Toilets Seats, Anyone?

by MuminBusiness

A range of amazing toilet seats that really perk up your bathroom.

Toilets Seats that veer away from the norm!

I can be pretty obsessive when it comes to certain things such as toilet appearance.  Every time I move to a new house, I have to change all the toilets seats if it is even slightly likely that someone other than my family has sat on them.  My hubby despairs of me :-(

However as a result of this wonderful obsession of mine, I have come across a range of toilets seats and would love to share them with you!  It is such a cheap and easy way to change the look of you bathroom without spending too much unless you go for on e of the premium ones.

Take a look around, there will be links on where to obtain all the ones I mention so you can get them all delivered directly to your home without the need to spend too much time hunting them down offline.

Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats come in all sizes and shapes, with a design to meet everyone's needs.  There are family toilet seats, padded toilet seats, heated toilet seats, toilet seat tattoos and so on.

They can be rubber, plastic, cloth or even just plain old disposable.

Thankfully, most toilets are a standard size so it is easy to find something that fits.

Rubber Ducky Toilet Seats

Well, I thought I would start here as I have little ones who love their rubber ducks.  It comes in various styles, a round one, an elongated one for a more oval shaped toilet.

There is also a cloth cover so you do not have to actually change the toilet seat, just cover it up.   You can also do this with a sticky toilet cover - the blue Tattoo Applique.  This one you can apply and remove at will if you are uncertain that you will want to keep it for the long term, you could just avail yourself of the range of Tattoos available and change them to suit your mood.

Magnolia Yellow Duckies Acrylic Resin Elongated Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinge

900E Yellow Duckies Features: -Elongated toilet seat. -Hinge finish: Chrome. -Acrylic resin construction. -Decorative yellow duckies designed toilet seat. -Fits most elongated ...

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Magnolia Yellow Duckies Acrylic Resin Round Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinge

900 Yellow Duckies Features: -Round toilet seat. -Hinge finish: Chrome. -Acrylic resin construction. -Decorative yellow duckies designed toilet seat. -Fits standard round ...

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Rubber Duck Soft Toilet Seat

This soft toilet seat features yellow ducks on a blue background. Perfect for your ducky theme bathroom. Your children will love this and it is a great way to encourage ...

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Toilet Tattoos TT-4001-R Rubber Ducky Blue Decorative Applique for Toilet Lid, Round

Shape Options:Round Toilet Tattoos are removable, reusable, decorative appliqus for toilet lids. The modern way to enhance your commode. In seconds, transform the look of your ...

Only $22.0

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Animal Lover Toilet Seats

Do you love animals?

Well, there are toilet seats for you as well.  I particularly love the one with puppies on it.  Unfortunately, my little ones are slightly petrified of dogs so this toilet seat is not for my household.

Beautiful Dog and Puppy Design Bathroom Resin Hard Toilet Seat - Standard Size

This toilet seat is designed with simplicity in order to fit many different toilet bowls. It can be removed for easier cleaning. Made solid resin that is resistant to ...

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Elongated Green Toilet Seat with 3D Koala Bear; Chromed Metal Hinges

This cute 3D Koala bear is in a green eucalyptus tree displayed in lifelike fashion on this elongated seat with chromed metal hinges. This seat is green with a regular edge, ...

Only $41.99

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Ginsey Soft Embroidered Toilet Seat, Bears

Ginsey soft, fabric wrapped, bear, toilet seat, multi, standard.

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Ginsey Soft Embroidered Toilet Seat, Horses

Ginsey soft, fabric wrapped, horses, toilet seat, multi, standard.

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The Toilet Seat Museum

Were you aware that somewhere in Texas, there is a Toilet Seat Museum?

It has been developed by an old man called Barney Smith.  Quite eccentric, I think!

Toilet Seats that clean You!

Not too long ago, I visited Japan where most of the toilet seats can be heated and you can get rinsed off right there and then.  My hubby just loved those toilets, I found them pretty refreshing as well.  

These are a bit more expensive than your regular toilet seats but well, worth the money.  Your family and guests will love you for this.  However, you may find that people spend a lot of time in there...

In the winter, having a heated seat is amazing.

Luxe Bidet MB110 Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Luxe Bidets are premium quality and are a great hygienic and comfortable alternative to rough toilet papers. This model is easily attachable and detachable from any two piece ...

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UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat - White - Round Bowl

UltraTouch toilet seats are "Soft to the Touch" NOT foam padded. The UltraTouch Comfort Touch surface is similar to what you find on today's soft handle toothbrushes, writing ...

Only $99.95

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Toilet Seat Pranks

Have a look at the article on CNN.  Do not do this at home!

I wonder if he was ever caught.

Quite funny really, unless you are the one on the receiving end of the joke.  Definitely one reason to avoid sitting down on the toilet seats in a public toilet!  I knew my obsessive ways would pay off some day!

Do you sit on the toilet seat in a public restroom?

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The Princess Toilet Seat

There are many more toilet seats which I may well come back to on another occasion but to finish, I have to mention the Princess Toilet Seat.

In a house made primarily of females, this is just the one to have.  

Updated: 01/14/2012, MuminBusiness
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