Understanding Website Development : How to Benefit?

by pateluday

With over 1.7 billion websites on the World Wide Web, the interface has become a common purposeful object. Most aspiring professionals and companies own a domain and a website.

If you wish to extract a purpose from the Internet most specifically from the World Wide Web then you must own a website or a blog. These are multifeatured functional interfaces to solve the visitors' problems and lead to the goal conversion envisaged by the owner. Thus, both the users and the owners benefit but there lies a big question mark.

In order to gain benefits, the users must access the website easily and the owners must receive traffic or referrals. This is not that easy albeit achievable. The website generates traffic or leads if it ranks well on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Referrals accrue if the site is well linked with many high-traffic relevant sites, which is called web saturation. Linking is responsible for high ranking on the SERP to generate traffic and reach the target audience. But this is just the beginning since among various metrics responsible for high-ranking, website construction plays a major role. On this page, we are going to discuss how a website should be made for achieving the objective.

World Wide Web

Search Engine Optimization
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A Search Engine Compliant Website

Web Development Best Practices

Besides the aesthetics, the two most important aspects of a search engine-friendly website are content creation and site architecture. Several web development professionals ignore these aspects especially whence there is a budget constraint or the owner to be is incognizant. 

As soon as the concept and the intent are finalized the focus should shift to content creation. A list of content pages has to be created and the structure comprises the main pages that are the home page and all related internal pages. 

Content Creation 

Relevancy is the key metric that makes the interface rank high on promoted search terms. Visitors will use related search terms to reach your property, and it will respond if it is optimized using unique contents, semantics, and search terms in limitation. Unique informative contents should be adequately present in the body. Terms should be present in the title and the meta tags. The content hierarchy should form a cluster as mentioned below. 

While formatting use Tags H1, H2, AND H3 to create a neat structure that is readable and scannable with main terms highlighted in limits. Remember all the best practices of content creation apply during web development and few are mentioned here.

Cluster Formation - Site Architecture

Most of the internal pages can act as pillar pages and form a highly focused topic-centered cluster. This is very good for search engine optimization. The cluster is created by another set of pages that carry in-depth related information. The site architecture should form a funnel or a hierarchy with the most desired information available on the first click from the home page.  

For a greater degree of information, the visitors can click on deep-seated links on the internal pages. This is necessary for spreading relevant information as desired by the visitors and comes in handy for goal conversion. Remember search engines analyze over 200 metrics for indexing and ranking sites, if your website complies to a greater degree it will rank high on the SERPs or search engine result pages.  


Website Attribue
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Web Page Design

Optimization & Directory Structure

Aesthetics apart, the relevant images, videos, and graphics should not slow down the page such that it downloads in three seconds. Hence before embedding the developers should optimize the images to the right file size, and mention dimensions in the coding. Accord captions or alt tags wherever applicable. 

A page should not be cluttered with heavy images, irrelevant videos, or infographics. All should be embedded keeping the topic in the mind and the file size within limits so that page weight does not impact quick loading on the browser.  

All On-Page SEO elements should be in place for targeting the right audience. This should be the objective. Goal conversion is the final objective hence keep studying your page using online tools, insights, and analytics. Understand SEO Audit studies your property regularly. Keep in tandem with trends and latest technologies that could favorably impact your property online.    

Video SEO Friendly Website

A Website for Visitors

User Experience (UX) & Smooth Navigation

User experience is the buzzword but it is very important and the ultimate objective. The website should solve the visitor's query without any hindrance and that too in milliseconds. Aesthetics and color schemes matter but the elements responsible for a sound experience should never be sacrificed. For purposeful websites, a quickfire job is not the answer. Be serious about your property, analyze shortcomings, and request changes or additions for better UX.     

With the increasing popularity of smartphones, it is necessary to make cross-platform friendly and responsive websites.   Certain techniques and guidelines are adopted for your property to become mobile-friendly. Use tags and design principles to make your property completely user-friendly.  

Check all important website elements go for an uninterrupted hosting service with a high level of security and subscribe to a bandwidth that keeps your property bouncing on the SERPs.  And make sure that the URLs are easy to remember and descriptive.

If you hire a good web design agency they will do all the work for you. But understanding web development is not difficult for an amateur. You can read and watch videos on the Internet and be well informed. 

Updated: 08/02/2022, pateluday
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pateluday 8 hours ago

Coding is mostly done in English but can be done in any other language.

DerdriuMarriner 5 days ago

Thank you for the helpful, informative answers to my SERP- and WWW-related questions.

This question is perhaps more indirectly than directly related to website development.

Your subheading Web Page Design Optimization & Directory Structure mentions that "Aesthetics apart, the relevant images, videos, and graphics should not slow down the page such that it downloads in three seconds. Hence before embedding the developers should optimize the images to the right file size, and mention dimensions in the coding."

My question relates to the last word, coding.

Would coding always be in English no matter the particular language of the website content or would it be possible to code -- to match the site language, such as code in Spanish to match the Mexican Spanish in a Mexican website -- in all or some of the world's languages?

pateluday 6 days ago

Thanks for commenting on my post

pateluday 6 days ago

WWW comprises websites and blogs in many languages not only English. SERP stands for search engine result pages that we see in the top window of the browsers.

blackspanielgallery 6 days ago

I like the simplicity here. Often there are so many rules it is diffivcult to determine which are really important, but here you have made things obvious and simple.

DerdriuMarriner 6 days ago

pateluday, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

Your wizzley has to be the excellentest article that I've come across regarding website development. In particular, I like the way you organize the information so logically and the way that you say in your conclusion that web design agencies are not alone in assuring one beneficial World Wide Web experiences, that amateurs, self-taught by observation and analysis and by online information and videos, can and do know personal and professional success.

You mention the WWW as sporting some 1.7 billion websites and SERP as search engine result pages. Would both statistics be regarding English-language sites and SERPs?

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