Train Your Man To Put the Toilet Seat Down

by katiem2

Stop your man from leaving the toilet seat up after he's done with this fun potty mouth reminder telling him each time to put the seat down before he leaves. Potty train your man.

How many times have you gone into your bathroom during the night, in the dark, only to find the toilet seat has been left up once again? Oh what a terrible feeling and yet no matter how many times it happens or you tell him it seems he keeps forgetting to put the seat down once he's done. Put an end to this problem with a good dose of humor when using the potty mouth toilet seat reminder. This little gadget will have your man putting the seat down every time, no excuses! All for under six dollars.

Why Men Leave the Seat Up

Men and boys leave the toilet seat up because they've developed a habit of it just as anyone does.

Once anyone has relieved themselves they happily move along as going to the restroom is often an inconvenience keeping us from or interrupting what we were doing and didn't want to leave.But we all must do it and all the more reason it becomes a mindless ritual. It is after all a very natural process with little if any thinking required. So it is for this reason men and boys forget to put the lid down after they've raised it to go to the bathroom.

Be thankful they lift the lid as that's a whole other problem in itself. I guess you have to pick your battles, wait a minute you don't have to with the funny potty reminder potty mouth.

The Potty Mouth

The Potty Mouth Trains Your Man or Men to Put the Seat Down

This funny little reminder reminds each and every person to put the lid down once they've finished every time they use the bathroom.

Potty Mouth Toilet Seat Reminder Features

  • The potty mouth is easily Installed in just seconds and fits onto most toilets.
  • This fun reminder comes with 5 sassy phrases one of which is belted out each time the toilet set is lifted.
  • The potty mouth operates with 3 button batteries which are included with the product.

Funny Potty Stories

Share funny bathroom stories about leaving the seat up or other annoying or funny things you've experienced.

So we all go and we all have experienced rude awakenings when it comes to midnight trips to the potty in the dark while half asleep. Share your stories of funny or not so funny potty episodes that are funny, annoying or outrageous. 

Bathroom Mistakes and Mishaps

Share if you have committed bathroom mistakes against friends or loved ones or mishaps if any have been committed against you.
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Yes I have had bathroom mishaps happen to me myself by another that went like this;
DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2018

Much as i love a hot soak in a tub, I don't feel the same about bleary-eyed stumbling into the bathroom, squatting and finding myself falling into cool to cold water -- thank God it had been flushed -- in what feels like a never-ending freefall that I can't stop. What do I do, pull the paper dispenser down with me as a futilely grab and kick?

Karen on 09/24/2016

In middle of night went to use toilet & fell into toilet because the seat wasnt put down numerous times

Updated: 03/22/2013, katiem2
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Chat about men who leave the seat up when done using the bathroom

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katiem2 on 03/19/2017

DerdriuMarriner, lol more people need help remembering to put the seat down than I realized...

DerdriuMarriner on 03/18/2017

katiem2, thank you for the great product line and the even greater write-up. You're really expert at these practical articles that result in incredibly long-lasting belly laughs.

katiem2 on 05/22/2013

Jeannieinabottle, Indeed!

Jeannieinabottle on 05/22/2013

Time and time again men just don't get it. They need to leave the seat the way they found it when they went into the bathroom. If it is down, leave it down. Such a simple concept!

katiem2 on 05/02/2013

belinda, Now that's a useful place to use the toilet seat alert... Great thinking!

belinda342 on 05/01/2013

Hmm. I wonder if my boss would let me install one of these in the work bathroom? Us ladies are outnumbered, but it can be kind of disgusting having to touch that seat each time we go to the bathroom. This product just might do the trick!

katiem2 on 03/24/2013

Mira, Oh yes you make a good point there's always one of those in every crowd.

Mira on 03/24/2013

And then there are men who relieve themselves without putting the seat up! Can you believe it? I was horrified when I first saw this happen (not one of mine!). And it's easy to figure out what happened . . .

katiem2 on 03/22/2013

Brenda, It's funny I found this product a day you posted your potty light article. I saw it on tv and looked for it on Amazon, found it and thought I have got to share this. Now we've both covered all the potty training fun for grown men.

BrendaReeves on 03/22/2013

This is funny, Katie! I think the light and the mouth would work great together. The mouth tells them to put it down, and the they have the red bulls eye in the toilet so they hit the mark.

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