Types Of Christmas Blow Molds To Use In Your Lighted Outdoor Display

by CEdward

Christmas holiday blow molds make a great lighted decoration to place in your outdoor lighted Christmas display and this article will show you some options you have to select from.

Christmas blow molds are a very popular lighted decoration used in outdoor Christmas displays.  Blow molds are constructed as hollow, hard plastic figures that present depictions of the many holiday characters.  Blow molds have been and are continuing to be produced in a wide range of sizes, with some figures reaching more than48 inchesin height.  Blow mold figures are typically illuminated with a light bulb or two placed inside which when lit shine brightly at night.  Blow molds are usually painted with very bright and rich colors that have a beautiful and colorful appearance when lit at night.  Some blow molds are unpainted and have a white appearance which also looks great when illuminated.


Christmas blow molds, as well as other seasonal holiday blow mold decorations have been produced over the years by many different companies including: Poloron products, Empire plastics, Union products, General Foam plastics, etc.  General Foam is a large producer of seasonal blow molds that continues to produce them for sell at many large consumer retail stores and various online sellers.  Blow molds are also very well produced, quality products that can be used in outdoor displays year after year.


With the high quality and durability of blow mold products, you can choose between either purchasing new or used blow molds for decoration.  With the multitude of blow mold manufacturers that have produced blow molds over the years and the variation of different holiday depictions you have many choices to pick from.  There several Christmas holiday depictions available as blow molds including: the Nativity and angels, Santa Claus, Mrs. Clause, snowmen, elves, and other miscellaneous holiday characters.


The different blow mold Nativity sets have the main figures including Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and usually several additional associated characters including the Shepard with sheep, the three kings, camels (from which the kings arrived on), and other manager scene animals including cow and donkey figures.  These Nativity sets range in size from a table top size (around 2 feet tall and less) to larger size sets that include figures up to60 inchesin height.   There also angel blow mold figures produced that can be used to add with the Nativity sets.  The combination of Nativity and angel blow mold figures represents the true meaning of the Christmas season and will greatly enhance your outdoor Christmas display.


Santa and Mrs. Claus blow mold figures are also traditional characters represented in the Christmas holiday season that are available in many specific blow mold depictions.  Some depictions have Santa and Mrs. Claus as individual figures in various actions, in some cases Santa is waving, dancing or even holding toys, some even have Santa guiding his sleigh with toys and being pulled by reindeer.  Blow molds of Santa and Mrs. Claus figures will make a classic addition to you outdoor display.


As Christmas occurs in the winter season (for many celebrating nations), there is often the characterization of snow present in the holiday season.  And where there’s snow there must be snowmen around and there is certainly no shortage of options for selecting your own blow mold snowmen.  These blow mold snowmen figures can be just a couple feet to more than 4 feet in height and depict snowmen with various jolly demeanors celebrating Christmas and the snowy winter season.


You can also find blow mold figures representing other traditional and whimsical holiday figures of different shapes and sizes.  These figures include: Santa’s elves, candles, nutcrackers, deer, penguins, choir singers, etc. 


You have many choices in selecting blow mold figures to add your outdoor Christmas light display, not only do they reflect the true meaning of the season, but they can also remind you of fond childhood memories of holiday characters you grew up loving, and brighten the Christmas season a little along the way.

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As the Christmas holiday approaches and you are beginning to plan your lighted outdoor display, you have many great Christmas decoration types to choose from.
Blow molds make great outdoor decorations for holidays like Easter and Christmas. Blow molds are however, adversely affected by sunlight exposure and should be protected from it.
When setting up your holiday decoration display that includes blow molds, you’ll want to take extra care to secure large figures so they’re protected from damage caused by wind.
General Foam Santa Claus
General Foam Santa Claus
Photo by CEdward
Updated: 08/25/2012, CEdward
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