Unique Chocolate Truffles for Valentine's Day

by lakeerieartists

With all the chocolate in the world to choose from, it is hard to select just the right ones for Valentine's Day. So I did it for you. Here is a guide:

When it comes to food, and especially to sweets, there is no sexier food than chocolate. Chocolate stimulates the senses, and has a flavor that lingers on the tongue long after you are finished savoring it.

Chocolate also pleases other senses besides your taste buds. The texture of chocolate feels good to us; the smell of chocolate tantalizes us, and the caffeine in chocolate gives us a small kick. There is no question that chocolate is one of the most sensuous foods around, one of the foods of love.

Chocolate is the Sexiest Candy Around

Heart shaped truffles

Therefore, it is not surprising that chocolate is one of the traditional gifts for sweethearts on Valentine's Day.  Chocolatiers around the world look forward to Valentine's Day each year, as anxious husbands and boyfriends look for the perfect box of chocolate to romance their wives and girlfriends. 

Not all boxes of chocolate are the same, as chocolatiers' recipes vary from country to country, and from rival to rival.  Chocolate sales are highly competitive, and the best chocolate recipes are guarded fiercely by the chefs who create them.

Of all the chocolate varieties, the one that is considered top shelf is the chocolate truffle.  Truffles are luscious, creamy, and delicious.  They combine the best of chocolate with other delicate flavors, and are often decorated on the outside to represent a theme or holiday.  The box pictured here is clearly meant for a romantic gift, on Valentine's Day or another romantic occasion.

Olde Naples Chocolate

Heart Shaped Truffle Assortment - 9 chocolate truffles for Mother's Day, Valentines Day

A variety of our favorite truffle flavors packaged in a great red "love" box ready for all of your gift giving needs. Our heart shaped truffles are handcrafted and decorated ...


Show Your Love with Chocolate Truffles

There are not too many women, or men for that matter, who would not love to receive a delicious box of chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day.  As you can see by the selection of chocolate truffles on this page, there are truffles made by almost every chocolate company, and the price for chocolate truffle range depending on the chocolate maker, the ingredients, and where you buy the box of truffles.

However, with chocolate, it is indeed true that you get what you pay for, so you should choose the best chocolate truffles that fit into your budget for a gift.

The more handmade the truffles are, the more expensive they will get.  This is the cost of the time it takes for one person to hand decorate or manufacture the candy.  However, better chocolatiers have higher quality chocolate, and each piece will have less air than in lower priced chocolates.

Lindor Truffles Assortment

LINDT Lindor Truffles Assortment in Beautiful Valentine Heart Shaped Box

Lovely Valentine Gift Very special and unique gift giving Very fine chocolates Set of 2 Boxes


Valentine's Day Luxury Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

10-piece Valentine's Day Luxury Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

Your Valentine will know you think they're special when they receive this deluxe assortment of chocolates. A heart-shaped box holds 10 gourmet chocolates, such as sea salt ...


A Small Amount of Chocolate Gives Large Rewards

It doesn't take a lot of excellent chocolate to please someone you love.  The better the chocolate, the less you need to eat to enjoy the unique taste and feel.  Chocolate truffles are usually made with combinations of milk, dark, and white chocolate, nuts, liqueurs, and fruits in various combinations.  It is best if you know ahead of time what your lover will desire to eat the most, as many people prefer either fruits or nuts, or one type of chocolate over the other.

Some chocolate truffles have cream fillings, while others may be filled with nut butters, such as almond butter, or a fruit meringue.  An assortment box should tell you what is inside, so that you can judge for yourself as to which assortment is best.

For instance, some people love chocolate covered cherries, while others can't stand them.  Make sure to take the time to find out what will be appreciated.

More Valentine's Gift Ideas

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katiem2 on 01/26/2012

Oh my I adore chocolate, love fancy chocolates and love finding new chocolates to try. Thanks now I have a new chocolate special something for my two favorite Valentines. Sweet page :)

Angel on 01/19/2012

These look so good! I know this sounds crazy but I am not so sure that I have ever had a truffle. Must ask the husband for some for Valentine's Day. Thanks for educating me.

Marie on 01/19/2012

These chocolate truffles look absolutely divine. Perfect for a special Valentine treat.

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