Maintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

by yuan

Here are some tips and guidelines about the proper ways of maintaining a vacuum cleaner.

How to maintain the Vacuum Cleaner?

I think most households today have their own vacuum cleaner since this is the best tool in cleaning the house. However, in order for us to get an effective work from our vacuums, we also need to maintain them. Below are the tips and guidelines on how I clean and check my own vacuum cleaner; Perhaps, this information may be helpful to you as well.

Cleaning the Brush Roll

What is the role of the brush roll? The brush roll is the spinning brush that sweeps out the dust, dirt, and hair from the carpet and floor. Oftentimes, when there is too much hair that is stuck on it, the vacuum stops working. That’s why it is important to keep track on the brush roll.

Basically, the brush roll is located under the machine. In cleaning it, remove the bottom plate. If it has screws, make sure that you don’t lose them. Once you’ve seen the brush roll, you may remove it by pulling it out gently. You can use scissor in cutting and removing the hair.

In order for the brush roll to continue working, you may lubricate it. Sometimes, it needs replacement. At the end of the brush roll is where you can find a cap that you will need to remove. After removing, if you see that there is dirt, wipe it out and lubricate the bearing. In replacing the bearing, make sure that you know how to put them back and never forget to place the cap back. This will fasten the bearing.

This is also the perfect time to check for wear outs or for the need of replacement of the belt. Pull out the belt and it should be tightened. If it is stretched and narrower, it indicates need for replacement. The belt should also be at its right position; if not, you may suspect that it is already loosen or worn out. The belt should be replaced within 6 months to 1 year after the purchase.

Once it’s time for you to return the brush roll, check the air passages and it housing. If you can see that there are dust and dirt, remove them.

Cleaning the filter

Before touching the filter, it will help if you will refer to the vacuum’s manual. Remove the excess the dust by tapping it out in the garbage can. However, do this somewhere a bit far from the house so that the dust and dirt will not circulate back in to the air. If it is washable, rinse it with water. Remember, never use brush, sand paper, and any other rough materials in cleaning it. Before putting it back to the vacuum, see to it that it is dried enough. Although your filter is washable, time will come when you need to replace them.

Other tips:

  • See to it that you have unplugged your vacuum cleaner before cleaning or maintaining it.
  • Check the bag frequently if you are using a bagged model. If it is full, you may replace the bag. By the way, you should always have an extra bag on hand. For the bagless model, you need to check the dust cap. If it is full, you may remove the dust and dirt. However, do this outside the house.
  • Check the hose for clog and obstruction. If you have lost the suction power, try to push a stick inside the hose to remove the clog. But be careful in doing this as you may damage the hose.
  • Lastly, store your vacuum cleaner in a safe place.

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Updated: 09/18/2012, yuan
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