Tree of Life

by WriterArtist

The tree of life has a special meaning in the myths and folk tales of people belonging to many cultures and traditions.

In the world of mystic, occult and the supernatural the "Tree of Life" carries a special meaning to life.

Tree is a symbol of life, without it one cannot imagine any form of life on earth whatsoever. The lovely green foliage and fragrant flowers of a blooming tree is a feast to eyes. All stress, strain and boredom would go away by just watching the beauty of a growing tree. It offers food and shelter to not only humans but many species in the world. And yet we underestimate its value.

In numerous religious interpretations and biology, the tree is an assortment of life and inter-connectivity of life in diverse species. The tree of life is a symbol of all forms of creation and the Creator.

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Tree of Life Wood Wall Art

The tree of life is a symbol, it is the mascot of life. It refers to positive energy, optimism, good will and health. It also portrays a prediction of  bright future and in someway conveys the message of immortality. A tree and so is the human life growing old and dying, yet it give ways to a seed, a new life and that thought nurtures the mind and soul.

Tree of Life Symbol


Occultists believe that symbols are given a supernatural power at their creation.

Words, symbols, images, colours, light, are all used for aeons to convey a spiritual meaning and connection.

The World Tree

Cosmic Tree


The World tree which is also known as Cosmic tree is recognized and worshipped in many mythologies and legends among people in Asia, Australia and North America. It is a means to connect with the divine and sacred realms. The ancient traditions worshipped the trees in two forms – vertical and horizontal. Both forms of tree have the world tree as the centre of the world. The vertical tree is also known as the “Tree of knowledge” in Biblical terms and the horizontal form the “Tree of Life”.

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The Horizontal Tree

Tree of Life


The horizontal form of tradition lies in the heart of the world and is surrounded by guardians who possess supernatural powers. It represents the fertility in universe and the origin of life. It related to the human life and its fruit is supposed to bestow eternity. If it died, the world will die because it will be the end of fertility.

The Vertical Tree

Tree of knowledge


The vertical form of tradition believes that the extent of the expanse of tree lies between the earth and heaven. The vertical tree is the bridge to the heaven, a vital connection to the world of human race and higher realms. At its base many prophecies and rituals were practised in ancient days. In the mystic world, it means one should grow like a tree, the ever humble and silent tree which gives a lot but never complains.

The Bodhi Tree








The Bodhi tree is the tree under which Gautama Buddha – Prince Siddhartha achieved enlightenment. This magnificent tree protected Buddha from rain, storm and provided shelter when he was contemplating under deep meditation stages.






This tree has a special place and is considered as a holy tree in Buddhism. It opens the door to knowledge and wisdom, the key to the path of enlightenment.

Tree of Awakening

Bodhi tree

The Bodhi tree or the Bo tree / Tree of Awakening is also called Pippala tree / peepul tree / peepal tree or Ashwattha tree. These names were given to the tree in India and Nepal underneath which Siddhartha Gautama transformed himself into Buddha. This tree is looked upon as sacred tree and they are planted all over these countries in meditation centres and Vihars. A large sacred tree can also be located at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India. It is known as  Mahabodhi tree and often cited as a direct descendant of the original tree more than 2000 years old. This tree is thought of 250 BCE old, often visited by layman, pilgrims and monks. It is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites of Buddha.

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The Mayan Tree of Life


In the traditions of Mayan, there is a location called Tamoanchan a magical place on earth but hidden and protected by a mystical mountain. In this place, there is a world tree which connects Heaven, Earth and Xibalba (Hell). The branches of tree passes through the three levels of existence – earth, sky and the underworld. This Mayan tree of life is the epicentre of creation, there are four directions that flow out of this epicentre showing existence of life and the source of creation.


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DerdriuMarriner on 08/01/2015

WriterArtist, The feature film Paddington shows a tree on the staircase well inside the Brown residence. The foliage falls when Paddington wrongfully is accused and leaves.

CruiseReady on 07/21/2015

Nice article. Glad you included that children's rug, which gives a good place to start many different lessons about life for little ones. And thank you to Frank for his comment, too.

KajaMel on 07/13/2015

Great article. Extremely interesting.

frankbeswick on 05/05/2015

There is discussion of the idea of Christ's cross being a tree of life in my article on Christ and the Mythical Consciousness.

Mira on 05/05/2015

Interesting remarks, yours and Frank's. I never thought of the Christ's cross as a tree of life but it makes sense. Wonderful. :)

frankbeswick on 03/13/2015

One of the positive memories that I have of primary school is when I was rewarded for good behaviour by being nominated to plant a tree in a park newly constructed on our council estate. Every so often I pass the park, and the tree is now strong and tall. I still have a surge of happiness when I see it, over half a century on. I have planted trees since then, and indeed felled them when I have had to, but that one gives me a happy memory. I think that it was not only a tree that I planted, but something in my psyche as well.

jptanabe on 03/12/2015

Trees in nature are wonderful, offering so many things as you said. Without them the world would surely be a desolate place! And symbolic trees of life are so beautiful, inspiring. Yes, I love them!

frankbeswick on 03/12/2015

Karl Jung, the pioneering psychologist, spoke of archetypes, which are symbols deep rooted in what he called the collective unconscious. This is a layer or dimension of mind that is shared between all peoples. These symbols arise in all cultures, and they are integrally linked to myth. The tree is one such archetypal symbol, as are the wise old man, the hero and the heroine. So many stories and myths across the world use these symbols. Note that we often visualize God as a wise old man, and in doing so we are using our inherited archetypes. Trees as mythological/archetypal symbols cross most cultures. Note that the tree is found in the garden of Eden story, where its symbolism is re-imagined to explain what went wrong with human history.

WriterArtist on 03/12/2015

I can see how the symbols and meanings repeat themselves in various cultures. After all, the essence of all the cultures and traditions hold the same meaning and message hidden in them.

frankbeswick on 03/11/2015

Yggdrasil, in Germanic myth, is the world tree that has its roots in the underworld, its trunk here in Middle Earth and its crown in the upper realm.

The cross of Christ is sometimes described as a tree.

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