Thinking Of Buying A Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor?

by optimist

If you're thinking to buy a Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor, then you'll want to read my Cuisinart Food Processor review first! I cover pros, cons, best prices, where to buy...

Should You Buy a Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor?

If you're thinking of buying a food processor, then this gadget by Cuisinart can be a great option. However like most food processors, it does have both good and bad features.

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus DLC-2A Food Processor (White)

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My Cuisinart Prep Plus Food Processor Review

If you're interested in this food processor, then you probably need a large machine that can handle a lot of food at once. Yes, there are other cheaper models out there with a smaller capacity and lower horsepower, and all round less ability to handle a lot of food at once. However, I like to cook in batches and that means a lot of food needs to be processed - that's where this machine shines!

Like many people, I spent most of my life avoiding food processors because they were difficult to clean and use, the food chute was too narrow, or they didn't do a very good job of actually "processing" food and instead just mashed it to bits. Now, this processor is different.

First of all, the Cuisinart is a breeze to clean. If you have a dishwasher then you can just use that and do nothing by hand. However even if you clean by hand, you're done quickly - unlike most other processors which take scrubbing and rinsing and more scrubbing. This Cuisinart cleans up fast.

The actual food processing is easy too. The large chute opening means that you don't have to chop everything into tiny bits first. There is a sublid to make the opening smaller so you can add carrots upright, add in herbs and liquid while the processing happens, etc.

I'm impressed by the safety features, which includes the fact that if you open the lid of the large chute, the machine will stop. This feature will be dear to many moms' hearts - a child could easily put their hand through the large opening and this feature means that the machine is safe to use around children. As we all know children find it easy to get up to strange mischief!

The processing is done nicely - food is actually chopped or sliced, and not just randomly mashed. If you're making a lot of salad or prepping food for cooking, the processing will make your prep time so much shorter.

The machine is solid and doesn't move when it works. However it is also quite heavy - I recommend storing it on the lower cabinet shelves instead of on top of your fridge or elsewhere high above.

Updated: 03/09/2012, optimist
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