Transformers Party Supplies & Ideas

by Tehreem

Celebrate an adventurous birthday party with Transformers theme. Your kid will adore you and the robotic theme of his or her upcoming birthday.

Who can not fall in love with the Autobots or Sam and Carly as they unite to save the world?
Which is why we’ve brought you a very unique collection of party invitations and things all perfectly related to the Transformer series- items which will surely transform your party into the killer event of the year! We have it all from a pack of invitation cards that bear the Transformers’ personalized hand signatures and come in a flow and series of colors that are all flamboyant and brightly hued, reminiscent of the Transformers themselves or some beautiful edible Transformer inspired cake toppers that look like gigantic black bunties but are actually crafted as the Transformers spaceships to inviting party plate squares that make everything on them seem so much yummier and all the more tempting every teenager’s party will now be sure to attract more guests than ever!

Transformers Party Invitations

Transformers Invitations Party Accessory:

This is the very first batch of Transformers Accessories that we’ve got for you- they come in the form of banners, and other little Transformers related trinkets and items including plastic cups and plates that feature the Transformers logo and print as well as a series of 8 invitation cards that are hand stamped and signed by the Transformer leader himself and feature all the major Transformers!

Transformers Birthday Invitations: 

This is the second batch of Transformers related to invitation stack and part supplies pack; it features all the Transformers such as Optimus Prime and all along with all the personalized greetings from the leader of the Autobots himself, there is also Optimus Prime featured himself in all his glory on those same cards, as well as a series of envelopes, stickers and seals that will be sure to thrill any Transformer fan and make his day!

Transformers Party Supplies

Transformers Party Supplies Pack:

This is yet another sweet little treat for your Transformers party! This is the Transformers Prime Party Supplies pack that is accompanied by a series of cups, dessert plates and a whole lot more that features sequins, glitter and the Transformers signature logo and design; be it the Transformers themselves, or their war like enemies which your other team might envy and support; there is definitely something ever Transformers fan will be certain to relish!

Transformers Party Tableware:

This is a highly intense and flamboyant take on your traditional plastic party plate; this plate square makes up all the Transformers; be they the yellow and green huge eyed and fierce Transformers; such as the leaders of the Autobot or Optimus Prime himself all angry and vicious and ready to serve Planet Earth or a retro design that puts a new spin on what the Transformers should be and how they should appear on party plates!

Transformers Party Centerpiece:

This is one of the most thrilling and adventurous experiences any Transformer fan would be sure to have- keeping a hold of the Transformer adventure by having your very own Transformer themed kit party accessories; which features a glittery red, fringe piece along with the Transformers front head centerpiece as well as 20 pies and cake toppers that come with the Transformers faces and logos on them!

Transformers Cake & Cupcake Supplies & Ideas

Transformers Cake Topper Decorating Kit:

These are two very feisty and heavy looking Transformers figures that stand atop the iced cake; made of real metal and solid material; while they sadly are inedible unlike the rest of the beautifully decorated cake, this is cake still looks pretty darn delicious and decorative as a result of the feisty and colorful looking Transformer figures that act as cake toppers; furthermore these figures act as great inspiration for you to be able to come with more decorative ideas for the cake; as result of these figures-be it blue icing with a yellow half and more!

Transformers Cake Icing Edible Image:

This is a cake topper that can simply be peeled off and pasted on top of your very own cake; it features the yellow, red and blue Transformers figures in all their glory; be it Optimus Prime in all his fighting, nasty glory or all the other Transformers- scheming and trying their very best to come forth as Number One in the Transformer game of who saves the Earth and who destroys it!

Transformers Shield Cupcake Rings:

These are some heavily cemented and beautifully designed Transformers Shield rings that come in both red and black and ensure that your cupcakes look lovelier than ever, with the shield rings sitting atop the cup cakes and making them look prettier than ever!

Transformers Party Favors

Transformers Party Favor Pack:

This is a Transformers party favor pack that features a variety of party themed cupcake holders, cups and glasses that either bear the Transformers print and logo or else come in splotches and a variety of color and look fantastic as they bear all the Transformers characters and major figures and will be certain to light up any major party event that you’re trying to host!

Transformers Treat Bags:

These treat bags contain Transformers themed stickers and cupcake holders as well as Transformer related ideas that shall surely brighten up the very room in which you hold your fabulous party; they also contain stake home cake toppers that are off the charts and beautify anything you place them on!

Prime 6 Count Bouncy Balls Party Favor:

These are all Transformer themed party favor balls that have either the Transformers printed and pressed on them or else have been printed in swatches of color from the movies themselves; be it a radiant red, fantastic blue or brightly hued yellow!

Updated: 08/04/2014, Tehreem
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