Topeak ALiEN III

by lostcyclingdude

The Topeak AliEN III is designed for the true bike enthusiast. The fixie rider will love it and at the same time will be able to fix his buddy's mountain bike with it.

I am a fan of all products Topeak. They stand behind their products with a solid warranty and great brand name. Plus, their products are innovative and cool.

That said, I hate the new logo they are trying on the ALiEN 3.

When I heard that Topeak was making the ALiEN III I was like "really?".  Their ALiEN II had been so popular for so long that it was hard to believe that they had finally decided to replace it.

But when I looked at the ALiEN III, it really does make sense.  It has pretty much all of the same tools that you get with the ALiEN II, but it has less "fluff" and is a lot more of a precision tool.

Designed For Maintenance

Let's face it, field tools are not suppose to be precise.   And I've seen bike mechanics do pretty amazing field repairs with really basic multi-tools.  

However, when you've invested a lot your bike, you really want the best tools to work on it -- even if you are in the field. And the ALiEN III gives you that. 

ALiEN III Bike Tool At Amazon!

Amazon. Our Favorite Bike Store.
Topeak Alien III CB DX Mini Folding Bicycle Tool
Only $99.95

25 Tools Included

  • Allen Wrenches 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10 mm
  • Box Wrench 8/9/10mm
  • T25 Torx
  • Spoke Wrenches 14g/15g and Mavic/ Shimano Compatible
  • Chain Tool and Chain Hook for one-person chain replacements
  • Tire Lever (Anodized Steel)
  • Knife
  • Bottle Opener
  • #2 Phillips and Screwdriver

Fits Those Esoteric Bike Parts

 Despite the push for standardization in the bike industry, there are those few companies that insist on being a little different.  And, sometimes that difference can be a really good thing when it comes to performance.  However, it is often a challenge when it comes to repairs. 

The ALiEN III answers those challenges.  For example, it not only includes spoke wrenches, it includes spoke wrenches that are both Shimano and Mavic compatible. (I'm a Mavic fan myself.)

The chain tool is noticeably different as well, and comes with an extra chain pin specifically for changing out those 10-speed chains which are thinner. No more ruined chains! (Also a feature of the ALiEN II)

Plus, it is 18 grams lighter!  

At least they kept the bottle opener.  What good is a bike ride without a post-ride drink?

So... ALiEN II vs ALiEN III ???

I don't really get it. And, frankly, I like the ALiEN II better, but maybe that's because I am slow to change.  But if you ride Mavic wheels, it looks like the ALiEN III will be the better choice. 

The ALiEN III sheds the stubby pedal wrench and one of the plastic tire levers.  (It still retains a metal one) Giving it a total tool count of 25 versus 27 in the ALiEN II. 

The ALiEN II also has TWO of each box wrenches instead of just one of each. This is very important if you find yourself working on a lot of Wal-Mart level bikes as they sometimes have stuck bolts that have to be coaxed loose with two wrenches. 

Either way, Topeak always makes a top-notch product.  So both are going to win when it comes to looking for a long-lasting tool.  The hardest thing will be keeping your best friend from borrowing it. 

ALiEN 3 Breaks Apart For Easy Access

ALiEN III Breaks Apart For Easy Access
ALiEN III Breaks Apart For Easy Access
Updated: 04/25/2012, lostcyclingdude
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