Portable Vacuum Cleaner

by yuan

This is all about the different types of portable vacuum cleaner and how to choose one.

Cleaning is made easier with Portable Vacuum cleaner

There are lots of tools and appliances which you can use in cleaning the house and car. One of these is the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can do lots of hard work in removing dust and dirt. Instead of using a broom in sweeping the floor, brush or mop in scrubbing the tiles, and feather duster in cleaning the bookshelves, a vacuum cleaner can do all of these.

However, there are different kinds of vacuum cleaners like the portable vacuum cleaners. Most of them are cordless which let you clean even without any electrical outlet. You can bring them for a short vacuuming. They are durable too. They are best if you need to do emergency cleaning as visitors may come in your house. They vary in different types which you can select according to your preferences or to your specific purpose.

Types of Portable Vacuum Cleaner

  • Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum cleaner - It is very handy and portable. You just have to recharge it so that it will perform well. Aside from its normal vacuuming power, you may also have other blowing options in cleaning.
  • Car Vacuum Cleaner- This is perfect in cleaning your different kinds of vehicles. Since it is small, you can surely clean the hard-to-reach spots. In fact, you don’t have to use an extension wire to make it reach the car. You just plug it in the cigarette lighter for power. This is beneficial if you need to do immediate cleaning of your car.
  • Upright Cordless Vacuum- It is closer to a normal size of vacuum cleaner. But it is lighter and rechargeable. 

Things to Consider before choosing a Portable Vacuum Cleaner


It does not mean that portable vacuum cleaners are always light. There are other models which are really heavy. Usually, you will carry a portable vacuum cleaner in your hand. If it is heavy, it may bring discomfort to you while vacuuming.


Most of them are rechargeable. Make sure that the battery will last long. If you’ll keep on charging, it will also add to your electric bill which makes it become unpractical to have. It is also awkward and time consuming if you’ll keep on charging.


Make sure that the portable vacuum cleaner can do lots of work as it is fully-equipped with adequate power to clean. It will help if you’ll check on how to empty the dust bin. Some models will give you hard time in emptying it.

Other features

There are other features or crevice tools which you may also have and enjoy. Some of these tools are included already upon your purchase. But some of them are needed to be added separately for efficient cleaning.


Warranty will give you assurance that you can get the right service and quality from the manufacturer. If the vacuum cleaner is defective, you may not lose your money since you can let them give you a replacement. If not, they will fix your portable vacuum cleaner.



Updated: 09/18/2012, yuan
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