ToonTown Review: What Is ToonTown Online?

by Seelyon

ToonTown Online is a popular online game (MMORPG) for kids developed by Disney. The game puts players in charge of Toons in the world of ToonTown and offers many different fun acti

ToonTown Online is a popular online game (MMORPG) for kids developed by Disney. The game puts players in charge of Toons in the world of ToonTown and offers many different fun activities to participate in.

The focus of ToonTown Online revolves around protecting the ToonTown universe from the evil Cogs (business focused robots that want to suck out all the fun). Armed with your trusty gags and jokes you will travel the various neighbourhoods of ToonTown Online saving the world one town at a time, while also running into some familiar Disney characters.

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ToonTown Online Quick Facts

  • Created By The Walt Disney Company

  • Available For Free

  • Online Since 2003

  • A Great MMORPG For Kids

  • Paid Membership Available

  • Winner Of Many Rewards

ToonTown Overview

ToonTown Online started with a closed beta in 2001 and eventually was made live in 2003. The game quickly attracted a large following of both children and adults with its addicting gameplay and colourful graphics.

The basic version of ToonTown Online is available for free download from the official website but to access all the content available users will need a ToonTown membership.

ToonTown Awards

  • Webby Awards, 2003 People's Voice Award, Kids Category

  • Parents' Choice Foundation, 2003 Silver Honor

  • Children's Software Review, 2003 All Star Software Award

  • Computer Gaming World, 2003 MMORPG Game of the Year

  • WiredKids, 2005 Safe Gaming Award

  • 2008 Webby Awards "Webby Worthy Selection"


Cogs and Combat

Players in ToonTown can choose to either play as a dog, duck, cat, rabbit, mouse, pig, horse, monkey or bear. From here the player is introduced into the ToonTown Online world and their first Cog battle. There are four different types of Cogs; Bossbots, Cashbots, Sellbots and Lawbots. Each of these Cogs have a headquarters and attacks based on their Cog type. Battles with Cogs can be up to 4v4, which encourages party play.

Battles are won by reducing the health of Cogs through various gags and jokes (since Cogs can't take a joke) The player loses if their laff (health points) reaches zero.

ToonTown Activities

There are also plenty of other activities that players can do in ToonTown to take a break from saving the world from evil Cogs. Players are encouraged to take part in these activities through various rewards including jellybeans, laff points and trophies.

Toons can participate in Trolley games, mini-golf, fishing, party hosting, go kart racing and gardening.

Trolley games form the biggest non-combat activities in ToonTown, these games are mini arcade style games that allow players to quickly generate jellybeans (the currency of ToonTown Online).

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