Tiki Party- Fun Theme For a Party

by MaggiePowell

Host a Tiki Party! A great party theme for your next party. Tiki works for adults, and is a great party idea for teenagers. Tiki is perfect for winter and summer!

Looking for a party theme that is easy to put together? Throw a Tiki Party! You can go as simple or as overboard as you like. It's relaxed, casual, a bit kitchy, and decorations are easy to find or make. As for food and drink? Asian inspired finger foods, lots of tropical fruit and juices, and rum (or just stick with the juice.. up to you).

Consider Tiki as a sort of polynesian, sort of carribean, mish-mash of Island culture. Lots of flowers, lots of palm trees, tropical drinks and "exotic foods". And of course... you need a Tiki god.

Plus, your guests can choose to go nuts with their look (hats made of palm fronds are a fine example) ... or show up wearing a simple aloha sirt or sun dress. (Even the guy who never wants to go along with "theme parties" can scrounge up a pair of shorts).

A Tiki Party is a great theme for a Backyard Party in the Summertime (but imagine the fun you could have celebrating tiki in the winter!)

I have lots of great ideas for throwing a Tiki Party... use as many or as few as you like... You WILL have a great time.

Tiki Invitations

Tell Your Guests It's a Tiki Party!

Tiki InviLet everyone know it's a Tiki Party with a Themed Invitation.

Be sure to tell your guests to dress in their favorite Tiki clothes! Luau Shirts, Sarongs, Shorts, and Sun dresses are perfect. Fun hats are a great idea. Flip flops and sandals for sure!

Do let everyone know if the party will be held outside (so they can prepare for either sun or evening cool). 

Maybe even have a basket of Flower Leis waiting for your guests as they come in!

Big Tikis!

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Get Into the Spirit of Tiki

Can't Have a Tiki Party Without a Tiki God!

What is a Tiki?

Well, simply put, a Tiki is a carved "god" used by certain polynesian cultures as protection. When outsiders began traveling to the South Seas, they discovered these Tikis (which came in all sizes) and brought some home with them as souvenirs.

Tiki gods come in wood, stone, plastic or paper..... let your decorating imagination run WILD!

Tikis are fun, a bit menacing, and a definite must for your Tiki Party. Choose a large Tiki to oversee the party, or small tikis that you scatter around...

And if you are REALLY IN to Tiki... get a BIG one. Large Tikis make great yard decorations, and even make a great Table!


Tiki Statues for Your Party

Decorate with a Few Tiki Gods
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Decorating for Your Tiki Party

Turn Your Party Space Into a Tropical Tiki Destination


When decorating for a Tiki Party.. think tropical... think kitchy... think color. Most party stores will have a Luau section, so you can pick up cardboard cut outs of pineapples.

But maybe think outside the box a bit....

Fish nets .... tacked up to the wall, filled with dried starfish or colorful fish (plastic or paper).

Tropical flowers... orchids,hibiscus, ginger flowers, bright colorful tropicals. Use them as a centerpiece or place potted plants around the room to give a green and tropical feel. I also love to scatter them across the table.

Palms... Palm fronds, palm leaves, potted palm trees. Raffia made of palm leaves to wrap around tables or the bar.

Tiki Torches... Tiki Torches will light up the night, and set a perfect tone for your party.

Tiki Statues... Have a few Tiki gods scattered about the place. Any size will do. 


Learn More About Tiki Culture

The History of TIKI!

Tiki Culture in the 1940's and 1950's

Tiki Torches!

Nothing like FIRE to Set the Tone For a Tiki Party

Tiki Torches are a must for an outdoor Tiki Party! if you are indoors use candles (really, there is no point in having an unfortunate incident where the fire department has to be called... keep the torches OUTSIDE). (And while we are on the subject... jousting with Tiki Torches is dangerous... trust me on this).

Tiki Torches are Fabulous! They light up your party, and give great ambiance.

Set a few around the edge of the party space... maybe have a few smaller tiki torches on the tables.

A night time Tiki Party NEEDS light... Torches, a Fire Pit, a light string and candles in tiki holders or netted globes are perfect. Dim the house lights and set the mood for Tiki!

How to Set Up The Tiki Bar

Tiki Bars are the Center of the Party

Whether you serve traditional Tiki rum drinks, or you choose to serve Tiki Mocktails, you want to have a bar. You can go all out, and build an authentic Tiki Bar... or just keep it simple and decorate a designated table. Because I don't have a Tiki Bar (yet) I usually wrap a table with Raffia and tack on a few flowers.

If the bar is outside, try to get it under cover. Tiki Bars come with tops... but an umbrella or canopy should do the trick. Hang a fun light string from the cover....and maybe a sign.

Make it FUN!

Whichever way you choose, don't forget.....
a Blender
Little Umbrellas!
cut up fruit for garnish
Sodas and beer (for those people who don't want to go along with the theme)
and towels (spills are inevitable)

Tiki Drinks- Lots of RUM!

Tropical and Exotic Drinks with Umbrellas

tiki drinkYou can go a few different ways with drinks at your Tiki Party.

Set up a full bar with loads of rum and juices, then get someone to play bartender... someone that can make every tropical drink every invented.

Set up a minimal bar, and just have a short list of drinks available. It's still good to have someone act as bartender.

Make up a few pitchers of Mai Tais or Zombies..... People will enjoy not having to choose, and they can serve themselves.

Whatever you choose, make sure to stock up on ice and garnishes (at the very least you need little umbrellas).

