Upright vacuum cleaners

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One of the best cleaning equipments that you may have at home is the upright vacuum cleaner. However, you should choose carefully and wisely.

Tips Before you Choose an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

upright vacuum cleanerIt is hard to clean the whole house with just the use of soft broom, feather duster, and cloth in getting rid of dust and dirt on the floors, furniture, and draperies. However, what about if you have a carpeted floors or stairs and your upholsteries? How can you be able to remove dust, hair, and dirt? That’s why vacuum cleaners have become useful in today’s modern times. In fact, more upright vacuum cleaners are being used than the canister ones. If you have decided to get an upright vacuum cleaner, here are some tips on how to narrow down your selections:

  • Choose the appropriate weight

You are opted to choose lightweight or heavyweight upright vacuum cleaners. Lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is much easier to be steered around the house. However, it does not have additional features which can make cleaning more effective. Perhaps, it is perfect in small houses or for those who are living in an apartment.

  • The Amps

This is the power of the motor to do work. As much as possible, you may choose the one who has larger amps so that you can ensure efficient cleaning output. However, this may also cost you more in your electric bills and other maintenance.

  • Bagless vs Bagged Models

There are still lots of arguments about which among them performs well in cleaning. Both of them possess different advantages and disadvantages. In bagless, you do not have to buy bags always. You just need to empty the dust cup. However, there can still be tendencies which make the particles to go back into the air, particularly if you will just empty it near inside your house. In choosing for a bagless, make sure that the filter is powered by HEPA filtration system which can serve you for a lifetime. If not, you will still spend more not because of buying bags, but because of buying filters as replacements.

  • Filter

In choosing for the filter, it is recommended to choose an upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration system. This will give you a lifetime service which you only need to wash and rinse the filter rather than replacing a new one. Aside from that, this will ensure that fine articles are really being eliminated from the suroundings and trapped. If the upright vacuum cleaner that you’ve chosen has not have HEPA filtration system, just see to it that the filter is still clean so that the vacuum will be able to perform well.

  • Attachments and other tools 

Some upright vacuum cleaners have other tools which will help you clean effectively. More tools may mean the merrier. Like for instance, there are tools which you will use in cleaning the drawers and bookshelves such as the dust brush. Another thing is you may choose according to the length of the stretchable hose so that you can clean wider rooms easily.

  • Suction power

The complaint of most homeowners with their old vacuums is they tend to lose suction power once being used. Choose an upright vacuum cleaner that does not clog up so that suction power is continuous.

  • Storage and warranty

If you are living in a small house or apartment, you may choose lightweight upright vacuum cleaner so that you may be able to store it easily. And, most of them can also be placed inside a cabinet. Lastly, get an upright vacuum cleaner that will give you adequate warranty to ensure its durability and quality service.

Common mistakes which Consumers make

In choosing for an upright vacuum cleaner

There are lots of upright vacuum cleaners and all of them vary according to their prices, designs, and features. Here are some common mistakes which most consumers make in choosing their upright vacuum cleaner. If you'll know these mistakes, perhaps, you may be able to prevent from committing them.

  • They settle for anything less. They have misconception that cheaper brands are effective. They don't know that they will get what they have paid for. As a result, they end up with defective products.
  • They get too big models for their small house. If they are living in condominiums or small house, it is also appropriate to choose smaller model. In this way, they will not be able to find it bulky and awkward once being used.
  • They choose small model for their big house. Definitely, small model of upright vacuum cleaner cannot be able to do enough work for bigger space.
  • Lastly, they've bought it without any warranty. Remember, warranty serves as the consumer's security that they will receive good quality service from the manufacturer.

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Updated: 09/18/2012, yuan
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