Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Wet Dry Vac

by teddletonmr

6-hp Shop Vac wet dry canister vacuum makes cleaning up after a flood, clogged drain, home improvement project, and yes even blowing debris from the garage, and lawn cleanup jobs

With all the clean-up jobs, we need to do around the house, garage, and lawn. There is no end to the uses we find for a well thought out, powerful easy to use wet dry canister vacuum. After all, having the best tool for every cleaning job we must do around our home makes life so much easier.
The Shop Vac 6.5-Peak HP, Ultra Pro Series 12-Gallon Wet, or Dry Vacuum works great picking up anything from kitty litter, too dry-wall dust. With the powerful easy to use 6.5hp detachable blower, this wet dry vac is the cleanup tool any homeowner will greatly appreciate when it comes time to sweep the garage floor or cleanup lawn debris.

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cleaning gutters with shop vacUsing a Shop-Vac or similar canister vacuum, equipped with a 12-gallon rust proof plastic tank. Makes keeping the tank clean and less likely to mold after vacuuming up the mess left behind by a leaking water heater in the garage, or basement.

In addition, with the air filter cartridge and dust filter bag in place, vacuuming dry materials such as drywall or saw dust, and the like in the Workshop, basement, and family or company vehicles is a huge time and labor savor. It’s easy to remove the detachable blower for easy yard or garage clean up and using the 120-degree elbow and blower nozzle with the detachable blower, makes lawn cleanup jobs easier, blowing dry leaves out of the gutters, sweeping the garage floor, driveway and deck, front stoop or sidewalk a breeze.

6.5hp 12-gallon Shop Vac wet or dry canister vacuum is loaded with value added features.

Value added accessories homeowners, small businesses and handyman will find extremely useful

lawn cleanup 1. 8-foot long, 2-1/2-inch Lock-on suction hose makes dusting shelves in the garage, storage shed or cleaning that dryer vent less of a pain in the back.

2. 22-1/2-inch extension wands make it easy to reach those out of the way spaces, dust and dirt finds their way into.

3. 14-inch floor nozzle works great for cleaning dust and debris from all your concrete, tile, and wood surfaces.

4. 120-degree elbow makes it easy to blow falling leaves from the gutters.

5. Crevice tool helps vacuuming in tight spaces, heat vents, and spaces between the boards in a wood deck, cup holders, and small compartments in the car, van, or pick-up.

6. 8-inch utility Nozzle works well when cleaning off workbenches and storage shelves.

7. Ergonomic elbow grip fits large or small hands for added comfort.

8. Blower nozzle helps to control blowing leaves and lawn debris.

9. Concentrator nozzle helps loosen and clean up heavy sand, dirt, and debris.

10. Easy to clean or Replace, filters include the cartridge filter for normal dirt and debris, and a disposable Filter bag with retainer for filtering fine dust from the exhaust air.

11. 6.5hp vacuum motor comes equipped with an 18-foot power cord.

12. Side mounted carry and lifting handles attached to the 12-gallon tank makes dumping mud, water and other debris easy.

13. Top carry handle, and intergraded cord storage makes moving and storing on a shelf or cabinet easy.

14. Easy to reach large On/off switch

15. Covered by the manufacture’s 4-year warranty, by the way the shop-vac is a product of the good ole U.S.A.  


Updated: 11/02/2012, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 11/01/2012

@Dustyytoes I like to buy tools that do more than one thing, this canister vacuum fills many needs. The only down side, if there is any, it gets heavy when full of muddy-water. Carrying the vacuum up a flight of stairs, is a two person job.
Overall the thing has all the power needed to vacuum anything you will need. Best of luck with your new place, how did your garden do?
Be well, Mike :)

dustytoes on 11/01/2012

This is on my list of things to buy for my new place because I sometimes get water in the basement. I didn't know about the leaf blower for the gutters! Awesome! Thanks for all this good info, since I didn't know all that this machine could do.

teddletonmr on 10/31/2012

Hey @katiem2, I really like the 6.5hp shop vac detachable blower feature. Blowing dust, dirt, grass clippings, and leaves from my driveway, garage and deck without firing up the gas blower. Saves me on what the gas and fuel mixture cost, makes a lot less noise, and best of all, no smellier 2-cycle fuel smoke smell lingering around the garage.:)

katiem2 on 10/31/2012

I can't imagine life without a wet dry shop vac. I can't tell you how many times mine has paid for itself. Someone spills something on the carpet, my new carpet by the way, I run for the wet vac and suck it up before it has time to penetrate. It sucks it right off the carpets surface as if magic. They are also good for cleaning the SUV, or mini van. I sometimes need to scrub up something one of the kids has stuck to the carpet and other times i really need to get in there with some soap and water. I simply use the wet vac to suck up the water. It does so very well leaving the carpet practically dry plus it doesn't get my indoor home carpet cleaner dirty. The shop vac wet vac is so powerful it works better because it gets the moisture up without getting by carpet cleaner out which tends to beat the moisture down into the carpet. Great article Mike thanks for the new tips and uses for wet dry vacs. :)K

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