How to Use Twitterfeed to Get More Traffic on Wizzley

by JoHarrington

All Wizzley authors want to attract more readers to their articles. Twitterfeed will help you get the word out on Twitter and a host of other social networks.

Since my earliest days as a Wizzley author, I have used Twitterfeed to regularly circulate my Wizzles on Twitter. I certainly know when it's working, because the stats speak for themselves.

Too many online writers rely upon providence to bring readers to your virtual door. In most cases, that amounts to a vague hope that Google will list you close to the top in its search pages.

Personally, I find that social networking is the way forward. Twitterfeed will help you spread the word to Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites too.

How Can Twitterfeed Help Online Writers?

It's a tool to promote your article links on social networking at regular intervals. Once you set it up, you don't have to be there when each link goes live.

Image: Twitterfeed Social Networking OptionsOne of the first tips I received at Wizzley was to utilize Twitterfeed to attract more readers. Humagaia talked me through the process, and I've been using it ever since.

Once a fortnight, I set up a series of RSS feeds, two or three of them at intervals of half an hour. They pull articles from each of my categories, complete with hashtags for easy discovery on Twitter.

If I haven't written enough articles in any one sub-category to make it worth it, then I pull from the general pool. I use it to promote other Wizzley authors' articles too.

Have you ever noticed a sudden spike in readers, in a category where your work nestles alongside one or two of my own?  Then that was the day that my Twitterfeed picked up your link and let the world know about it.

Twitterfeed doesn't just send links to Twitter.  You have the option to post to Facebook, LinkedIn or App.Net too.  There's no either/or.  You can send to all social networks on the list at the same time.

The great thing about this is that you don't have to be there when it happens. I've set up my Twitterfeed before I disappear on a break.  I could be sunning myself on a beach or trekking up a mountain, but the denizens of Twitter are receiving word of my articles, as if I was there clicking the button myself.

I've recorded this YouTube tutorial to show you how.

Using Twitterfeed to Drive Traffic to Wizzley

Please forgive my clumsy narration! I hope that the tutorial explains everything that you need to know.

Finding Your RSS Feeds on Wizzley

This bit was a little complicated, so I'll repeat instructions about the process here.

Twitterfeed relies upon a RSS feed to find articles to post to the social networking channels.

Image: Wizzley RSS iconTo find that is simple for a whole Wizzley category or sub-category.  All you need do is look for the RSS icon, which is at the end of any category heading, and click it.

It's a little more tricky to work out the RSS feeds for a Wizzley author. The main URL is standard, but the numbers at the end change. Here's how the root looks:*insert author name*/

After that, each category and sub-category on Wizzley is assigned a number. The quest is on to find those numbers, in order to complete your personal RSS feed.

Here are some examples to demonstrate how the Wizzley author RSS feeds are constructed:

This one will pull any articles that I've written from the Family History category:

But change the author name and suddenly it's picking up all that Ragtimelil wrote in the same category:

You can use this to find any individual author's work.

Next it's a case of trial and error with the numbers at the end to find which combination pertains to each category or sub-category on Wizzley.  It's generally easy enough to find the category number, as that's the same in the URL to that category.

This example is the URL to Wizzley's Family History category, from which both of the author RSS feeds are pulling articles:

The number 289 recurs in all.  It's the number for that particular category.  As for the rest of the stream, you will have to try various numbers, separated with a forward slash, until you find them.

Good luck!

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JoHarrington on 12/27/2014

Sheilamarie - You're very welcome, and I really think it will help with promotions. I've been using it for years.

JoHarrington on 12/27/2014

Nelda - Yay for setting up your Twitterfeed! And thank you for promoting my stuff too. Sorry I wasn't around to answer your question, but it sounds like you have it covered. I'm just like you with videos. :)

sheilamarie on 12/10/2014

As usual, you are a font of wisdom as far as Wizzley goes, Jo. Thanks for writing this post. I hope it helps us all improve our promotions.

Nelda_Hoxie on 12/07/2014

I answered my own question. I don't usually watch videos because I'm too impatient. Yours answered my questions.

Nelda_Hoxie on 12/07/2014

I have done it. My twitterfeed is set up. I chose the culture and society paranormal feed as a way to thank you and promote your stuff too. I just have to ask how do you get it to do all of the posts. The options I saw let me. add up to 5 at most every 30 minutes. It is definitely progress for me.

JoHarrington on 03/19/2014

I'm glad that you found it so, and I hope that Twitterfeed helps you out.

To start you off, here is the RSS for your Wizzley articles on Retirement Communities:

Nelda_Hoxie on 03/19/2014

Jo this is very helpful. I will think about all of this as I choose my categories and sub-categories.

JoHarrington on 02/06/2014

Valeed - You missed out the word 'user', which is why it failed. Here is the correct RSS feed link:

WriterArtist - Glad to help out, if I can. I've found your Mardi Gras RSS feed to start you off:

WriterArtist on 02/06/2014

I need to learn how to use twitterfeed. Will come back to understand better.

Tehreem on 02/06/2014

Thank you for this valuable article, but when I pasted the desired link like mentioned in the above example, the twitterfeed gave me the following error:
Your feed might be empty or missing publish dates or GUIDs. A feed needs to contain publish dates or GUIDs in order to work with twitterfeed

The link I made using RSS was as follows:

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