesting facts about Siberian tigers

The Siberian tiger is a fascinating creature, finding itself living in some of the coldest places on the planet, when other tigers usually live in the jungle. Siberian tigers look almost out of place against the blank white snow, with their bright orange striped fur making them quite a striking sight in the cold winters of this region.

Henry Dorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska
Henry Dorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska

Also known as the Amur tiger, this is the biggest cat in the world, with its body growing about 5 to 6 feet long (1.75 to 2.1 meters), and weighing an average of about 400 pounds (181 kg) for a male, and 260 pounds (118 kg) for a female. Some of the bigger ones weighed almost twice as much. It's one of the biggest felines ever to exist, and, except for lion/tiger hybrids that can be even bigger, is the biggest cat living today. It is also considered one of the "big cats," which means it can roar.

In the snow
In the snow

Siberian tigers have a powerful jaw, and thick fur to help them keep warm in winter. While their bright orange striped fur isn't the best for hiding in snow, their fur is more pale than others, which helps them hide in the cold environments they call home.

With only a few hundred of these creatures left in the wild, survival isn't easy, and conservation efforts in such cold regions are challenging.

Where do Siberian Tigers Live?

Siberian tiger habitat and range facts

Siberian tigers live in the Russian Far East, and can also be found in northeastern China. Part of this region is called Amur, which is sometimes considered part of Siberia, which gives the tiger its name. Although some can be found in other regions, the tigers mostly live in the Sikhote Alin mountain range, which is a forested region, offering plenty of hiding places while hunting.

It can get very cold here; down to -40 degrees! To survive in this climate, Siberian tigers grow especially thick fur, and their large bodies help keep them warm as well.

Like all tigers, they're excellent climbers, jumpers, and swimmers, taking advantage of all the hiding places the forest has to offer, which is perfect for its secretive hunting style.

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What do Siberian Tigers Eat?

Diet and hunting habits

These massive felines are at the top of the food chain, hunting even the biggest, toughest animals they come across. While some of their favorite prey includes deer, boar, moose, or other typical feline favorites, Siberian tigers also prey on bears, which goes to show just how tough these cats can be.

Chasing a deer
Chasing a deer

Like other cats, Siberian tigers are better at pouncing on their prey than running after it, so they prefer to sneak up as close as they can to their prey and jump on it before it has a chance to get away. With especially powerful jaws, they can finish it off quickly and enjoy their meal.

Life Cycle: Growing Up

From kitten to adult

Like most cats, the first few days as a kitten are spent blind, and the cubs will stay in the den for a few months, and stay with their mother for the first few years before setting off on their own to find their own territory. After that, they live alone, traveling over large territories as they search for food.

Mom and cub
Mom and cub
Dave Pape

Conservation Efforts

Why are Siberian tigers so endangered?

The tiger is one of the most endangered animals on Earth, and each of its subspecies faces considerable challenges, with very small surviving populations.

S. Taheri
Zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jonathan Hornung

These remaining tigers face difficulties like shrinking habitat, poaching, and other human-related problems. Conservation efforts estimate about 300 to 400 Siberian tigers still exist in the wild, making it extremely difficult for this species to survive.

However, conservation efforts have been in place for decades, with new plans and strategies to protect the habitat for these rare cats. Many have radio collars attached to help scientists study their hunting habits, territory exploration, encounters with other animals, and other information, which helps them plan further conservation efforts.

Like any other endangered species, the Siberian tiger needs a lot of help if it's going to survive. Organizations like Big Cat Rescue and the World Wildlife Fund help defend many animals all over the world, including many big cats.

Tigers are the world's most popular animal; Animal Planet even did a survey about it! So if anyone deserves a chance at surviving into the future, it's the tiger. Millions of kids and adults have enjoyed this beautiful animal, and for future generations to enjoy it too, we'll have to put in the effort now to make sure it can survive.

Siberian Tiger Video

Videos in the wild

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