Tiger Safari in Times of Corona

by pateluday

Deadly coronavirus a zoonotic pathogen which originated in wet market of China is now at a pandemic stage. Among the activities that have come to halt is tiger tourism in India

Tiger Tourism in India is a major industry and is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in time to come. As of now it is one of the most affected industry during the period of lockdown the business prospects have dimmed tremendously. Already reeling under an economic melt down the tourism industry as whole is virtually bankrupt with flights cancelled and occupancy to near zero. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc everywhere.

People who earn on day to day basis are the guides, jeep drivers, small time retailers and the hotel staff. These are without income and are waiting for the parks to open post lockdown. The lockdown is a necessary step to halt the spread of the pandemic.

Tiger Safari

Tiger Safari
Tiger Safari
Courtyard House

Tiger Reserves under Sieze

Virus Epidemic

Albeit it all started during the months of October last year in Wuhan in China people everywhere were taking stock of the situation as remote observers. The limit was supposed to be contained till China and there was no need worry hence the topic centered around the Chinese wet markets and the eating habits of people there and in some more South East Asian Countries.  

For lot many, zoonotic disease was a first time reckoning and a new fact that emerged. As months proceeded the death toll at the place of origin began to increase day by day and still the fatal spread seemed distance. 

For many unfortunate it took a long time to come to realization that death would soon be knocking at their   door steps. And so it happened, the  sporadic instances of appearance usually at the behest of travelers to affected destination began to proliferate.   

Then it did not take long to realize the extent of damage the virus was causing...and eventually WHO declared it as pandemic.This was the last straw. The International flights began to be affected and then the inland one as well. The Indian Government stopped issuing visas as precaution from 13 March onward.  



Bengal Tiger Photo
Courtyard House

Tiger Reserves And Pandemic

End of Tourism

This was the period whence maximum overseas tourist arrive and the local free of exam burden also begin to flock around the reserve. This is the time whence the tourism industry specifically the tiger tourism industry which comprises of tour operators, hoteliers or wildlife resort owners, tiger safari organizers, birding tour organizers, local travel agents, destination management companies and all those associated  make a major portion of  share in income. 

The pandemic was a disaster in making the realization has begun to dawn but the final nail in the coffin was the ban on visas. No wait! The lockdown that followed post 22nd March acted as a death knell. 

Then eventually tiger reserves were closed all of them! And all activities came to halt, the day to day earners now relied upon their saving and alternate sources of income. Post 22nd March the whole country came to a stand still as a twenty one day lockdown was announced by the Central Government. An imperative!


Kanha National Park Wildlife
Kanha National Park Wildlife
Uday Patel

Lockdown Aftermath

Post Lockdown Period and Future

India was fortunate that the impact has not been as severe as many unfortunate Nations. As of today the number of infected people is 4000 plus with 100 plus deaths. But at many places the rise in case of infection is alarming and could wreck havoc. 

The lockdown has worked in containing the pandemic it seems, and many places in such a large and diverse country have been unaffected.  The twenty one day period will come to end on 14th April but this would a staggered closure and many towns and cities affected substantially would remain under lockdown till situated improves. 

But nevertheless International Flights will begin to operate and so will the inland flights. The railways to will begin operating in a staggered manner as well. 

This means tourism will continue albeit at a reduced level. In time to come the industry, the people, and the establishment will learn to conduct themselves in safe manner and move on.  

Economic activities cannot come to a halt for a prolonged period. The World must move on and so the people. There is no metric to gauge the future and the disease has come to stay. Hope the pandemic is contained mitigated like many of its predecessors. 

We have to overcome the economic melt down especially in developing countries like India it would spell disaster.  

Courtyard House Kanha

Luxury Wildlife Resort
Courtyard House Kanha
Courtyard House Kanha
Uday Patel

Tiger Safaris

A Paradigm Shift

Even if the parks open, and in near future there would be tourists, the tiger safaris would operate in a much changed manner. 

First priority should be rigorous testing of all inbound and locals for the presence of the infection. All those involved in tiger tourism should have been tested and those infected should be quarantined for long. This mechanism of testing appropriately should be available at all junctures. Rigorous testing at airports and rail heads is a must. Even all workers in the reserves, the guides, naturalist, jeep drivers, the hotel staff all should be tested on regular basis.   

Till the disease is completely overcome canter safaris should not be allowed to be conducted. Only private jeep safaris should be allowed in but in limited numbers for the time being. Crowding around the gate office should be prevented and permits should be issued online. 

The authorities must come up with solutions that prevent contact between strangers like the social distancing in effect. The spread of the disease needs preventive approach till the last case is closed in India and probably elsewhere. 

Greet Your Guests With a Silent Namaste!

Not only during the safaris the wildlife resorts too should follow safety guidelines as mentioned above. The whole property should be sanitized from time to time.  In fact responsible hotels and resorts could be more efficient in implementing methods for prevention of infection from coronavirus. Now is the time to encourage small properties!    

Why this article? Well the economy activities have to go on as our fight to stem the rot continues. If the whole industry World over emulate safety norms set by one and other the aftermath will be good. 

Tiger Safari

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