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by pateluday

The preferred destination to go for a tiger tour in India. More than fifty percent of tigers make the country their home. To see the magnificent predator a tiger tour is required.

The tiger animal is being looked after well thanks to conservation efforts. India has created protected areas called tiger reserves and National Parks. These are the destinations where the predators find sanctuary and their numbers are growing.

The visitors to the tiger lands must make the right decisions to make a successful tiger tour. Here are some tips that will help you to see the magnificent animal in its natural habitat.

Swamp Deer Photo

Hard Ground Barasingha
Hard Ground Barasingha
Uday Patel

Choosing The Right Destination

Tiger Reserves

BaThe decision is mired in deep confusion since there are many destinations that promise a good tiger sighting on a safari in India. Well, that's why need some tips to make the right decision.  

The destinations which are ideal for a tiger safari are few among the fifty reserves that have been created under the Project Tiger program in the country.  The most popular one's with a fair chance of sighting the predator is as follows

  • Kanha National Park
  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Pench National Park
  • Ranthambhore National Park
  • Tadoba National Park
  • Corbett National Park 

Meadows at Bandhavgarh

When you visit a National Park you wish to see the tiger but then you also wish to see other wild animals and birds. A holiday also means to enjoy the environment as well as the settings. This means the place should accord a holistic experience. Kanha and Corbett excel in this tiger sighting is higher in the former hence I always prefer it.      

Tiger Image

Big Cat
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger

Find Out The Cost

Holiday Budget

In India cost may differ from region to region hence do some homework. If you are going through an agent he will narrate the cost of the package. Then add extras that are not within the package to deduce the total cost. If it comes out how you can visit another agent or tour operator.    

If you are doing the bookings yourself then first chalk a travel plan in consultation with friends or referrals who have been through the same tour. This will give you the opportunity to cut costs by choosing cheaper services and accommodation that might suit you. There is little option to cut out the safari expenses as they are nearly the same in the reserves and fixed.   

Corbett Safari Video

Choosing The Right Season

Well, this is important, and it is not all depend upon your priorities. For holidaymakers whatever available time they have at hand they have to take it. People in jobs or businesses are restricted by the period they can avail themselves for a holiday.    

Thankfully the safaris are less dependent on the season for success. But definitely, tiger sightings go up in the summers whence water dries up at many places hindering the movement of wildlife including the tiger.    

For photographers who can plan their journeys summer is preferred due to the reasons stated here. Another good factor that favors the lensmen is the availability of extended sunlight.  

The experience at tiger reserves is wonderful throughout hence do not hesitate.    

Elephant Safari

Tame Elephant
Elephant Safari
Elephant Safari
Courtyard House Kanha

Making The Bookings Early

Entry Permits

Many times, especially during the holiday season and festivals the parks, are crowded. Even on weekends, the entries may not be available. Hence as soon as your plan is finalized make a beeline to acquire permits. Well, this may be done online or if you are based outside India ask the tour operator or the resort you are staying at. They would readily oblige since availing of permits for clients is a part of their responsibility.   

Tiger Safari at Kanha

Whats in Store?

Travel Experience

If you are visiting India for the first time reading about the country. Or rather read about the part of the country you are going to visit since it is very large. Also, make familiar with how safaris are conducted and what adventure are you going to get. 

Internet is the best help but if you are in contact with a reference you zoom down to precision. This helps you in making the right choice.  

Accommodation Photo

Wildlife Resort
Wildlife Resort
Wildlife Resort
Courtyard House Kanha

Choosing The Right Accommodation

Hotels & Resorts

Resort Ambiance Doing some research as to where you are going will help you find the right accommodation. This will also fine-tune your travel. Finding the right accommodation is difficult if you are not in touch with someone who has been there earlier.  

There are websites of repute where you can get honest reviews. Read them to come to the conclusion. The reviews also give you an idea of the type of accommodation and most importantly they help you justify the tariff.  

Visit the website of the hotel or resort you have eventually chosen. This accord more information. Contact the manager or the owner after you have narrowed down the available choice. Since the middlemen are not there some reduction in tariff is expected. Holiday discounts can also be availed but this is usually not the norm at the tiger reserves.   

Comparing the tariff with the facilities and services offered is of greater importance. Since low tariff does not necessarily mean you will have a good experience. Hence be very circumspect while choosing the hotel accommodation near the tiger reserves.Dining Courtyard House Kanha

Most of the destinations offer high-end, luxurious, and budget resorts. Choose between the first two unless cost is a severe constraint.   

If you are not able to get the right guide for the safari in the park then ask for a naturalist service. You need guidance and interpretations. Most of the ecotourism accommodations have a naturalist in their services. Tracking tigers and other animals and birds are not easy and a good naturalist guide can help find.             

Discuss accommodation and food thoroughly before you make the payment. 

About Destination Town


Most of the safari destinations are situated in remote regions hence do not expect much in supplies. Carry your own necessities like beverages and medicines.  

Banking facilities may not be there or limited to a small bank or just one or two ATMs. Carrying necessary cash is imperative especially in resorts where card payment facilities are absent. 

Also, find out the extremities of the season and carry clothes accordingly.

Make sure of the route and the time is taken to reach.

 Air-conditioned taxi services are available to nearly all destinations but anyway, make sure.  

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pateluday on 05/12/2021

Safari costs are nearly same all over the country but some States may price less or more. The cost of jeep excursions in the park may vary as well. All accommodations provide local cuisine and some may provide Intercontinental dishes as well. Many luxury hotels follow International Standards of service and SOPs in pandemic.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/12/2021

pateluday, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Are there regions that tend to have less expensive safari packages and others with more expensive? Does it vary by region or do all area accommodations offer local foods in their meal plans for their guests?

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