Reusable Ice Cubes for Drinks

by eslevy17

Tired of filling and popping ice trays again and again? Pick up some reusable ice cubes for drinks in time for your next party!

If you've ever sent ice cubes flying all over the room by popping ice trays that are far too large for the drinking glass you're aiming for, you can't help but wonder if the trays were designed by water suppliers in an attempt to get you to waste half the ice cubes every time you go to use them.

Instead of giving in to the endless frustration that is ice tray handling, you need only pick up some reusable ice cubes, which will never go flying around in unpredictable directions ever again.

Why Use Reusable Ice Cubes?

And why have I not been using them all along?

Reusable ice cubes offer a wonderful solution to the problem of constantly refilling ice trays, spilling half the ice cubes every time, and leaving half stuck in the ice tray anyway. All you have to do is keep these little rocks in the freezer, and throw them in a glass when you want a nice cold drink. Rinse them off and they can be used again and again.

As an added bonus, refreezable ice cubes won't melt, so drinks won't get diluted by the time you're done. They'll stay perfectly mixed from start to finish, and then they'll be ready to go for drink number two. And three and four.

Keep in mind that because the surface area is much lower, due to the cubes staying in one solid piece rather than melting into billions of free-floating molecules, they won't keep drinks as cold as regular ice cubes, so you might have to use extras to get drinks as cold as you might want. In many cases they're used to cool a drink, rather than chill it, which is preferable for certain drinks like whiskey, so you mask the alcohol scent, but not the flavor.

Are Reusable Ice Cubes Safe?

And what are they made of?

Non-melting, reusable ice cubes can be made from a variety of materials, from synthetics like plastic, to natural materials like soapstone, or even stainless steel. Any of these will be safe to use in drinks, and are used to make drinking glasses anyway, though keep in mind the care instructions to keep them lasting a long time.

Because of the many different materials used to make reusable ice cubes, they can bring a distinct look to the drink; soapstone, for example, looks like an actual rock, which brings new meaning to the term "on the rocks." Other designs look more like ordinary ice cubes, so it's up to you if you want to bring a distinct appearance to the mixed drinks or if you want them to be as subtle as possible.

Check out some stainless steel and soapstone reusable ice cubes below, such as Sipping Stones, Teroforma Whisky Stones, and DB-Tech Whisky Chilling Rocks.

Clear, Colorful and Novelty Reusable Ice Cubes

Fun ice cubes for kids

So on top of some of the soapstone cubes above, plastic reusable ice cubes offer some colorful patterns and fun designs, which can be great for kids, or for a more subtle, ice-like appearance when made of simple, clear plastic.

The materials used are food-grade and safe, so just follow the care instructions and these fun ice packs will last for years, and relieve you of the task of freezing and refreezing ice trays over and over again. They're also cheaper than some of the soapstone designs above, with some designs even intended for use in coolers for picnics or other adventures, and probably better if you want to buy a larger set for a family or party.

Kikkerland makes plenty of fun novelty designs, which should be fun for kids, like submarines or deep sea divers, which will double as toddler toys as well as kitchen appliances. Click on the options below to see more!

More Reusable Drinkware

Reusable glassware for reusable ice cubes

Reusable products are always useful, especially long-lasting, durable designs, which are great for kids, and awkward, klutzy friends. So if you're picking up some reusable ice cubes, you might want to pick up some Unbreakable Drinking Glasses too. No more waste, no more mess, just classy style.

So pick up some reusable ice cubes and glassware for your next dinner party, enjoy the convenience, and sip in style.

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