Mai Tai- The ultimate Tiki Drink...light and Dark Rum, lime juice, orange curacao and orangeat syrup.

Zombie- Enough of these, and you will become a zombie....Rum, lemon and lime juices, passionfruit juice, bitters and 151 rum.

Scorpion This one is often served in a flaming bowl with straws to share with everyone at the table.... Made with rums, brandy, triple sec and the juice of lime and orange.

Navy Grog Inspired by British Navel Sea Rations...Three kinds of rum, grapefruit and lime juice, honey and club soda.

Tiki Drinks!

Hang This Behind the Tiki Bar For Inspiration
Tiki Temptations

Tiki Mocktails

Alcohol Free Tiki Drinks.... Perfect for Teen Parties!

Tiki Mocktails!Short answer... Yes, it is very possible to have a Tiki Party without Rum.

Tiki is a great party theme for all ages. But you are hosting a Tiki Party for teens, tweens, younger kids, or a group that does not want alcohol you can easily adjust the drink menu.

Serve Mocktails What is a Mocktail? Any cocktail recipe where the rum (and other alcohol) has been removed.
Removing the alcohol, does not mean removing the fun. Serve the drinks in fun Tiki Mugs or Glasses... topped with fruit and umbrellas.

Mock Mai Tais 1/2 cup Pineapple Juice, 1/4 cup Limeaid, 1/4 cup Orange Juice (splash of grenadine if you want color).

Mock Pina Coloada 6oz. Pineapple Juice,1 oz. Coconut Cream and Ice. Blend

Beach Blanket Bingo up 1/4 cGrapefruit Juice, 1/4 cup Cranberry Juice, 1/2 cup club soda with twist of lime.

Green Lemonade 1/2 cup Lemonade, 1/4 cup Limeaide, 1/2 peeled Kiwi (cut up), splash simple syrup. Muddle the Kiwi and simple syrup, pour lemon and lime aid over it, Garnish with kiwi.

Mock Planters Punch (serve this in a big punch bowl, or in individual glasses) 60 oz Orange Juice, 40 oz. Pineapple Juice, 5 oz. Lemon Juice, 3 oz. Grenadine... pour into a large bowl with ice, stir, add tropical fruits.

Tropical Fruit smoothies also make great mocktail choices...think Bananas and Mangos

Serving Your Drinks and Treats

Fun Cups, Plates and Platters

Tiki Bars were known for having Tiki Cups shaped like Tiki gods. They were take home favors to remember your evening.

For your party, you can go as elaborate or simple as you want. If you have Tiki Cups, now is your chance to use them! Wow your guests with a Scorpion, served in a bowl with straws (to share).

Maybe you just want to use plastic cups... safer by the pool, and less washing up.

Or just use whatever cups or glasses you have in your kitchen.

After all, it's not the glass, it's what's IN the glass that matters.

Tiki Food

Pupu Platters and More

Tiki FoodTraditional Tiki Food is a mishmash of Cantonese Finger Foods (like Egg Rolls), fried tidbits (like Crab Rangoon) and teriyaki meat on a stick.

In a Tiki Restaurant, you can order a PuPu Platter... which is an assortment of Tiki finger foods. Or you can get a meal.. complete with all courses of Tiki. You can decide what sort of things you want to serve.

When you are serving food at a Tiki Party, think tropical and exotic. Cut up lots of tropical fruits, like pineapple and mangos... and feel free to throw in some melon, strawberry, or banana. (Heck, cut up some peaches if that's what you have). Make a Fruit Bouquet as an edible Centerpiece!!

You can make the egg rolls and crab rangoon yourself..... or..... you can order a selection of appetizers from a Chinese take out place.....

Or.... do what I do... Hit your local supermarket or Trader Joes or Costco, check the appetizer section of the frozen foods. You will be AMAZED at what you find. Lots of Heat and Eat treats that will make feeding your guests a snap. Won ton things... Egg Roll things.... Square tidbits.

Remember, the rules for Tiki are fairly loose... so go ahead and serve what you like... but maybe give it a tropical spin. Load your serving trays with fruit, flowers or sauces.

Grill pork tenderloins... slice and serve with grilled pineapple.
Teriyaki Burgers.... grill up your favorite burgers, serve with teriyaki sauce and a slice of pineapple.
Chicken Wings... with a sweet and sour or teriyaki sauce.
Riblets... little ribs are great!


Find Great Deals On Tiki Platters on Ebay

Serve Your Treats in Tiki Style!
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MaggiePowell on 09/26/2013

It is LOADS of fun... a very relaxed style of party.

WriterArtist on 09/25/2013

I adore the "Tiki" theme decor. The tiki masks look terrific and the idea of a tiki party is awesome.

MaggiePowell on 08/09/2013


Helene Malmsio on 08/09/2013

Great page, enjoyed it!

MaggiePowell on 08/08/2013

Throw a Tiki Party! Send me the photos, I'd love to see them!

kimbesa on 08/08/2013

This is a fun party theme that just screams Tropical weather...thanks!

MaggiePowell on 08/06/2013

You can go simple... a few tropical plants, a tiki torch, and after a few Mai Tais everyone will feel like they are in the islands.

MaggiePowell on 08/06/2013

It is fun... it's the sort of theme party that is perfect for summer and for people who dislike theme parties. Best of all, my teenagers don't even think it's lame....

PeggyHazelwood on 08/06/2013

Party time! I had no idea there was so much tiki stuff to decorate with and party with.

jptanabe on 08/06/2013

Looks like a lot of fun!

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