Three Classic Horror Movies That Need Remakes

by StevenHelmer

Three horror films that could benefit from either a better script or better special effects.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to movies is remakes. Overall, I don’t consider myself a fan because, to me, remaking a classic film is just being lazy, especially when there is very little effort to add any sort of original content to the new version.
This being said, I do make an exception for horror films. This is because, even though there are some that haven’t been overly impressive (like "A Nightmare on Elm Street”), there have been plenty that were definitely an improvement over the original (such as “House of Wax”).
In fact, there are three classic horror movies in particular that I really believe should be rebooted, either because they would be improved by better special effects or could be a much better movie with a little bit of revision.

Them! (1954)

While I know there are some out there that actually do like the original version of this film, I have always thought it was somewhat disappointing, partly because there is way too much talk in this movie and not quite enough horror.

In re-making this film, there are a couple things I would change. The first would be making the ants smaller, perhaps the size of a large dog rather than the size of a building. This would make it much easier to fit many of them in a nest while, at the same time, they would be large enough to still be deadly (and would still multiply their already above-average strength).

The other thing I would do would be to limit the action to one general area. This would eliminate the very boring “let’s find the queen ant and her drone” scenes that caused the original to drag on considerably.


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The Birds (1963)

You know, to be honest, I was a little surprised this Alfred Hitchcock movie had not been remade before, at least as far as I can tell (I could have sworn I saw a modernized version of this once, but I must have been mistaken).

This is a movie that is actually just fine the way it is. I’ve seen the original on a number of occasions and have always been entertained by it. However, as much as I’m normally opposed to the 3-dimensional movie trend that is becoming much more common, I have to say I think this movie would be fantastic if someone were to remake it so it was available in 3-D form. I can promise you I’d be one of the first people at our theater if that were to happen.

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The Raven (1934)

My daughter and I watched this Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi classic about a retired surgeon with an unhealthy obsession with Edgar Allen Poe a couple weeks ago and, while I thought the concept was a good one (he is obsessed with a young woman and uses a bunch of Poe-inspired torture devices to get revenge when she and her father reject him), the execution lacked something.

A remake of this film could have quite a bit of potential if the suspense and gore were kicked up a little bit (again, this would be a good 3-D candidate), especially if they could create a reluctant accomplice as gruesome looking as Karloff’s version was. Of course, since there have been a wide variety of movies with the same title (but not necessarily the same plot), anyone remaking this film would likely have to think of a new name for it so they can eliminate some confusion.

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DerdriuMarriner on 03/26/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
The library system here does not have The Raven or Them! among its Blu-ray and DVD collections. So I don't have the opportunity to see either one of them now or in the immediate future. But I have seen The Birds.

Who would you see as taking the main roles in reboots or remakes?

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