Transformers Action Figures

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Transformers Action Figures are a great choice for gifts whether it be for Christmas, Birthdays or just to treat someone! There is a great selection of Transformers Action Figures

The Transformers Action Figures

The Transformers Toys Are Great Action Figures

Sometimes thinking about what to buy for your young ones can be a frustrating experience. Considering what to buy for Christmas or other occasions, such as birthdays, can be a taxing experience. One of the best selling toys of the past few years is Transformers Action figures. Kids around the world love these exciting toys!

Transformers began in the 1980's as a popular cartoon watched by millions of young teens, young adults and children. Transformers gained a cult following in the 80's, and new life was breathed into the Transformers saga when it was released as a big budget movie in 2007.

The movie was a massive hit; as a result of the success of the movie Transformers Action Figures became very popular when they went on sale again in 2007. They were first popular in 1984 when the well-known toy manufacturer Hasbro purchased the idea of Transformer toys from a well-known Japanese toy manufacturer. In 1984 they went on sale in America and sold millions.

The 2007 and 2009 Transformers films have made the action figures very popular again; not only for children and young teens but also for cult-like fanatics of the original 1984 cartoon series.

Best Selling and Most Popular Transformers Action Figure

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime
Only $239.95

The Popularity Of The Transformers Action Figures

The Transformers Action Figures have different toys within the range, providing something for every Transformers fan out there. For example there are the good Transformers which are the known as the Autobots and the bad Transformers which are known as the Decepticons.

The fan base of Transformers has spread from Japan to America and from America to the UK and the rest of Europe. The Transformers Action Figures line has been so successful that various other products were released as a result. For example, comic books, books and general merchandise such as T-shirts, pencil cases, bags, baseball caps, key rings and various other items which have made millions for toy companies and Hasbro in particular.

Transformers Action Figures may just look like toys but they could be worth quite a lot of money in the future if you keep them in good condition. A mint condition, boxed action figure in about 10 years’ time could fetch quite a bit online, or at a retro toy store. So, these toys can be seen as an investment as well as a fun toy to purchase for the festive season or as a fun birthday gift.

Transformers Action Figures are available from most good toy stores. However, you are more likely to get a good discount purchasing them online than from an offline toy store. You can purchase all of the most popular figures online and they will be securely delivered to your door.

The Transformers brand is the kind of brand that will continue to hold relevance in years to come. It first gained popularity in the 1980's however, it is still relevant to the youngsters of today. Therefore, Transformers Action Figures will probably still be considered a trendy toy to have in 10 years’ time.

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Are Transformers Action Figures On Your Gift Buying List This Year?

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TerriRexson on 12/03/2011

My 3 year old loves Bumblebee, so yes.

SquidRich on 11/30/2011

Kids, and probably some parents, will love these Transformers figures :)

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